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The staff of gets together to bring you some behind the scenes insights on stories, the industry and the site itself.

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Community Spotlight: Male or Female Characters?

Posted by MikeB Sunday March 3 2013 at 11:25PM
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In this week's Community Spotlight, we focus on the thread, "Poll: Do you play male or female characters?" by IG-88.

Since MMO´s let us enter an alternate reality and be what we normally not are, heroes, villains etc i was wondering what gender you enjoy playing, since you have a free choice.

Zierrity's answer depends on the quality of character creation:

For me, it all comes down to how my character looks. if I'm unhappy with the customization options for male characters, I usually roll female and vice versa. Then there's what looks best for different classes, what role I think fits the story, (if a story driven game), et cetera, et cetera.

I rarely think about what kind of "ass" I'm staring at, as for me, it's basically a bunch of pixels :P 

The only thing thast ticks me off, is if a MMO don't give me the option of choosing for myself, (Gender locked classes for example).

Mickle obliges us one of the most common answers to this question:

For many years I always played a male.  Then one day a friend of mine was playing a female.  I asked why and he told me this.  Would you rather look at a guys a$$ or a females a$$ while you play?  I now play a female.

Also, around that time, I read that female characters get stuff for free.  I have found that to be true.  I have been given many items for free just because i looked good.  They could hear me in vent and knew I was a male but still gave me free stuff.

I will always play a female character for those two reasons.

For Brenelael, it depends on the class:

You are missing the option for both. I play male fighter types and female rogues and mages. To me at least those roles seem more natural. A male in robes just doesn't look right to me personally. Also females seem to be more naturally adept at being sneaky little backstabers as well(Sorry ladies). When it comes to big burly fighter types I always choose a male character just because it looks right to me. I'm not trying to be sexist or anything like that. In real life I strongly believe in equallity but in a fantasy world I view things a little differently.

I'll play either. It all depends on my concept for the character. Even though I no longer actively role-play with other players in MMOs, I do try to think up a concept for my character in most games and I'll pick their gender accordingly. I love Frank Frazetta style tough female characters and so in games like Age of Conan I'll roll a female Cimmerian Barbarian, for example.

Do you play male or female characters? Both? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

Hokie writes:

I commented on this a long time ago on this site. And I could honestly never understand why people had a problem with a guy playing a female toon, its just a game.


And then like an epiphany it hit me. There are two types of gamers when it comes to gender choice.


Type A Player) My character is an extension of myself.

The people who are uncomfortable and "cant understand" why a guy would play a female, unless they we secretly gay or some such, was that they see themselfs as an extenstion of their character.


Type B Player) My character is just a toon that I control.

And I just see my character as just that. A pixelated character that I control. It doesnt represent me, that isnt an avatar of myself in a game world. Its just a toon, thats it.


It took me years before I realized there was a Type A) Player. And Im talking years of back and forths on this website and others, and in real life.


Mon Mar 04 2013 3:37AM Report
JaggaSpikes writes: i play both. it usually comes down to aestethics. if male model doesn't work with character concept i want to play, i'll just take female model. Mon Mar 04 2013 6:33AM Report
Terranah writes: Whatever gender is the best looking. Right now I'm playing a female character. She is so cute in a kind of adorable way. I never dress her slutty. She's a nice girl. Haha. Mon Mar 04 2013 10:12AM Report
Vesavius writes: I cannot believe you gave community spotlight to a thread digging up this old tired and thoroughly beaten topic,  especially with some of the thoughts expressed in it. Ah well. Maybe next week the spotlight will fall on something else unexplored and really interesting like 'What's better PvP or PvE?' or something. Mon Mar 04 2013 11:01AM Report
adam_nox writes: @hokie, um Type As made this genre lol.  Without anyone thinking of their chars as extensions, where's the role playing?  Where's the entire point of an online persistent world? Mon Mar 04 2013 3:32PM Report
MurlockDance writes: I play both unless there are no options to play a sensible-looking female character, then I will only play male characters. It is rare that I hate male character models to the point that I refuse to play one. I don't see myself as an extension in a virtual world, but rather I see my characters as adopting several different roles, therefore it is not a big deal for me to roll the opposite gender/sex. We are after all a little bit male and female both... Mon Mar 04 2013 4:24PM Report
nate1980 writes: Yes, I'm a Type A player. I never play a female toon, being a male and all. Just can't relate to being a female. Mon Mar 04 2013 4:59PM Report
LeonVFX writes: As Hokie said, I see the character as a extension of myself. I never play a female character. I honestly hate gender locked games and avoid them. Also, I do not enjoy playing to receive free stuff, I like conquering it myself. ;) Thu Mar 07 2013 11:29AM Report
toddze writes: I also see the character as an extension of myself. Playing with a female character is like playing with barbies as a kid. Something is wrong upstairs. Judging by what I see in game,  I think most of it is due to perversion of looking at pixelated women features, as I see many female characters running around in the least amount of clothing possible. Only legit reason to play a female as a male is if it is gender locked and the female has a stat boost that helps a class. Example: Mithra in FFXI made the best THF, and RNG. There was no male mithra.  Sun Mar 10 2013 1:18AM Report writes:
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