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Community Spotlight: Worst Ever Purchases

Posted by MikeB Sunday February 3 2013 at 3:15PM
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In this week's Community Spotlight, we focus on the thread, "Worst ever purchases?" by tixylix. Tixylix says:

For me it has to be.

SWTOR - The Collectors Edition.

I knew the game was crap, I played it in beta and hated it and yet for some reason I still got caught up in the hype as it had been so long since I played another MMO.

Guild Wars 2.

Everyone kept saying it was the most innovative MMO in years and it was completely different to everything else. I played it and I found it to be the exact same experience as before only with no world PVP which sucks even more. Instead there was the keep PVP from WAR but no mounts so it was constant long pointless runs.

I could also list, WAR, LOTRO, AoC, Dark and Light.... Remember that one? lol.

I keep getting caught up because there hasn't been an MMO I've liked since SWG was ruined on Nov 15th 2005. I dunno why I keep doing it to myself, I just want that experience of being in a world and yet none of these games feel like worlds, all just feel like games.

What are you guys saying are your worst ever purchases? Read on for highlights!

tawess offers up the Tabula Rasa CE:

Tabula Rasa CE (it had really cool real world items... But i can not say i got any real use out of the game.)

Other then that i can not really think of anything i have bought that i regret (gaming wise that is) and truth be told i have been fairly lucky when it comes to CE's and other expensive stuff as i have managed to pic, up both a Wings of Liberty CE and the SW:ToR CE for 30-40$ each and i got all three of the Guild Wars stand-alone boxes for that price.

So even if i am not fully statisfied with a game i rarley feel that i did not get my money worth,

I still love my WAR CE... It have the mass of small aircraft carrier and look so nice.

Slapshot1188's worst was Mortal Online:

Mortal Online

Cost $75 for the standard box version of the game.  They never sent out functioning release discs to everyone that bought it.  2.5 years after release people (and these are their "fans")  argue that it's too early to market the game because it's "not ready" yet.

BartDaCat almost went for FFXIV, but ended up picking Diablo 3 instead:

I WOULD say Final Fantasy XIV, but I'm actually looking forward to A Realm Reborn, so the big "Craaaaaap-tastic" prize would have to go to Diablo III.

It was apparent all too soon why they only let you complete the first part of Act 1 during Beta.

At least the talented folks that split Blizzard to make Torchlight and TL 2 made up for it-- AND for a fraction of the price.

For me, it was World of Warcraft. After being badgered to try the game for many, many years by my friends. I finally plunked down some cash and picked the game up. I found myself bored to tears and never made it past level 20. Blech.

What were your worst ever purchases? Share 'em with us in the comments below!

Vapors writes:

GW2 and Diablo 3, I bought both games for 60€ and can't get myself to play them, I played the story and some simple stuff in gw2 for a week, then i pvped a week which was ok but since it has no sense i stopped playing.

Then Diablo 3 I played the story which was REALLY short and then i started to get some items and realised you have to nonstop play the same doungen 50 times a day. This is the only thing you can do in D3, no other possibilites pure grind.

Im really upset from B2P games for now, since their updating patches take ages until they arrive.

Mon Feb 04 2013 10:56AM Report
Pivotelite writes: I can't really consider anything a bad purchase thus far, I can get fun out of most MMOs I pick up, 400+ hours and get to cap, but usually theres no lasting appeal, this happened with GW2 and Rift, while my time was short it was not a regrettable purchase really. Mon Feb 04 2013 11:01AM Report
JRRNeiklot writes: Guild Wars 2.  Played it for 2 days or do and haven't touched it since.  Mon Feb 04 2013 11:26AM Report
Samhael writes: GW2, Diablo 3, SWTOR, and WoW. Mon Feb 04 2013 12:49PM Report
ChrispyChris writes: Would have to be Diablo 3. I got it way cheap (25 UK pounds), but only got a little into Act 3 before it lost all the fun. At least it made a nice distraction for my nephew when he visits. Mon Feb 04 2013 2:23PM Report
Senadina writes: APB. Can't really beat buying a game that gets shut down in less than 3 months. Mon Feb 04 2013 2:31PM Report
tyranade writes: Final Fantasy XIV, got the collectors  with the  collectors mug - in the end I felt liked I'd been mugged lol Mon Feb 04 2013 3:00PM Report
FromHell writes: SWTOR and GW2. At least only cheap discounted standard keys, no CEs, so the financial loss is acceptable Mon Feb 04 2013 7:53PM Report
kostantis writes:

AoC CE, did not manage to play after tortage, UI was terrible

GW2, despite the fact that it's B2P (kinda) and theoreticaly has long lasting value, I could not keep playing after 3 weeks (made it only up to lvl30).

WAR CE, did not like it at all, but the CE is one of the best I have seen - would not buy it though if I knew I was to ge so disappointed.

Tue Feb 05 2013 4:27AM Report
zymurgeist writes: There's a new low. Your community spotlight falls on a hatefest. Forget illuminating or enlivening thoughtfuil discussion. Just dig up a turd to plop inthe punchbowl. My worst purchase? The bandwidth used to look at this drek. Tue Feb 05 2013 6:10AM Report
phantomghost writes:



How many times did I get suspended for saying I wasted my money on SWTOR?  And Now here you are saying it was a waste of money.


Now when I stated this you told me I was trolling and leading people to respond negatively.

Sat Feb 09 2013 1:36PM Report
Cheboygan writes:

SWTOR first and foremost


only other regretable purchase was AOC - and that was an extremely cheap buy 

Sat Feb 09 2013 11:45PM Report
A.Blackloch writes:

SWTOR, Diablo 3 and GW2.

SWTOR I was really hoping the game would last long and bought even the CE. Somehow the fun dried up really fast and it just got boring too soon. 

Diablo 3 hype was strong. Gameplay really bland and for example Path of Exile is just more of a game than D3 ever was.

GW2 I never bought this myself and got it as a gift. Words like "innovative" and "next gen" was thrown around. I never did see those in-game and feel bad for the guy who spent his money and tried to force feed the game for me.

I'll leave a place holder for Defiance here too.

Sun Feb 10 2013 6:31PM Report writes:
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