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Community Spotlight: Old Games, Updated Graphics?

Posted by MikeB Sunday November 11 2012 at 9:47PM
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In this week's Community Spotlight, we focus on the thread, "Would you play older games if they just updated the graphics?" by Foreverdream.

Simply put, Would you play older games if they JUST updated the graphics? nothing else would be changed.  EQ, FF11, DAoC etc

What did you have to say? Read on to find out!

Cephus404 would not, since he'd likely have left the game for non-graphics related reasons:

No, probably not.  If I've left a game, it had nothing to do with the graphics, I left for a reason and I'm not going back if that reason still exists.  Most games have systemic problems that will not be solved by making the game pretty.

chelan seems almost ashamed to admit he would:

i wish i weren't so shallow, but yes, if DAoC or AO or EQ ever got a graphics overhaul i would certainly be interested.

Phlacc would. In fact, he's still waiting around for that Anarchy Online graphics update!

If the game was still relevant to me, I would. I'm sure there are some older MMO's out there that could use an overhaul. I'm still waiting for AO to get that game engine update implemented, once that happens I'll proabably start playing again.

I can't say there are too many MMOs that I enjoyed that look dated enough now to have me consider playing them due to a graphics update alone. For example, were Star Wars Galaxies still around, I'd have no problem playing it with its existing graphics. Sure, the animations were still all wonky, but the environments and textures hold up pretty well, even today.

Warhammer Online, however, looked dated even when it came out. I enjoyed WAR quite a bit and I was excited when Mythic announced those class armor texture upgrades they were going to do that apparently never came to fruition. I'd probably take the game for a spin again if they ever did come through with that stuff.

How about you? Would you go back to an older MMO if the graphics were overhauled? Let us know in the comments below!

Slapshot1188 writes:

In DAoC's cae they would have to update the netcode and hardware that run the game.  I am fine with the graphics...


The problem is also that it is a HUGE... HUGE gameworld for PvE, but mostly empty now.  It would really need an influx of new players but simply launching the same game withe nicer pixels would likely not accomplish that.


Let's hope that the switch back to MYTHIC is a precursor to a DAoC2... and that, against all odds.. they have learned from their mistakes with WARHAMMER.



Sun Nov 11 2012 9:56PM Report
mcrippins writes: If they actually made UO graphics with the quality of let's say HoN or Dota 2, than I would definitely play it again. Also assuming it didn't have all the ninjas and whatever other cheesy things they added. Mon Nov 12 2012 12:52AM Report
Lanfea writes:

i find it quite interesting why the industry didn't came to this idea yet. old mmorpgs like eq I and II, daoc, vanguard or anarchy online do have such a huge list of features and content newer released games can't offer or even compete with.

sure it still would be the 'same old concept', but lets be honest but there are two major arguments to do so:

1) most games which released in the last years had content for 1 or 2 month and then developers are in the treatmill to deliver updates every 2 months to keep the players interested. and even this isn't working anymore. only look at the amount of group- and raiddungeons after 7 years f.e. eq II does have nearly 100 of them.

2) also the list of features does offer much more. it begins with the amount of races and classes to choose from, crafting, and housing and stops with the implemented ones like groupfinder, battlegrounds, archivement system. players will have much to choose from what they can do when they log in.


Mon Nov 12 2012 9:46AM Report
alkarionlog writes: simple put most older games with new graphics could bring not only old player back but possible could bring new players to play it Mon Nov 12 2012 11:33AM Report
MurlockDance writes:

Well with something like Anarchy Online, I would say no. I loved that game back in the day, but now it is very hard to go back to. It needs more than just a graphics update, it needs a complete overhaul and remodernization. I would say, completely redo the engine and UI, and also redo the design of some classes that have holes between certain level ranges. The pet AI also has to be completely revamped.

Something like DAoC could benefit from a minor graphics overhaul and UI upgrade, but I find the game still very playable as it is.

Tue Nov 13 2012 12:44PM Report writes:
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