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Community Spotlight: Existing RPG to MMO

Posted by MikeB Monday April 29 2013 at 12:46AM
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In this week's Community Spotlight, we focus on the thread, "What RPG would you make into an MMORPG?" by Wakygreek.

Wakygreek says:


I was playing a couple of old classic RPG's on the SNES-PS1-PS2-PS3 and thought to myself which one of these would actually make a good MMORPG in todays modern market?

So let me ask you this, which RPG from any system prior to the PS3/Xbox360 do you guys think would make an awesome MMORPG. Please include a few suggestions as to what the world would be like etc.

I would like to see The Witcher made into an MMORPG. I think there is plenty of lore to create a masterpiece if made correctly with a talented team. Offer faction combat by dividing the races between the Humans and Non-Humans. You could even throw some RVR into it and create a bunch of different classes.

P.S. You can use any RPG from the PC as well as long as it pre-dates the PS3/XBOX360.

Read below for a couple of highlights from the thread!

Kaneth picks Secret of Mana/Chrono Trigger:

The world of Secret of Mana and/or Chrono Trigger would make for interesting mmos. For Secret of Mana, you could set it during the time of the War of Mana 15 years prior to the SNES version. Multiple weapons and magic skills that you would have to level up, like in the SNES version.

Chrono Trigger itself would be a hell of an accomplishment in a mmo space. You would have to have the time travel element present, so you're making a world for Pre-Historic, Kingdom of Zeal, Dark Ages, "Present Age", and then the Future. Not to mention you could probably make an "End of Time" zone that could be like a personal housing instance of sorts. Along with all of the ages, you'd have to create appropriate creatures and content for the time period. You could even go as far as adding a "new game+" feature in place of a leveling system. Where completing certain tasks, achievements, story elements, etc would then allow you to unlock a new tier of powers for your character. At that point you could choose to continue your original character, or perhaps make a new character with the stats you've unlocked, but perhaps with new race/class options after completing certain time period tasks. Then you could play as Tribal People, Magic Race of Zeal, Robot, Modern Human, and possibly even add some monster races.

Rednecksith offers up Arcanum and Dark Souls:

Arcanum would make an excellent MMO. There aren't enough steampunk or dieselpunk games out there as it is, and I'd love to see one finally done competently. The world of Arcanum would be a near-perfect setting for an MMORPG.

Dark Souls, or at least the world of it. Part of the atmosphere of the game is derived from just how lonely & desolate the world feels however, and I don't know how they could replicate it in an MMORPG format. Then again, being surrounded by people can sometimes be just as lonely as standing by oneself...

BethelsBoy is feeling the Legend of Zelda:

I know it's been said to death, but Legend of Zelda, IMO, would be an awesome MMO!

Just imagine, you can pick from all the different races: Goron, Kokiri, Gerudo, Hylian, Sheikah, Zora, etc. You start in their home villages, and it is action-based combat like TERA and RaiderZ.

The series is singler-player based, but with enough thought put into it, it would be an amazing MMO. You could include gathering, crafting, a ton of skills for each race, and all the amazing landscapes that you traveled through in Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask. 

You could bring back all the old dungeons, make them harder, so that you will have to form raid groups to complete them. Boss fights would be harder, mini-games would be fun additions for players to go against each other. 

I honestly feel like it could be done. The storyline is so deep with The Legend of Zelda and there is so much content they could put into the game. Using the newer game engines that are coming out like the Unreal Engine, they could design a high def Zelda MMO that looks amazing and has an awesome gameplay.

There are so many options! It'd be hard to choose just one. But if I had to, I would say Final Fantasy Tactics and in particular the setting of Ivalice. There really aren't any MMOs other than Atlantica Online or Dofus that really tackle that sort of turn-based tactical RPG combat system and it's a real shame. Sure, it'd be pretty niche. I don't doubt the logistics of recreating Final Fantasy Tactics as a viable MMO would be challenging, but I definitely feel there is a missed opportunity here.

If the gameplay can't happen for whatever reason, I'd still love to see the world of Ivalice come to life in an MMO. Or even the world of Final Fantasy VII. Midgar would be an awesome sight to be hold in an MMO.

Runners-up? Pokemon. I'm not even a huge Pokemon fan, but this game series fits the MMO genre like a glove. Come on, Nintendo!

What are your picks and why? Share 'em with us in the comments below!

Blecod writes:

Well there is a pokemon mmo, called pokemmo. Just saying.

Mon Apr 29 2013 4:12AM Report
ReeseFlamelocks writes: Dark Wizard from the Sega CD. Mon Apr 29 2013 6:50AM Report
SillySarahMc writes:

There are TONS of D&D genre games from olden days you could quickly be adapted to build another DDO or NWN.  (Any MMO that wants to fully support RP should have a DM role with player-made content.  It keeps you in the game with fresh content and player's are more involved)

Dark Sun(wasteland survival type)

Eye of the Beholder(old-school D&D)

Dark Knights of Krynn(dragonlance saga)

Mon Apr 29 2013 6:34PM Report
Eir_S writes:

I like how one person says the Zelda MMO could have action-based combat like TERA or RaiderZ.

You mean it could have action-based combat like Zelda...

Mon Apr 29 2013 8:43PM Report writes:
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