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The staff of gets together to bring you some behind the scenes insights on stories, the industry and the site itself.

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Community Spotlight: Reviews and Metascores

Posted by MikeB Sunday April 21 2013 at 11:37PM
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In this week's Community Spotlight, we focus on the thread, "How much weight do you give to metascores?" by PWN_FACE. PWN_FACE simply wants to find out how much stock the community puts into MMO game reviews and scores:

When you consider buying a game, do you look into reviewer scores? How much weight do you give to meta-scores?

I consider a lot of factors. I don't always consider such scores knowing they can be off for certain games that I might really like if I had given them a try. On the other hand, they can influence my decision to take a risk in certain situations.

I've been looking at a game on Steam which had a metascore rating of 70 yesterday. I checked a little while ago and it's down to 67. 

How do you look at metascores when making your decisions about whether to buy or not?

EDIT: Has there ever been a game that had a relatively low metascore (on Steam for example) that you bought and enjoyed and thought deserved better?

Menzeldinho relies more on gut feeling than scores or reviews:

Metascore gives you a vague idea of the game, and if its really really low then you know its not worth it. i think anything 60ish plus has potential, so if i feel im interested in the game i'd look it up a bit more, maybe a few gameplay videos and infomation on what the game has to offer. Obviously if there is a demo available try that but they don't always give a full representation of the game either.

Normally you just have to use your gut feeling whether you will like a game, and you are normally right.

Rusque avoids extremes on either end:

I ignore the extremes, those 0's are going to be useless feedback from trolls and angry fanboys. The perfect 10's just mean the person is either a fanboy or refuse to have a critical view of a game they like.

D3 is the perfect example, lots so people gave it low scores due to rmah and being opposed to some of the design decisions. Even people who put in 100-150 hours of game play into it gave it paltry scores. And that's because they were not rating the game as its own entity, but rather rating it against d2 and their expectations.

i also tend to avoid major "official" reviews as so many of them are bought these days that its all noise. So I look for players taking the time to outline what works and what doesn't and then I can decide if its something that I'm interested in.

Bananaramaa refuses to purchase anything under an 80 in most cases:

Excepting the rare occasions when I'm convinced reviewers are wrong I won't buy anything below 80 or 4 user rate. No way in hell.

Same with movies, generally I find reviews are spot on my taste. Excepting a very small amount of the time.

That said, I'm still dissapointed with many things that get above 80, so I have to again be picky about what I want in that bracket.

Like many of you, a game's Metascore will give me a general idea of what to expect from the game. Something with a Metascore of 36 is probably not going to be worth looking at in most cases, while something higher up may warrant closer inspection. However, reviews and Metascorse are only part of the checklist. If I haven't heard of a game at all and I've only found out about it once reviews have begun to roll in, I'll use tools like Metacritic to give me an idea of whether or not I should even bother looking into the game further. 

In this day and age, it's pretty easy to get yourself a hands-on experience with a game's beta test, especially towards the launch of the game, so going into a new MMO completely uninformed is a pretty rare occurence. Of course, the fact that most new MMOs are also F2P these days means the barrier to entry is even lower. If you're curious about a game -- it shouldn't be too hard to simply give it a spin for yourself!

How much stock do you put into MMO reviews and Metascores? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

Fusion writes:

I don't give weight to score at all.

I choose to play a game that pleases me and mine, i could give less than 2 turds what another person says about, well anything really.

Mon Apr 22 2013 12:08AM Report
Dreamo84 writes:

I look more at the content of reviews, why did this game get a low score? I have definitely had awesome experiences with games given really low scores.

Monster Hunter games are a prime example, on GameSpot they always got lousy scores but the user ratings were extremely high and the fans were clammering for more!

Sometimes a reviewer might give the game a low score because "the controls are bad" but I actually don't mind them. Or the world is dull, but it seems interesting to me.

Reviews are still opinions. They can try to be objective but you can't be completely objective when reviewing something creative.

Mon Apr 22 2013 12:26AM Report
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Chapter 192 helps calm nerves for Lin Yin

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Mon Apr 22 2013 4:54AM Report
Battlerock writes: I dont put much stock into reviews/metscores The track record for what I feel the score should be and what the score is always way off. New games get an undeserved high score and old games that are awesome and better than any new game that has come out in the past 8 years get low scores see Everquest andthe king of them all World of Warcraft. Mon Apr 22 2013 8:37AM Report
mbolme writes: I pay a lot of attention to metascores, but don't treat them as gospel. If the paid reviewers are high, and the user's score is low, I read the user's review to see what is upsetting them. Often, it will mean I do not buy the game. I like to find games where the user's metascore is quite high, and often will buy them even if the official reviewer's scores are low. Mon Apr 22 2013 1:39PM Report
Wizardry writes:

Absolutely ZERO stock goes into scores becuase yo uhave no idea how biased or unbiased they are.You also have zero indiciation if the reviewers know anything at all about game design.

WHen yo urate a game it is suppose to be unbiased,that means yo urate it as a WHOLE entity towards the entire gaming populace,not just yourself.

The importance of understanding game design is huge becuase two games can be doing the exact  same thing,but one is doing it in a cheaper fashion.To be honest MOST of all the games designs are copies of each otehr,so it really does coem down to effort by the developer and who is cutting corners to save cost.

Mon Apr 22 2013 4:23PM Report
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