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Vikings vs. Werewolves!! and yes Elves!

Posted by garrett Tuesday April 20 2010 at 8:37AM
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I have still been on this search for what is fun in games. As players, what draws us in and keeps us around? Well today I want to talk about what we think is cool and why it should be in a game. Hence my title, Vikings vs. Werewolves!! Grant Gould is an artist and cartoonist best known for his work on Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

He is famous and has hordes of Star Wars fans watching his work. Yet in all his Star Wars glory back in 2008 he released a short comic called Wolves of Odin. The story is about three werewolves that attack vikings for revenge. It is simple and cool. The artwork is great.

So my question is, why don't we see more games with this simple style of things we find cool. Pirates, Ninjas, Vikings, Werewolves, Elves, Orcs, Barbarians, Mages, all of these classes and elements are in MMOs somewhere, but how come we never see MMOs develop around something simple.

Do the executives say: "It's a Fantasy MMO we have to have Elves or no one will buy it!"

For me, all Grant Gould's comic needed to say was Viking's Vs. Werewolves and I was sold. I was buying that book and spending my free time reading it, why? Because it was cool to me.

Imagine an MMO where Loki awoke Fenris and created a Werewolf army. The Vikings are the other faction fighting under Thor and Odin. Since it is now a Fantasy MMO "and we have to have Elves!" Why not make a third faction with Freya and Frey and their Elves who come down to re capture artifacts stolen by the vikings.

So, Vikings vs. Werewolves vs. Elves (because Corellan Larethian forbid, we must have elves!).

Quests, armor, gold, glory for your faction's diety and Norse awesomeness....and BAM! You have a cool MMO!

See, to me this is cool. This is what would make me cheer and say, cool something that looks fun. It does not have to be a major IP from the 1900s. It does not have to be for kids. It is just something fun. Look at Plants Vs. Zombies for goodness sake, fun and simple and cool.

For me, this stuff is cool. What games would you like to see...Ninja vs. Shaolin vs. Samurai?

Until next time...


peacekraft writes:

In a sense I want to say that is because MMO's need more depth to keep people coming back. But then I look at what attracts me to warhammer online, the basic rvr conflict - fighting for my faction and the cool setting (ok in some parts) and I can't help but agree.

In a sense one could perhaps say that Dark Age of Camelot was very similar to your three realm norse themed wish for awesomeness, in just a little more depth.

I think what the most people on this site would gladly welcome DOAC2 if it were updated but largely the same as the original.

Tue Apr 20 2010 12:03PM Report
eindinbloch writes:

If they just made DAoC2, that's all I'd play.

Tue Apr 20 2010 12:56PM Report
astoria writes: Always thought an interesting premise might be that homo sapiens did not wipe out neanderthals, and/or australopithecus and there would be real sub-species of humans with very different technology and capacity to use that technology. (humans currently may have very different ACCESS to technology but we all seem to have the ability to use technology). What if our ancestors had branched into technology differently? What is homo sapiens had developed weaponry, australopithecines animal husbandry, and Neanderthals had moved underground? Get different stats, humans have better ranged weapons, weaker melee, can build traps, our primitive relatives Tue Apr 20 2010 3:24PM Report
astoria writes: meh lag, tried to delete that last bit Tue Apr 20 2010 3:25PM Report
neonwire writes:

Yeah these ideas are certainly "cool" but developers are too focused on making games that tell pre-planned stories rather than allowing players to wage epic battles against each other. Garretts idea sounds great and I could easily imagine a great online pvp war game based around it. Unfortunately whoever chose to make it would be influenced by all the other modern online storytelling co-op games like WoW, EQ2, WAR and all the rest of them.

For example the werewolf players in Garretts idea would find themselves slogging through computer controlled opponents and endless collections of text files attached to npcs that tell them to go and kill 10 viking mobs and collect their ears to make a nice necklace for gradfather Snagtooth. The REAL conflict probably wouldnt happen until later in the game once they had "earned the right to fight players", in a safe little "pvp area" seperate from "story land". Aion is an example of a game that is supposed to be based around two factions fighting each other and yet forces the players to play a single player co-op game for a lot of the time.

As much as I would like to see DAoC2 some time, I expect the same fate would befall that game as well if anyone chose to make it in the current climate of linear co-op story games. I reckon it will be a long time before we see any decent mmos based around player conflict. Until then its text files and mobs. I mean look at how long it took for us to end up with the measly collection of crappy pvp games we currently have.

Tue Apr 20 2010 4:16PM Report
spookydom writes:

You need at least three factions in a decent pvp game I think. But having a hankering for something with shape changing or vampires. So werewolves would be right up my street.

Tue Apr 20 2010 8:48PM Report
Fuerchtegott writes:

@ astoria

a stone age mmorpg would be amazing.

Add some Mammoths, maybe even a playable cannibal faction, a "Quest for Fire" like setting and feel, and some mysterious tropical islands with the last remnants of dinosaurs. Lots of exploration, a clever crafting and economical system, Hunter/Gatherer vs. Farmer vs Raider playstyle. Such a game would rock!

Wed Apr 21 2010 7:16AM Report
kb4blu writes:

How about Democrats vs Repulicans vs Independents.  They could be fighting for control of the city Washington DC.  Using every dirty trick that could think of while screwing over  the common people.

Oh wait its been done..... Sorry.

Thu Apr 22 2010 8:08AM Report writes:
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