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Community Spotlight: Your Favorite Grind

Posted by MikeB Thursday April 15 2010 at 3:25PM
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This week’s Community Spotlight focuses on the thread “What grind did you actually enjoy the most? And why?” by elocke. Of course, you have to accept the basic premise that a grind can be enjoyable at all, here. Elocke himself enjoyed FFXI’s grind the most, read below for more:

“We've heard it stated over and over through various people and forums, that MMORPGs ALL have a grind of some type. My question is this. Which grind did you actually ENJOY the most? Was it Lord of the Rings, WoW, Aion, Lineage 2, EQ1, or one of the many others? And why did you enjoy it?

Personally, as much as I kick myself for not playing this game still(mostly due to other games grabbing my attention and the control scheme being a hassle) FFXI is probaby my most favorite game that has a ton of grind to it. Something about knocking out those levels in a sweet party, skillchaining through them, etc. Still gives me good memories.”

TribeofOne disagrees with elocke’s FFXI choice, and offers the original EverQuest as his favorite grind:

“the complex party mechanics(and the UI /shudder) is what turned me off of FFXI. I never could get the hang the renkei thing or the reliance on macroing.

EQ would be my favorite. I loved it back in the day when youd get a group together and find a spot to camp and someone would pull. We would sit there for hours pull, kill, talk ...”

Hobson101’s favorite grind wasn’t exp per se, but realm points in Dark Age of Camelot:

“Dark Age of Camelot: Realm points - by a MILE

I played that game since the beta and thus ended up on the US servers despite being at GMT+1.

The sense of community that was not only created by the players but also the mechanics of the game itself kept me playing for years even tho prime time was at around 3am for me.

I was younger and had a lot of time back then - much of it spent in daoc. I was a member of Anam na Eireann, an RP guild on Percival but the RvR was always a big focus for me.

Playing my druid i managed to make a name for myself as a good (great?) healer and not being bound to any of the gank guilds "by name" I had the luxury of playing with most if not all the best people on the server.

I got to play with melee setups, bomb squads, tower ganks, caster heavy setups and everything inbetween all at the top of their game. Technically we were grinding realm points day in and out but the nature of PvP (or RvR in this case), both small scale and the gank group scenarios coupled with the close knit community and the emotional investment in how your realm was doing made these some of my very best years in gaming.”

Neilh73 submits his Jedi Grind in SWG as having been the most fun for him, now I’ve seen it all:

“Grinding for my second Jedi character in SWG.  29 proffessions and 2 Village of Aurelia pahses, followed by grinding out his Jedi template of Master Lightsaber, Master Powers, Heal 4004.

Why was it fun?  The constant fighting off groups of Bounty Hunters, always having to watch my back and of course the end result - an Alpha class character, or two in my case (although the first was just blind luck really).”

SwampRob gives City of Heroes some love:

“For me, it was City of Heroes.   The combat is just so animated, with tons of colorful powers and bodies flying everywhere.   Not overcomplicated, but fun, seat-of-your-pants battles.”

I’m torn between two games: Star Wars Galaxies and The Chronicles of Spellborn. The former was my first MMO and I’m partly viewing it through rose-colored glasses, but as I’ve mentioned in previous blogs I made tons of friends playing in Star Wars Galaxies and many of those relationships came about through essentially grinding together. Starting with the big noob run through Endor in the first few days of launch (Starsider server, were any of you there?), to big Ft. Tusken newb groups, etc. On the other hand, later on as my character developed I remember the mind numbingly boring grinds on Dantooine, and waiting on long lines for doctor buffs or entertainer buffs.

Spellborn though, was a really interesting grind. As I remarked in my review of Spellborn for ,the game’s AI really stood out. Early on in my travels I actually found myself confused at times, mistaking NPC enemies as players, with the way they grouped up on you intelligently, even trying to kite you while the melee enemies held the line. The quests were often frustrating, but the moment to moment combat was really engaging, and this helped alleviate an otherwise ho-hum experience.

What was your favorite grind? Share your experiences in the comments below!

Illistar writes:

I actually do like Aion grind. It's only the second mmo I've ever played, and compared to Perfect World the grind is insignificant, but I just find kiting elites to be very satisfying both in the skill required, and the exp obtained at the end. (400k as opposed to 40k for a normal mob) actually having to think while grinding keeps it engaging rather than just mindlessly button mashing.

Fri Apr 16 2010 8:59AM Report
Diophantus writes:

In all the various MMOs that I've been involved in nothing compares to FFXI.  Some of my favortie camps were in Boyahda Tree and Qufim Island.

Fri Apr 16 2010 9:40AM Report
Isaak writes:

I like games that don't make you feel like you're grinding. Typically, the first time through, you don't feel like you're're getting wrapped up in the story and having fun.  Unfortunately, my brother levels much faster than me as he is more efficient and I like to explore and enjoy the story.  Its too bad that exploring gives MUCH less xp than questing or killing mobs "of the right level". As you explore you end up in zones much too high (its kind of exciting to try and hide from guys who can kill you in seconds) and some zones where they are much too low.  

In WOW, if you're an alliance paladin and you're following your class's quest line, you'll actually be encouraged to cross many zones in order to get to shadowfang keep and do your quest for your weapon...but you won't get enough XP from that quest to make up for the hours it took to cross the continent on foot throughy hostile zones where the mobs could kill you by looking at you (at level 20).

I could discuss what makes it NOT feel like a grind for me.  But it might take too much space :D   simply put, its not a grind if it keeps me excited. I'm having fun doing what i'm doing and leveling is just an added bonus.

Fri Apr 16 2010 9:49AM Report
gordunk writes:

FFXI untill I hit 18 and got my sub-job...then I hated the game, because I had to go back and play levels 1-12 again...


Otherwise, maybe Runescape for me because of the variety of things I could level, plus the inventive quests that meant something.

Fri Apr 16 2010 10:39PM Report
cwRiis writes:

I thought of two immediately.


SWG Pilot grind: The grind here was to master all nine (Imperial x3, Rebel x3 and neutral x3) pilot mastery badges.  The nine different squadrons you had to pass through gave you different aspects of the faction struggles.  The different ships were fun to master too (and just enough variance in the mission grind to not get totally numb).


AOC Tortage line: while maybe not a grind, the intro quests for each and every class went fast to level 20, and again, they gave you a different slice of the big picture of the storyline.  That kept even the routine parts of the grind interesting.  Plus, there were enough side quests that you coudl guide your baby character to the equipment you enjoyed most.

Sat Apr 17 2010 1:00PM Report
BelegStrongbow writes:

Darkfall Online = Grind online.   

Its my favorite cuz the purpose of the game is PvP conquest.  The Grind is rewarded with the best MMO PvP i have ever experienced.  

So yes the endless grinding of my Fire magic to 100 intensify which costs about 2 million gold eventually is rewarded with being one of the strongest weapons in PvP.  

Thu Apr 22 2010 3:45PM Report writes:
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