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Community Spotlight: Your Favorite MMO Memory

Posted by MikeB Saturday March 3 2012 at 5:36PM
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In this week's Community Spotlight we focus on the thread, "What is your best memory of your favorite MMORPG?" by Alasti. In the thread, Alasti shares his favorite MMO memory and asks fellow community members to share their own:

My best memory of my favorite MMORPG....dang....tough question and I am the one asking the question...

There are several, so I will pick one....

In Everquest 1, one of the first times I was in a group in Guk (whoa was that scary), we were all hunkered down in a room not too deep into the dungeon (maybe 5 or 6 "rooms" in) and we had a higher level monk pull for us.  He would run down the hall and disappear and after 20-30 seconds or so would come running back with a Froglok chasing him not 10 yards behind him.  He would bring him to us lowbies (we actually were the appropriate level for upper Guk, but if things got dicey....we were all dead...and death in a dungeon in EQ1 was a precarious affair to say the least).  I remember one time the monk pulling a Froglok to us, except as we saw him reappear he shouted "RUN!" "RUN!".  Behind him was not 1, but a dozen or so hopping Frogloks chasing behind him, nipping at his heels, and we all panic....I tried to run across the planks but fell in and I watched as all dozen Frogloks chased after everyone above me who successfully made it across the planks.  I felt like I dodged a bullet....whew...was I glad they ignored me or I was hosed.

After I climbed out of the hole I had fallen in, I saw a few of my fellow comrades (group members) who had been slain by the Froggies.....SUCKERS I thought....they should have fallen into the pit like I had.....just as I was finishing that thought...I saw all 12 of the Frogloks rushing from the entrance towards me....they hadn't forgotten about me at all...they were coming back to get me....I died right next to my friends who had already died....

This may not seem like a "great" memory to some....but this was the kind of thing that made me LOVE EQ1....the fear of death....the excitement of fighting in a dungeon....the dependence of others to help you succeed....etc.  Anyway...I have others, but this one (or I should say "these" in Guk) were at least some of my favorite.

What are some of the community's favorite MMO memories? Read on to find out!

BartDaCat recounts one of his war stories from Dark Age of Camelot:

I'd have to say mine was in Dark Age of Camelot.

I was an Albion Theurgist, the game was still in its infancy, and the Midgard realm outnumbered and outskilled both the Albion and Hibernia  populations on our server (Merlin server).

How we suffered at the hands of our enemy.

The Midgardians had taken ALL of our relics with practically no contest, and they held them for about two months, giving them both a realm advantage and a relic bonus advantage.  We just couldn't take them back as a single realm no matter how hard we tried.

Then a rumor started spreading--- someone from the Albion realm was collaborating with a leading figure in the Hibernian realm, and there was a raid in the planning that would unite both our realms against the forces of Midgard, and WE WERE GOING TO TAKE OUR RELICS BACK!!!

The relic raid was slated to start at an ungodly hour when most Midgardians would either be too tired to respond, or asleep, so it was planned for about 4 a.m. PST.

Through an amazing effort, a leader for one of the more active Albion guilds helped coordinate hundreds of Albion players to meet up with hundreds of players from the Hibernian realm.  We deployed forces to Midgardian keeps, and despite the imbalanced use of crowd control spells and area-of-effect spells used on us by Midgardian forces (which used to be highly overpowered compared to other realm's skills and classes), we persevered through sheer zerg force, pushing them back and reclaiming our relics.

It was amazing how quickly the Midgardians responded.  Friends must have called friends, because the Midgard defensive was vast.  We didn't take them by as much of a surprise as we had hoped, but we overcame them.  The committment by some of our more seasoned raiders shown clear as they came charging into the fray, laying waste to veteran Midgardians. Spell effects, explosions, and the sounds of dying were all around us.  Corpses lay everywhere!

The amount of forces on hand amounted to hundreds of players from each realm, the server lag was almost unbearable, and most of us had to aim our in-game camera perspectives toward the ground to move, hoping we'd live through the onslaught--- but we crushed the Midgardian forces, taking their relics and peacably splitting them among the two conquering realms; Albion and Hibernia.  We had our power back, and we had Midgard's power as well!  We crippled them and gained strength through the Midgard relics we held!

The feeling of elation that everyone felt was amazing!  The chat windows were roaring with cheers, Albion players bowed or saluted Hibernians with respect, and assassination forces went to camp the graves of our enemies-- to demoralize the straggling Midgardian players that thought that they could scrape a retaliation force against us.

We had finally crushed our foe and left them disspirited and powerless.  VICTORY WAS OURS!!

To this day, that is my most fond MMORPG memory ever.

Dragonantis shares a personal story with us:

My strongest and special memory in an MMORPG would have to be shortly after I started WoW, I was playing with a good friend of mine from another game, we were trying wow together and both she and I loved it.

I remember we were standing on a path in Darkshore as little noobs, talking on msn and one conversation lead to another and I ended up declaring the feelings I already had for her.

2 years later we got married, for real not in game XD

We still go back to visit that same spot now and then, remember the good times :)

Goes to show you, you can meet your match anywhere :)

Kyleran couldn't just pick a single memory from a single game:

Had several memorable games, so hard to chose:

1) DAOC, was a member of Shadowclan, RPG on Mordred and we issued a "challenge" to the server.  We announced that we were going to walk from one end of Midguard to the other end, and dared anyone to stop us.  The guild that managed to do so would win 10M gold (back when that was still a lot).  We fought long and valiently, but eventually a guild did manage to stop our progress so they won the jackpot.

2) EVE - Had been playing for about 6 months, had just joined a null sec corp for the first time, and about a month after my arrival our alliance (Frege) came under assault from Smash-Roadkill.  We fought valiently, but in fairly short order we were booted from free space, lost all of our stations and we realigned ourselves with the Northern Coalation.  Then I was involved in 3 months of POS busting in the BOB war before a broken laptop took me out of the fight for a few months.

3)  WOW - Yes, I played, it, and I really enjoyed it back at launch.  One of my favorite things was the final quest to get Onyxia's key, where you march into the city as valiant heroes with all the npc's practically worshipping you and calling out your name.  From a guild achievement, the night we finally downed the final boss in BW Lair was probably a most memorable accomplishment.

4) Shadowbane - The morning I logged in to check on something on my character only to find our beautiful clan city walls breached and almost every building razed to the ground, with only the few bldg's protected by the tree still standing.  Was actually the end of my time in SB because I couldn't figure out how to combat these 3 am raids which sort of circumvented the intended desire of the designers.

Oh, so many memories, I could go on for days, I'll stop here while I'm ahead.

My favorite MMO memories come from Star Wars Galaxies: When I first started out in Star Wars Galaxies back in 2003, I got my first taste of the real potential for adventure and exploration in MMOs. Over 40 newbies (including myself!) decided to meet up on Endor and explore one of the game's most dangerous worlds. None of us had been to Endor before, but we had all simply endeavored to see what we could find on the Forest Moon.

As we had far too many people, we basically split up into at least two different groups of 20 players and set off with no real direction. Being complete newbies we didn't have the combat skills to handle any of the wildlife we were sure to encounter and it wasn't too long before this became quite obvious to us.

Let's just say I never knew Ewoks could be so vicious. We ended up fighting many of the various Ewok tribes on Endor as we trekked across the world, resulting in many deaths, but we ultimately came out victorious simple due to the fact we had strength in numbers. I can vividly recall some of these huge skirmishes and licking our wounds in a camp one of the Scouts set up afterwards while waiting for those who died to come back and claim their corpses. Man, there were skeletons everywhere!

Another of my favorite SWG memories is a bit more weird than exciting. I spent many of my early days adventuring on my home planet of Tatooine, and I ended up making friends with a local Mon Calamari weapons merchant (aptly named Merchant) and his armorcrafting partner, Wack (also a Mon Cal). These guys were an eccentric duo who for whatever reason enjoyed crafting their wares while standing around in their underwear in their player house. There's just something amusing about visiting your go-to smiths in the middle of the night only to find basically two Mon Calamari dudes sitting out on the porch of their house in chatting in nothing but their undies.

Despite their odd behavior, they were really helpful in my early adventuring, and I have fond memories of escorting the weaponsmith to rare resource deposits on Dathomir (I was a combat profession) so he could set up his harvesters in exchange for free armor/weapons or a discount. Being able to build these sorts of symbiotic relationships with crafters was really unique to Star Wars Galaxies and something I really enjoyed about the experience.

What are some of your favorite MMO memories? Share 'em in the comments below!

Ergload writes:

I used to play this fantastic game called Age of the Throne, it's shut down and no longer available but it was themed after 16th century Paris and players who murdered other players would be locked in a stockade and other players could throw vegetables at them.

Sat Mar 03 2012 7:30PM Report
Classicstar writes:

My best experience was Asheron's call 2 - Darktide free for all pvp.

Not only was it a open non linear mmo it had no instance and 2 unique races tumerok and lugians and awesome class/skilltree system. Combat was also great and alot of what in AC2 was is implemented in games like WoW.

AC2 was kind of hibrid themepark/sandbox no hold hands freedom no instance and skill tree you could use as you wanted.

Grind was huge but still fun and not boring specially becouse of tacts a class that was unique to AC2 and music instruments you could find on mobs and play was awesome.

Great quests and dungeons.

Drop items on ground afk for few days withhout been kicked out great crafting system.

Awesome mobs like warath shreth arramadillo and dragons.

Raids where alot of fun.

Darkfall had for me best looking gameworld also to explore could have been my best mmo if not so many cheated i quit when maybe 100 people online total was no fun anymore logging into game.

AC1 came to early my connection and pc could not handle it crashes and lag the short moments where also great but it was no fun with lag with my dial up momdem from europe playing on US server pittty:(

Sat Mar 03 2012 7:46PM Report
nmc09331 writes:

In Asheron's Call I was in some rather large guild. But for me I was part of a familly,  hierarchy branch of the guild managed by "Paksenarian". He was not guild leader (maybe not even officer) but was by far the best guild organizer I ever met thus far.

I used to play a dagger guy called Forest, whom I eventually rerolled and renamed Forest Lace. When Forest lace was on some level range of some dungeon, Paks had a chat with me.

The best armors (or at least highly desired) everyone wanted were the GSA, and those were tradable at the "subway" (a portal hub where everyone hanged out for trades and PVP) for some shards. I was not very much into the process. All I knew was that there was some dungeon with a level cap/ level lock that droped those crystals, and everyone was either underskilled, or overleveled to go there.

I was tasked to exile myself in the dungeon for as long as I could until I get bored/tired, in order to farm crystals for everyone. Took food and potions enouth to make me really encumbered, to a point where I could hardly move. I went to that cave, alone, and there I stayed.

My supplies lasted 2 weeks, and by that time I was over the level cap, unable to enter the dungeon again. I came out and had enough shards to buy nothing less than 5 GSA sets.

You may wonder why is a 2 week solo experience so meaningful for me when it comes to MMOs. I am not sure. I think that is just a sign how a community-driven game/guild can grow in you, that you put yourself ina situation you wouldn't in other way, if it benefits the community.

That is what is missing in MMOs these days: efford to make the reward meaningful. Back in those days we did not need an "achievement system". Game gave us enough achievement feeling already. These systems now are just to cover the emptynes left.

Sat Mar 03 2012 9:14PM Report
xenpt writes:

My best memories were from Diablo I and II and from Lineage, long quests with my friends :P

Sun Mar 04 2012 2:20AM Report
Terranah writes:

OMG...I have so many, it's hard to pick a favorite, but they have come much fewer and far between as of late.  Most of them are from Precu SWG, but I will pick a recent one from All Points Bulletin.  


I was a member of a small guild, but we all were logging very long hours together and having so much fun.  I loved logging on, hopping into car with a group of friends and cruising the streets of San Paro while chit chatting over Vent.  This particularly memorable event happened after a very long play session and we were all feeling the wear and tear of being constantly on point.  We were doing well, winning more than we were losing but the focus and coordination had taken it's toll and some of us were a bit edgy.


Toward the end of a match in which we needed to take a final checkpoint to win, we were all killed just short of our goal.  One of my friends who is always telling people to 'calm down and's just a game' was screaming over the headset.  The others in my group quickly joined it and it was difficult to filter it all out beyond the frequent F bombs that were dropping.  To paraphrase, we had come soooo close only to lose, and had spawned too far away to do anything meaningful.


Now it is not my personality to flip out when something goes wrong. I usually do just the opposite, become very quiet and focused trying to figure out just went wrong and how I could have been better.  I was an average player and I wanted to be good, so I liked to analyze my performance.  I spawned on top of another building across the street from our objective and I could see our opponents guarding the checkpoint.  Without hesitation I ran to a ladder, slid down, crossed the street, climbed a ladder, and lobbed a grenade onto the checkpoint forcing the enemy to scatter.  


One of my oponents jumped from behind an obstacle and I mowed him down with an oozi style weapon just as one of the checkpoint defenders was advancing on me.  I switched to my shotgun and killed that player, lobbed another grenade near the checkpoint taking out someone else and charged the checkpoint killing the remaining opponent who had no doubt taken damage from the grenades as we went down quickly.  


I stood in the checkpoint, watching the checkpoint capture bar as it switched from the opponents checkpoint to ours.  My team mates were still screaming in to their mics, complaining how unfair it was to spawn so far away and we sucked for dying in the first place.  No one had noticed what I had done.  The final seconds ticked off and the match concluded, we had won.  The chatter over vent continued for a moment....then trickled to silence.  " said we won," someone said confused.  I then said very calmly, matter of fact, "I just took the checkpoint."


Again silence...and then shouts of jubilation and praise screamed from my headphones.


I have never done drugs or been high, but that's how I imagine it felt: complete euphoria.  

Sun Mar 04 2012 12:53PM Report
gaeanprayer writes:

My best memory is my first experience with wide-scale PvP. Ragnarok Online's "War of the Empyrium", struggling with my priest to keep my team alive and protecting the mages as they set up for their super long cast times.

Been in love with group pvp ever since. That was probably the most exciting moment in any game I'd experienced up to that point.

Sun Mar 04 2012 1:35PM Report
Akrux writes:

My best memory is from DAoC while defending a keep. Our meager forces were badly outnumbered by the Albions attacking but we barely held them off for about three hours. I was playing a healing druid and my mana bar never filled completely in the entire time. There was always people to heal or buff or attack as the attackers never relented. Guard respawns were welcome events. Players on each side would log off as their schedules required and others would join in. In the end we were victorious. 

Not game changing important but fun nevertheless.

Can't wait for Dominus (DAoC 2 in a scif fi setting)


Tue Mar 06 2012 4:17AM Report writes:
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