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The staff of gets together to bring you some behind the scenes insights on stories, the industry and the site itself.

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Dragon Age II

Posted by BillMurphy Tuesday March 22 2011 at 5:45PM
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I've been playing a bit of DA2 here and there when I'm able.  I'm actually really enjoying it, too.

Is it fun?  Yes.  Is it better than the first?  In some ways, also yes.  But I have to agree with the sentiment that this edition of Dragon Age is somewhat of a step back in one area: story.  At least a few hours in.

I'll be the first to admit that the action of Dragon Age: Origins felt too old school to me.  I just lost the love of those games a long time ago, probably after Arcanum sold poorly and Troika went under. 

So when Dragon Age 2 was announced, I was excited that the combat was being given a long hard look.  I'm actually somewhat pleased with how it turned out. I can still pause and issue orders if I want, but by and large it feels a lot more like I can control my character in this one.  I like that change.  Others miss the party-management, but really it's still all there.  You can still take control of any character at any time and issue orders.  Similarly you can set their behaviors and never look back.

It's not at all unlike the changes that happened to Mass Effect 2 from its prequel.  I honestly feel (on the PC) that DA2 plays better.  It's more interesting in terms of combat for me than it was in Origins.  I used to loathe the combat in DA:O, and would instead wait eagerly for the story-driven aspects as cliche as the tale was.  It was still gripping.

The big difference with DA2 is that after a pretty solid lead in (mind you I'm only in the first few hours of the game still), I'm not grabbed by my character's tale.  In ME1 and ME2, I was immediately hooked and both games kept me playing until I beat them much to the plight of my dogs and wife.  In DA:O, I was hooked on the story in a more gradual way, but I was still hooked.  In DA2, despite the increase in fun I'm having with the action, I feel like the story's kind of dull.  I'm skipping chatty scenes... in a BioWare game.  That just doesn't happen with me.

Hopefully it will get better as I play more.

wfSeg writes:

That's what I've been hearing about this game. This time, I'll just wait for the Ultimate Edition box to come out.

Hated spending money on the first game, then more money on DLCs, and even more on expansion. Just feels like I'm being ripped off, even if it is a great game.

Tue Mar 22 2011 10:13PM Report
Swanea writes:

It's really not a bad game at all.  It just doesn't seem to stand up to other Bioware games.

That said, I am replaying Awakening through another character, since I only beat it once (Was pretty meh compared to Origins).  It really feels like much of DA2 is pulled right from Awakening.  You can see how in it, you return to "maps" that are exactly the same.  Other times, you can "get to places" that you could not get to before on certain spots on the map when you move on the global map.  It's a lot more contained like DA2 is.

The combat seemed to be trying to move in a little faster pace too.

Tue Mar 22 2011 11:23PM Report
eric_w66 writes:

DA2 is a decent game, but it feels more like a DLC for a "bigger brother" game than a stand alone. 30 or so hours of gameplay is a bit on the weak side, especially considering you're in the same 10 environments over and over and over again, just with various doors or rocks opening or closing to allow different paths through (apparently, there's only 4 floor plans for houses in the entire city, the "Lowtown slum 3 room house" the "hightown 3x3 grid house", the hightown "oddly linked together house with storerooms right off the main hall entrance", and the hawke estate in hightown...

For as much reusing of textures and locations as they did, they should have been able to give us FAR more story/content than they did.

Bioware went with DLC's with ME2 and DA:O that cost too much and give too little, and DA2 seems like an extension of that methodology. And please, give more variety in armor textures. I think DA:O had more... My mages is pleading with you bioware! Robes are all fine and dandy, but in a place where you're hiding from Templars as an apostate mage, I think having only 1 non-look-like-a-apostate-mage outfit (that I can find so far) is silly (The Notorious Pirate Mage outfit).

Wed Mar 23 2011 6:08PM Report
Hyperwolf writes:

Loved every Bioware game i ever played, until this one. Totally lacking in soul. Massive DX11 problems at launch, and the combat is ridiculous. Couldn't even be bothered playing through it. Dropped it a few hours in.

Wed Mar 23 2011 6:30PM Report
drake_hound writes:

This one is a bioware title , and basically I didn´t like the combat , infact it´s more a action rpg , then rpg action .

If that makes sense to people .

What i found out , that if you don´t compare the game to DA:O or say DA:O = warden tale , and DA2 = champion tale .

That it simply made more sense , the problem is the big DA2 in the name :(

And comparison will be drawn , it feelt to me a step back .

But then again , it is also crucial which system you play this game on , on consoles or pc . on console this game is somehow more enjoyable , then playing it on a PC .

Story wise it is a Bioware story , gameplay wise it feels different., Some love it , some really hate it .

I feelt too much hack and slash for me , but doesn´t deserve all the negative credits people gave it .

Infact it only strengten Bioware resolve that game generation is changing , what most people will bash now the future generation will hold it like a legend .

Thats my opnion .

Wed Mar 23 2011 6:39PM Report
Korithian writes:

 Agree it lacks soul. A few hours in you haven't yet experienced the mind numbing repartition of seeing the same maps again and again.


But by far and away the most annoying thing about the game is the BS about being able to rise to power by any means necessary. Firstly there is no rising to power, secondly there is only one way and one out come from the story. And sadly finally despite spanning 7 years nothing you do makes any difference and come the end you get 30 seconds of footage telling you nothing.


As for the combat thats different strokes for different blokes I guess. Many people found the enemies dropping from the sky annoying, the sudden appearance of stealthed opponents one hitting your mage and repeativeness of much of the combat annoying. But that said the enemies dropping from the sky in some place was really great and the removal of the must have skills and spells for origins was refreshing.


Ultimately though the game feels like a stop gap while we wait for the wardens story to continue into Dragon Age 3 which I hope can redeem the licence. But honestly since EA took over the DLCs for Dragon Age, Awakening and all honesty the DLC for ME2 have all delivered too little. Perhaps the EA approach doesn't work for BW and this can only spell problems for ToR where we see a massive cash shop and a souless generic WoW in space clone.

Wed Mar 23 2011 6:40PM Report
libranim writes:

Being a huge bioware fan and well, honestly, DA:O was my first "Classic" rpg style game. I didn't find it enjoyable the first time around, and after playing through NWN and Baldur's gate 2 (not planescape: torment yet though, it's on my to do list), I personally thought it was a step down in 'soul', the only driving force behind DA:O was really the amazing cast of characters... IMO.

Then DA2 was going to be released and I pre-ordered it, thankfully it was spring break and I planned on finishing the stuff up. 

I really hesitate callling DA2 an RPG, well, it is essentially, but in spirit of the old RPGs... My god. I beat it, but after 15 hours in game I started skipping dialogues, and by the last few main arc missions, I was skipping scenes entirely. It's a poorly executed story, muddled in ridiculous amount of sidequests that are loosely tied into the main story... Just... Yeah, just ugh.

Wed Mar 23 2011 6:44PM Report
danJ188 writes:

Is it fun?  Yes.  Is it better than the first?  In some ways, also yes.  But I have to agree with the sentiment that this edition of Dragon Age is somewhat of a step back in one area: story.


I dunno, no offense meant, but it really seems like your still on the fence about the game. As far as my own issues, it shouldnt really be called an rpg. It isnt, to be honest. It's far too alike to Mass Effect now, and that was barely a rpg in the first incarnation. They're like...action games. Lite on the actual content, though Blizz, I mean, Bioware tends to throw DLC and sidecontent at you at every curve. This is certaintly not the quality of gaming people have come to expect from the makers of the Balders Gate series, Never Winter Nights, and the KOTOR series.


Also, when the lead writer herself talks down on gameplay, wanting a fastforward feature just to basically play a "tap A to receive a poorly written Twilight fanfic" game,..I dunno what to say. It just speaks poorly about their decisions on what they feel gamers want.

Wed Mar 23 2011 7:43PM Report
Fdzzaigl writes:

I do actually agree. But I think you will find that the story does get better after a while, Act 1 was by far the worst of them all imo (except for the deep roads part).

Overall I do think DA2 was rushed and some bad decisions were made, but that didn't stop me from enjoying the heck out of it.

I'm also pissed by people who spout nonsenical preconceptions about it: no the game isn't extremely short, no the combat isn't a mindless hack&slash, no it isn't dumbed down in every imaginable way.

Wed Mar 23 2011 7:46PM Report
rikwes writes:

"Being a huge bioware fan and well, honestly, DA:O was my first "Classic" rpg style game. I didn't find it enjoyable the first time around, and after playing through NWN and Baldur's gate 2 (not planescape: torment yet though, it's on my to do list), I personally thought it was a step down in 'soul', the only driving force behind DA:O was really the amazing cast of characters... IMO."

I agree with this. I find these days games tend to be far "shorter "and lacking "soul "compared to the classics ( BG series,NWN 1 and 2 ) and are more focused on action than  true RPG-elements . I'm also finding myself wondering why on Earth they all insist on a true 3d - world instead of going back to a predominantly  isometric view as in BG 2 . Imagine an RPG being made with the story-arc and gameplay of BG 2 and the graphics of Diablo 3 ??


Wed Mar 23 2011 8:18PM Report
Golelorn writes:

I agree that the combat is really fun.

However, other than that I think the story is very weak with a lot of holes. Also, was disappointed in the handling of companions. No where near as in-depth as Origins.

While certainly playable it will not linger in our memories long.



I find it weird how people call BG, NWN classics when I consider Bards Tale, Pool of Radiance - Pools of Darkness untouchable the true classics of the rpg genre. Guess I really am getting old.

Wed Mar 23 2011 8:30PM Report
cinos writes:

When I play a Bioware game I play it to completion.

DA2 is the first game where I have had to take several week long breaks just to get through it.

I'm now on Act 3 now however I'm finding it increasingly difficult to press forward.

There is just no story worth mentioning in this game. Which is surprising considering how much Bioware are known for their tales.

You keep thinking it'll get better, but it never does.

Wed Mar 23 2011 9:11PM Report
rikwes writes:

"I find it weird how people call BG, NWN classics when I consider Bards Tale, Pool of Radiance - Pools of Darkness untouchable the true classics of the rpg genre. Guess I really am getting old."


You're right of course .But everyone- almost everyone,that is- agrees Baldur's gate 1 and 2 were/are the "zenit" of the RPG genre. Everything being released afterwards is compared to that. Point is in the old days ( and I'm old enough to remember Bard's tale series of games,yes) quality sold games and folks bought them because of what their friends told them about them . I was actually introduced to the genre playing the Bard's tale while at a friend's house . These days software developers -but especially publishers like EA - want to make money ASAP regardless of quality . If that means releasing the games bugged or incomplete ,so be it . They can always SELL missing parts as DLC's afterwards . That's the mindset these days . 

If you buy Baldur's gate 1 and 2 at GoG you get a lot more value for money then you will ever get with any Dragon Age game ( $20 for both Baldur's Gate games + expansions ) , and that is including  DLC's ....I think that is pretty outrageous . And those are true RPG's as well .Throw in Neverwinter nights 1 + expansions for another $9.99 and you're   set for months to come.



Wed Mar 23 2011 9:35PM Report
Solestran writes:

Everything EA touches turns to crap.  Why, of all companies, did Bioware join forces with the devil?

Wed Mar 23 2011 9:42PM Report
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Wed Mar 23 2011 11:32PM Report
Gajari writes:

Both the beginning and ending to DA2 are weak. The game picks up and gets pretty awesome after the first act, and continues to be awesome through the second and most of the third... but act 3 quickly goes from being major climax/awesome good times to total shit in the blink of an eye.

Also, I took my time for the most part and still beat the game in around 20 hours. The shortest game ever from BioWare. Sure there's some replayability there with all the choices you make, and the story being a bit different as a mage rather than rogue/warrior, but I can't bring myself to do it.

The story might not be the best, but the choices and consequences for the quests are very awesome. People play the same general main plot, but everyone goes through the game differently than everyone else depending on their decisions throughout - and those decisions actually have a great impact on parts of the story as it unfolds through side quests and in the main plot to a lesser degree.

Also, yes, I found the combat to be pretty fun for the most part. Though still a bit dull at times. 

Not a bad game, but I definitely expected more from BioWare. 

Thu Mar 24 2011 12:12AM Report
Stuka1000 writes:

I don't class this as a Bioware game; we will never see those great BW style games of old again.  This is an EA game and suffers for it.  Bioware made games for the PC, EA aim them squarly at the consoles first and foremost.


The story starts to pick up a little after you return from the deep roads and then gathers pace after you have dealt with the Qunari but by then you are over two thirds of the way through the game and everything has that EA rushed out the door feel to it.  What's more playing as a mage really destroys the story in it's entirety as Kirkwall must be the retirement home for the dumbest templars in the order;  Hello! apostate here, robes and big staff..... No! how about all the spells that are being thrown about right in front of you dipshit?  No?  ah well! I'll just go and sit over here until you grow a brain cell or two.

Thu Mar 24 2011 1:00AM Report
sanicek writes:

I'm only finishing Act 1, but ye, so far the story seems a bit on the weak and slow side. A lot of sidequests for raising money to move the main story, kinda reminds me of BG2 Act2.

A lot of people are trashing the combat, but personally I think it got much better from DA-O/A. I'm not talking about mindless arcade on the lower difficulty levels, but about nightmare mode. In DA-O/A even nightmare was a walk in the park, mostly due to massive overpowernesness of mages. As long as you sometimes issued manual commands to you mages nothing could harm you.

In DA2 nightmare is actually kinda challenging and I have to load from time to time. It is also a lot more tactical, both the combat system and the ability trees were massively improved. There is wide choice of abilities to take and the upgrade paths all make sense. I actually have to manually control each companion and use mechanics like line of sight, terrain, agro management or kiting. Really having fun with the combat, last I felt this way was probably in IWDs. I applaud for the nightmare combat implementation. I only hope there are more interesting boss fights with special mechanics yet to come, some in DA-A were pretty decent.

Thu Mar 24 2011 6:01AM Report
Kothoses writes:

DA 2's problem is that its an 80% score Game from a company we expect 95% games from.


Its good, but its not great and for what we expect thats poor, its still better than most other recent RPGs (exactly) but it will likely be put in the shade by the witcher 2 and even mass effect 3.


The problem really comes down to this, I have found no compelling reason to keep playing it. 

Thu Mar 24 2011 6:45AM Report
Amphib_Ian writes:

I'm one of the few and proud who found DA:O to be a game with a hackneyed story and feature some of the worst companion AI I'd ever had the misfortune of trying to lead to victory in a game. It was a bad sign even then that I was forcing myself to play the game and beat it just because allllllll my friends found it to be the most rewarding and praise worthy game ever invented. I ended up being as evil as possible just to keep myself slightly amused. (Die stupid desire demon controlled kid!)

So naturally when I heard DA2 was coming out I knew not to pre-order; that it was not my cup of tea. As anticipated everyone i knew was instantly on board yet again hailing it as revolutionary and in everyway meeting or exceeding their wildest fantasies of how good a game can be. But to my surprise the game actually has been mostly subconciously panned lol! No one wants to actually come out and say it but i can really feel that the general community reaction to the game is uninspired combat with no strategy necessary, the weakest Bioware story in the history of the company, and worse on PC than console (though I would still always recommend PC when available for the modding community can sometimes save a game)

But think about that for a minute. Everyone loves Bioware too much to be mean or risk hurting their feelings, and with EA buying reviews is par for the course but even DA2's official reviews are not reaching 10/10 or even 9/10 status! Yet every god of war ever made is 11/10 somehow.....

So don't feel bad or ashamed that you spent money and are now experiencing buyers remorse. It is not your fault that DA2 failed to achieve what you imagined it could. Instead take it as a sign to be more wary of future Bioware releases like TOR and a lesson to never assume a company can forever exist without diminishing returns on their products (SE anyone?)

Thu Mar 24 2011 6:52AM Report
Tyratops writes:

All in all, I thought it was a pretty good game.  Albeit not as great as it's predecessor, DA2 lacks replayability and decision making isn't as good as DA:O.  However Combat as you say has picked up it's pace and is more fun, I approve of the Companions armor idea and there are some other neat changes.  Fingers crossed the DLC will keep me entertained.

Serious lack of emotion/passion over a certain event close to Hawke from Hawke.  I was more emotional for god sake!

Thu Mar 24 2011 8:18AM Report
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Thu Mar 24 2011 10:07AM Report
sipus writes:

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Thu Mar 24 2011 10:40AM Report
Kaynos1972 writes:

In Dragon Age 1 at least we moved from place to place, in DA2 we are stuck in the same town from beginning to end, it gets boring, i wish i could get out of that town more.  Other than that it's a good (not great) game compared to the original.

Thu Mar 24 2011 10:43AM Report
Elikal writes:

Opinion-like it's a bit like I am on Venus and you are from Mars, Bill Murphy. ;) I could not be further apart my how I saw it. To make it short:

- the companions were dull, lackluster, neurotic and non memorable; their personal story was randomly tossed at me

- given how small the world is, the lack of visual detail of Kirkwall was stunningly bad; on top, you'd expect a city to somehow change over 10 years! Or the companions clothings. It totally ruins the feeling of having 10 years when everything is exactly the same every moment.

- the copy paste "dungeons" were AWFUL: after 3-4 hours you had seen ALL, what a yawnfest

- combat with beaming in and ALWAYS in the exact same pattern was terrible repetitive and disallowed any stratetic placing

- almost all sidequests were noxiously bad "fetch me my lost X" type not connected to the overall story whatsoever. After saving the world from doom and fighting an archdemon, I was down to find my lost wife and solve some dumb murder!

- Hawk never was a hero or champion in any sense like MAKING events, in the way the Grey Warden did, on the contrary Hawk was only merely REACTING to events he was acidentally stumbling into. That's not a hero or champion of a story AT ALL, which is one of my main critique points. The hero does nothing decisive, instead he ist just caught in events that he has zero influence on. He remains to just accidentally be in the "right time" at the right place. Or wrong, as you wish. With those jumps the story remains odd.

DA2 totally doesn't feel like a sequel but merely some expansion pack story, some side-quest like that of Leilana from DA1. So for me it was 6.5/10 or so.

Thu Mar 24 2011 4:26PM Report
gaeanprayer writes:

Played it beginning to end, 3 times (once for each class/dialogue type) and enjoyed it each time, though by the third I admit I skipped the majority of the dialogue. Even did all the side quests/hunts each chapter, each playthrough, because I'm thorough like that (and want all of those things to affect my future DLC/sequel playthroughs)


Dunno what all the moaning is about as far as combat. There's nothing different in the combat from the first game. If you want to feel like you're playing the first one, turn off persistant gore in options, play a healer/support mage, and spend every battle giving out orders instead of fighting. Voila, you're back in the old game. For melee/dps type builds/classes, the action is faster and more visceral, but it's still the same as the last one; set up party AI, switch back and forth between your team when they're doing something stupid (like Anders refusing to heal for some reason) position people around the field to avoid aoe's, etc., etc. Nothing's change. People are complaining based largely on principle and mob mentality. Neither of those are legitimate reasons to complain about something.


Storyline-wise, I loved it the first way though, but the second and third playthrough I admit that it was boring until I got to the the end of chapter 1, where you go into the deep roads. From then on, things get a bit more 'epic', as you're not just affecting your own destiny but those around you as well. I am a bit disappointed though, that the major parts of the story can't really be altered. (SPOILERS) Anders goes emo and blows shit up no matter what, Arishok hates you and goes about beheading people even if he respects you, etc. I would have liked a ~bit~ more freedom in what happens, but short of giving Isabela to Arishok so that you don't have to kill him, that doesn't happen. I felt a bit more free with my choices in Mass Effect, but whatever. Still a game I enjoyed. Clearly.

Fri Mar 25 2011 12:16AM Report
cataphracht writes:

Dragon age 2 feels like a filler infact it's sole purpose is to lead events moving on to the finale. It's not a terrible game if your planning to play the third when they release it, I think it's necessary to play to grasp the full meaning of the story It also gives you some moments when you can refer back to origins which is always nice.

I enjoyed dragon age 1, i had no idea what to expect when i first played it however I was pleasantly surprised with the storyline and characters, but i never enjoyed it's combat, also it felt very linear while trying to be an open game.

Dragon age 2 fixes a lot of things wrong with the first one It doesn't pretend to be an open game, it's a very linear game and it feels better because of it. The combat is more dynamic and I think everyone can agree it's improved. The storyline is also very well done, the main story arcs made me feel very involved with the events, I prefer the main story to the first also.

Dragon age 2 faults are in the side quests, very uninteresting the companions around you are quite funny in their normal convo's but are severely lacking overall compared to the original, also the many many enemies spawning on top of you does get dull, and the limited areas we get to see in the game is a minus. There was too little darkspawn, in the original there was too much darkspawn. It's understandable because of the story element but i hope they get the balance right in the third and hope darkspawn look more interesting & act more scary.

Overall DA2 is a more "fun" game a shorter but more engaging storyline it prepares us for the third one brilliantly, a great cliffhanger but it comes at sacrifice from taking away a lot of RPG elements, the side stuff to what makes an RPG what it is.  It has lost it's identity there's not much need for visiting shops we cannot upgrade our companions much, the crafting is dumbed down even further then the first, throwing 1000's of humans in a small city is probably the worst idea they had.

This games meant to be played once or twice, just for the story and a bit of fun.

Fri Mar 25 2011 3:34AM Report
Mothanos writes:

The adds are making this unreadeble....

Mods need to take action against this soon.


short verdict on DA2:

Way to dumbed down for console play like alot of good tittles

Very disapointed overal.

Fri Mar 25 2011 7:32AM Report
MurlockDance writes:

I was really disappointed with DA:O so I'm not going to get this one, especially after finding out that it's more action-oriented and less RPG. I was expecting DA:O to be really dark, like The Witcher was, but to me it didn't get it right.

I guess I'll be waiting to see what happens with The Witcher 2.

Sat Mar 26 2011 8:37AM Report
rikwes writes:

Problem - the way I see it - is that developers are taking the RP out of RPG more and more . These games all become action -oriented and are forgetting the roots of the genre .

That goes for recent MMO's as well. When you look at recent - and upcoming releases - there isn't a single title out there which isn't action-oriented .Guild wars 2 = entirely action , TERA = action , Rift= action etc.

The distinctiveness of classes isn't based on anything other than the way they deal damage . In the old D&D tradition a class had certain characteristics - apoart from the way they dealt damage . Druids were nature based , Rangers were marksmen , Rogues were stealthy and could find traps and open locks . These days a rogue in an MMO is simply a class which uses backstabbing etc. 

There's no role-playing whatsoever .

Sat Mar 26 2011 10:14AM Report
Evasia writes:

It a pitty that whatever companys like bioware, blizzard or bethesda do you fans follow say its awesome and dont care if they screw up the whole franchise and have almost nothing to do with previous versions. Bioware is a fraction of what ii ones was back in early 2000+ they dont make real rpg's anymore in my opinion and still everybody keep shouting they make best rpg's ever its sad real sad. Bill i know you try explain how you review and say you dont care less what others say but again and again you less less believable what your saying in your little reviews if its a game the majority likes you will say its good nomatter how hard you deny this you just can't or dare say truth as with so many these days they just eat what comepanys shove up there throahts its like mcdonalds if all like it, it must be good even if i dont like it i just say i like it so they all love me lol. DA2 is for console players and all who want simple fast pace action games with limited freedom a must, for those who want real deep complex RPG dont buy DA2.

Sat Mar 26 2011 11:27AM Report
quentin405 writes:

I have not and will not buy anything published by EA in quite a few years now.  But sadly, people will still buy the next polished turd of a game that EA shoves in your face, and until people stop EA will keep plopping out turds and other companies will soon find that they can follow suit and all the half-wit saps that call themselves "gamers" will fund them nicely..

Sat Mar 26 2011 8:49PM Report
zonzai writes:

This time you are right on Bill.  I completely agree with everything that you said.  I got the game at midnight release (had to wait four hours until 3:00 A.M. to actually play thanks to Securom) but I still haven't beaten and I don't plan to until some major mods are released.

Mon Mar 28 2011 2:09AM Report
just2duh writes:

 Hope you really did enjoy the first few hours of the game, because I hear it never really evolves past that very much.

 Everyone says the same, they really enjoyed the first few hours but then it's just more of the same until you finish the game feeling unstatisfied *insert DLC here*.

Mon Mar 28 2011 11:58AM Report
ide420 writes:

1st,  quentin405 is the only turd I see here. Its great that u feel the need to attack a game u havent played. Not to mention anyone who plays it. Therefor you can keep ur assinine comments to urself u little insignificunt self righteous piss ant.

   With that said DA2 was a good game. Combat improved immenstly and gamplay was much smoother. I do feel the game lacked in over all content but DAO wasnt much longer without all the dlc. In conclusion 8/10 for this good game.

Mon Mar 28 2011 1:12PM Report
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Mon Mar 28 2011 11:35PM Report
thamighty213 writes:

DA2 is a very good game is it as good as DA:O IMO no.


I have enjoyed the story the characters whilst not as memorable as the first are still intresting.

I have 2 pet peeves with it though.


Re-use of environments OK I could handle it to a degree but its downright lazy and boring seeing the same thing again and again and oh did I mention again.

Non existant choices -  theres a number of points in the game you outright tell a companian NO yet the quest still gets dumped on you,  theres time you make a decision that clearly should not have the outcome it does.  Your shoved to a path regardless of the choices you make.

Tue Mar 29 2011 8:54AM Report
SuperXero89 writes:

I liked DA2, but it was certainly a rush job. Given that the game takes place in such a confined area, I get the impression that the game was really  nowhere near finished at the point EA wanted them to release it.  I'm actually impressed that they created a fully fucnctioning title out of what they had.

Tue Mar 29 2011 9:23PM Report
SodKronos writes:

It is NOT a Bioware game. It's an EA game. Making the all mighty buck has become the only priority. This was made clear by the release of Awakenings which IMO was a great way to rip off the fans of DAO.

DLC is just another way for the developers to milk a game's popularity for all it is worth. At least they aren't 40-50 bucks each and called an expansion(Awakenings).

DA2 is an ok game when judged on it's own. But when compared to DAO it's lack of scope and character depth are glaring issues. But I agree, the combat is more interesting but not enough to make the game fun.

Tue Mar 29 2011 10:33PM Report writes:
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