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The staff of gets together to bring you some behind the scenes insights on stories, the industry and the site itself.

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World of Warcraft $60 for a Boost to Level 90

Posted by garrett Tuesday February 18 2014 at 6:45PM
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How much is time worth to you? The old quote “time is money” plays a very important part in today’s story of the day. reported that World of Warcraft posted a Level 90 character boost for $60 in their cash shop. If this turns out to be true the debate will rage on for some time. I guess the real question is how much are you willing to spend to play World of Warcraft at its top levels? If you are joining your friends after a long time off or rejoining an old guild, this may not seem like much to you.

MMOs are a tricky thing when it comes to money, value, and time. The purists who play will scoff at those who spend money to get the boost. Lately however, there is the reality of time that many veteran MMO players are facing. In my 20s I spend hours in Ultima Online and Dark Age of Camelot. Now with a family, my time is at a premium. I can no longer spend the six hours a night I wanted to in MMOs. If I get to play for 3-4 hours about 3 times a week I am lucky. This is where the $60 comes into play. I have several characters in World of Warcraft at 90 and would really like a Warlock. I will be buying the expansion anyway so I will get my Warlock then and boost him to 90.

For me, $60 really is not that much to spend when you think of the time you save on making a character. If this is what Blizzard is offering I think it is an upfront price and is a one stop shop. You are not being nickel and dimed into your decision by free-to-play antics. Give them $60 and you can boost your character to 90 for the expansion. One and done. 

If this holds true I think it is a great move by Blizzard to get old players back into World of Warcraft and possible net a whole new generation of players into the top levels of the game. After being beaten down by so many free-to-play games on mobile which charge you for every little thing, it will be refreshing to just spend sixty dollars and get the most out of it. 

Rockniss writes:

What if like in my case, I could care less about the level 90 boost because I already have a lvl 90 I would like to continue to play on?

Then I just payed to much for the expac.


Tue Feb 18 2014 8:18PM Report
laserit writes:

Talk about a company that has zero respect for it's customer's.


Player's that have been paying into the game for years and years. Player's that have been there and done that a 100 times over and now the great Blizz of Ozz will level boost ya to 90 for the small little unsubstantial fee of $60


$60 ya gotta be friggin kidding me


Blizzard has the most loyal fanbase in the industry and just look how this company looks upon them.


Makes me want to puke


Better start saving for that virtual Blizzcon ticket.

Tue Feb 18 2014 8:29PM Report
Gedias writes:

Leveling is not hard in WOW.  I got my panda from 1 to 90 in 3 1/2 days of play time, my rogue in 4 1/2 (pandas get an xp bonus).  Even if you are playing 10 hours per week (which is uber-casual IMO), you are looking at 3 months top to cap. 


So instead of doing battlegrounds, dungeons and dailies at max level, you can do battlegrounds, dungeons and quests while you level.  Plus you save money, the scenery changes while you level, and you might actually know how to play your class when you hit cap.

Tue Feb 18 2014 9:41PM Report
Rollcage8 writes:

Total joke is what it is, its not targeted at new players because you get one free with the WoD box. 

Its basically a great way to get money out of ravening fanboys and people that have played the game way past the point of sanity.

Most people I have read are stating they will buy it to get another max level alt of that class they could never level. Basically pay $60 to get something that was so interesting to play they couldn't do it the normal way.  

Tue Feb 18 2014 10:50PM Report
asmkm22 writes:

Seems expensive, but I think it's safe to assume we'll be seeing it bundled with various specials and deals, possibly with whatever replaces the Scroll of Resurrection.

I'm not sure why people are complaining though, especially the ones who already play and most likely have a character at max level anyway.

Tue Feb 18 2014 10:56PM Report
Sirmaki writes: 5 staff members collaborated, it's a short "article" and yet MMORPG still can't get the grammar right..... Wed Feb 19 2014 12:50AM Report
Gadareth writes:

Well raids will be "interesting" for you WOW players now. I remember back in the ole EQ1 days when you sometimes got a player who had bought a "friends" high level character and then first thing he did was go on a planes raid. Only problem is as he hadn't leveled the character himself he didn't fully understand the characters mechanics. Trust me in a Planes raid that is the last thing you want...

I can see people doing this and then screaming blue murder when they find that no respectable guild will touch a newbie lvl 90.

However I also see some raiding guilds requesting (demanding) the some players follow this option as the raid needs x number of x class for a raid.

So all in all I see this as a major bad move I mean seriously this was one of t he so called doom and gloom predictions made when micro-transactions/shop were first started.


Wed Feb 19 2014 1:54AM Report
yaminsux writes: I'm gonna say this. If you don't have the time to play games, just quit gaming for good. Doing this will only hurt the industry as other still look at WoW as a benchmark. If WoW do this others will soon follow. So again, if you find yourself hard to do some gaming, it's time to move on. Wed Feb 19 2014 1:58AM Report
Epicon writes:

Was very excited for the expansion, since I loved BC and the lore involved with it.

I didn't have a problem with the boost really, it made sense. I even accepted the stupidity of the idea of buying level 90's because I like the game, my guild and lore.

But 60 dollars is bullshit, 30-35 dollars is more reasonable, but being able to buy a level 90 shouldn't exist unless, you want to put the paid level services out of business.

Apparently, this is made for people who don't have freetime to level, but want to play the game. I have said it before and I will say it again, if you honestly don't have the time. How about don't invest in subscription MMOs built around time sinks?

How about staying away from MMOs in general? There are plenty of genres much more forgiving to someone with limited time. 

"But I love MMOs I want to play them!" I respect that, but I also want to be a billionare. Guess we all can't have what we want sometimes, that's part of life. Find a new genre or get another hobby.  

You should see the Blizzard cows on the forums defending the price on average, exclaiming how 60 is a fair price for a boost. How anyone who is leaving the game, because of the price, the community is better off without them. It's so great now?

The monkeys are out in full force, throwing their money at the screen. The level process is so bad, unfun and a grind. They wrap it all up and call it a game. Then convince their players to pay them, to skip the bad leveling process they created.

That's rich! You feed someone fresh shit and they pay you for it, you call it a game. After awhile they don't like the taste, so you offer a paid service, that allows them to stop eating it and they can brush their teeth.

I talked shit on Wildstar, but I will definitely be playing it now, and quiting WoW for good. I loved ESO was in the beta, put 100 hours into it. Was going to play WoD not anymore.

I have to admit, I expected a rage fest on average, not a bunch of people agreeing with the price. I have to admit, I lost even more faith in MMO players as a whole. Accepting this and throwing their money.


Wed Feb 19 2014 4:32AM Report
Volgore writes:

Even if they charge 250 for a lvl90 char, there will always be these people who defend every of those companies' moves.

It's what brought mmorpgs to where they are today. Games designed not for the entertainment purpose i first place, but for spending money on them left and right.

Traditionally it takes patches over patches to fix something content related, but whenever it's about microtransactions+Co, stuff gets delivered quick and it works right away.

Wed Feb 19 2014 4:55AM Report
Wicoa writes:

Doesn't bother me.


I think many people will pay for this.  I see it as a positive step to help fund further and expanded content.

Wed Feb 19 2014 5:19AM Report
Sephastus writes:

Wicoa - "I see it as a positive step to help fund further and expanded content."


That would be true, Wicoa, if they were deficient in funding to being with. They have more money at their disposal than we could probably fathom... certainly enough to hire devs to pump out an expansion every few months... but instead, it is a one every 2 years, if you are lucky.


Call it what it is: taking money from the impatient. Not to say it is a bad thing, since companies do have to make money, but defending it with giving them some "honorable purpose", like doing it for the good of the players, is rubbish.

Wed Feb 19 2014 8:28AM Report
BadSpock writes:

What a joke. I've long been a fan of WoW, and a fan of Blizzard, but $60 is just way, way too much. It's insulting.

Should be $20 for veteran players (players with at least one 90 already.)


So you can get a free 90 boost for a toon by buying WoD for what is probably going to be $40, and then as long as you have one ore more 90+ toons, $20 to boost additional characters to 90.

Wed Feb 19 2014 8:41AM Report
CrazKanuk writes:

First off, @laserit what's respect got to do with it? So are you a higher-class citizen in Azeroth because you've paid more into the game? Here's the issue, every single new player that comes online with WoW gets more than what I did when I started out. I payed full price for the game and each $60 expansion. They can get the whole shebang for like $20 now. I spent a solid 8 or 10 game days leveling to 60. Now people can go 1-90 in like less than 4 days in game. The level of fairness you're looking for isn't reasonable. It doesn't exist. I'll bet that every single new cable customer that signs up probably gets a better deal than you do as well. 


Secondly, @Epicon, what's the problem with putting leveling services out of business? From Blizz's perspective, paid leveling services is an industry that is not only capitalizing on an underground market in their game, but it's also violating their TOS. So why not try to put shady side-businesses like gold farmers, etc. out of business? If they began offering cash shop currency, it'd get rid of the gold farmers too. Additionally, it makes them money and removes the negative consequences that can come to someone buying or selling gold. Just buy your gold from Blizz, cuz it's legal. 


As far as people who "deserve" to play MMOs go, it's obvious that you're not old enough to understand, yet, what "obligation" means. However, the time will come in your life when your gametime is not your top priority. If it doesn't, then I feel really sad for you. If you're not a pimply teen sitting in your parents basement, then I would question whether spending all of your time gaming is really the best use of your time? To argue that people who are spending 10-15 hours a week in a game shouldn't be playing because they can't put the time in is retarded! You're basically representing all of the negative stigma that's surrounded MMOs for years. at 10-15 hours a week, you realize that, of your waking hours, that's like around 1/7th of your waking life, right? That's like 15% of your life. 

Wed Feb 19 2014 8:50AM Report
TX_Imhotep writes:

Whats with all the tears over this good lord. If you think the service is too expensive then dont use it. If you cant afford it then level the regular way. Personally, I think its a fair price. Free market, they charge what the market will pay. But then again this is the era of I want my mmos and everything in them for free and only evil companies try and turn a profit.


Optional service is...optional.

Wed Feb 19 2014 10:00AM Report
Ziboo writes:

It's definitely a time vs money trade off.  I enjoy the leveling process, but glad they're giving us one free 90 with the expansion.

As for the price, it's high, but if you want the insta-90 pay for it.  It's not like it's a gating mechanism - pay or you can't move forward - like many F2P games that nickel and dime you for everything. 

If you want to be instantly at end-game (or relatively close), pay for the it otherwise enjoy leveling!  There are so many ways to get XP in WoW know anyway, it can go quite quickly if you choose that route.

Wed Feb 19 2014 12:35PM Report
Torval writes:

If their customers want it and will pay for it I don't see a problem.

I think it's a bit much to charge a mandatory subscription fee along with DLC/xpac fees and microtransactions, so I won't be playing and paying. But, like I said if their customers are willing to accept those costs for the service provided then that's just fine.

Wed Feb 19 2014 12:38PM Report
Xav_MMO writes:

I just had to chuckle at this quote, "I can no longer spend the six hours a night I wanted to in MMOs."

I'm just picturing Family-Man Bill struggling with word choice. "Should it be 'want,' or 'wanted?'"

Choose wisely, oh married* one. :P

* I assume, based on "family"

Wed Feb 19 2014 1:08PM Report
Xav_MMO writes:

Well thbbbt. Upon reread, I see it is "staff" with contributors, posted by someone else. I noted Bill's name first. 

Sorry !

Wed Feb 19 2014 1:09PM Report
MurlockDance writes:

Well, I will never pay for a max level character. Even though I think it is sad that Blizzard is offering this, as long as no one ruins my game experience I don't really care if someone pays for a max level. It does make me think though that there really is no reward now or achievement for hitting max level in the game.

I hope that this will not make the low level population go drastically down since it might make it hard to group up for dungeons. I also hope that people will refuse to take in new 90s.

Lastly, if the company feels it necessary to provide a free max level character, what does that say about the game? Perhaps Blizzard is concentrating too much at the high end of the game and not enough on the other parts. Perhaps they need to revamp some of the old areas much like they did the level 1-60 areas.

Wed Feb 19 2014 1:26PM Report
MurlockDance writes: That should have read will NOT refuse new 90s. Bah! Wed Feb 19 2014 1:27PM Report
maplestone writes:

Anyone who goes into one of these discussions assertng a price for service or virtual item is too high has already lost their argument.  By haggling over price, you are acknowledging that you are willing to throw money at the sreen.  At that point, it's just a business decision for a publisher over how to min/max the income based on marketting data they have.

Wed Feb 19 2014 1:55PM Report
Elandrial writes: so just get rid of the rest of the game and make everyone lvl 90 and just have not bother with expansions or any thing just new raids and when you have a new expansion just raise the raid levels raise everyone to new level and trash the old raids.they can get rid of 99% of the game and cut down on development.get rid of half the servers.who needs the other 'crap',since all they now care about is raids. Wed Feb 19 2014 3:01PM Report
HurricanePip writes:

It's embarrassing that this is on the front page.  When did games become pay to win?

I don't know where it happened, but games became big business.  The challenge of beating a game used to provide the fun.  Now, we've accepted a lowest common denominator that will never be all inclusive until it hits 0. 

People who pay to win are pathetic.  The game design is broken if you're paying not to play certain parts ... or paying because you want to be virtually more powerful then someone else. 


Wed Feb 19 2014 3:20PM Report
p4ttythep3rf3ct writes:

A min-maxers dream come true.  No more time wasted messing around with the stupid RPG part.  It's funny, how we lost our games to big business, largely because of kiddys screaming they wanted bigger epeens.  Every...single...time.


Losers, the lot of them. 

Wed Feb 19 2014 4:34PM Report
caytoncayton writes:

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Wed Feb 19 2014 7:41PM Report
jesse33 writes:

Wed Feb 19 2014 8:58PM Report
klash2def writes: lol mmos. 60$ for a toon. that's a brand new game. literally Thu Feb 20 2014 12:41AM Report
kairel182 writes: I have to laugh at the people stating "well, it doesn't affect me" while still playing the game.  Good luck with your "LFG" queues with so many level 90 noobs instantly going into them.  When you wipe 15 times on the simplest boss because they bought the character and have no idea what they're doing, you'll quickly care! Thu Feb 20 2014 5:33AM Report
kairel182 writes:

Also, after reading the entire post by this sites contributors, I have to ask a simple question.  Why not make this a WoW site and just be done with it?  It's all you people play, it's all you talk about and never criticize while praising this obvious market money grab to milk the sheep even more.

Do you even care about this genre or are your pockets so lined with Blizzard's greed-money that you are incapable of thinking for yourselves?  I've watched for years as this game and company have systematically destroyed MMO's and their parent company (Activision lest we forget) have also destroyed so much of online gaming in general.  I'm sick of people like you.  

Stop praising this idiotic shit that is nothing but a money sink on a game WITH A SUBSCRIPTION FEE ALREADY TACKED ON.

Thu Feb 20 2014 5:37AM Report
Babream writes: my best friend's step-sister makes $71 every hour on the internet . She has been fired from work for 8 months but last month her payment was $19514 just working on the internet for a few hours. over at this website,,,,,,,,,,


Thu Feb 20 2014 2:28PM Report
darkhalf357x writes:

why is this even an issue?  Too many of you push your opinion on others.  If YOU dont like it DONT buy it.  But by all means don't berate those who DO want to buy it.  You can't vouch for all situations and Blizzard wouldn't sell it if people wouldn't buy it so there is a market.

And when I say you, I mean the forum posters here in general.

I have a 90 and will boost another to 90 with the new exp.  Havent decided on class yet.

Thu Feb 20 2014 9:23PM Report
Kuviski writes: I don't really see how anyone could defend this feature. Its P2W and nothing else. More time spent equals more character power in World of Warcraft and character power is exactly what Blizzard is now selling for real money. It is in no way fair or a desirable feature and something I would never accept from a game I play. Fri Feb 21 2014 5:04AM Report
adalis writes:

OMG OMG, its an OPTION, it doesnt mean you HAVE to pay for it, jebus get a grip, play the game how you want, when you want, with whatever character you want, a LOT of games out there are now OFFERING the people OPTIONS to purchase end game characters, its a freaking OPTION......... not a life commitment, i know a lot of people with lvl 90 toons who have lvled them selves who cant even play the class.

Fri Feb 21 2014 12:26PM Report
alkarionlog writes:

so they finally cave and stoped lieing huh?


so ehre we know our game is boring, but since you still want to play here we will sell you a maxed char for 60 bucks,


wanna bet next will be hey pay 300 and you will have a fully geared char to play with.

Fri Feb 21 2014 1:47PM Report
Octagon7711 writes: Yep.  Just a game.  Play the way you want.  Sat Feb 22 2014 9:45PM Report
Jacobin writes:

This practice is already widely in use since people already use bots to level up characters then sell them for $100+.

Blizzard might as well cut out these people and take the profit for themselves since they can't stop them.

Tue Feb 25 2014 3:17PM Report writes:
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