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The staff of gets together to bring you some behind the scenes insights on stories, the industry and the site itself.

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ESO Press Reactions: Ouch!

Posted by MikeB Friday February 7 2014 at 9:15PM
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Going to do things a little differently today. While not a formal 'story of the day', the news of the day was really all the press reactions we've seen for the Elder Scrolls Online, and so far, it's not looking too hot. Bill and I talked about this briefly in the morning and it had me wondering if those of us in the press will end up killing this game before it even comes out.

I like Elder Scrolls Online, so far. I also liked Star Wars: The Old Republic, so maybe I'm just crazy, but I seem to like the games that everyone else loves to hate. Not on purpose, of course, it's just how it seems to be shaking out. It's not that I don't see any truth in the criticism I'm seeing for ESO coming out of the press, but I also think, like SWTOR, it's a bit overblown.

Just as it was with SWTOR, I feel a lot of this may have to do with expectations. Maybe I just set my expectations more appropriately, but I never expected ESO to be a better Elder Scrolls game than a singleplayer ES, the same way I never expected SWTOR to be a better KOTOR game. Compromises have to be made when you're trying to be true to your pedigree and also create an MMO at the same time. And with both games, it shows. But I also don't think these compromises make for as poor of an experience as some of the previews would lead you to think it is.

I'm getting this sense that ESO is going to be the press' punching bag over the next two months, even though games like Skyrim, which I enjoyed, but found flawed in comparison to Oblivion (which wasn't without flaws itself), were given rave reviews and exhibited many of the issues that ESO also has. Surprise, surprise, Elder Scrolls Online is an Elder Scrolls game and features many of the same issues that have plagued the series. I simply feel that these issues are being weighed disproportionally with the MMO when compared to how the singleplayer games were received in the press.

I don't think The Elder Scrolls Online is the best game ever, not by a long shot, but I can't help but get this feeling that people aren't giving it a proper chance. As Bill explained in his piece today, it seems to take a little bit of time to grab you, which if true, is definitely a failure on ZOS' part. The first hour, or heck, the first five minutes of gameplay in an MMO are crucial. Still, if you're playing this weekend and aren't really feeling it on the starter island, but you were hoping you'd like it, try giving it some more time to grow on you.

In any case, if this sentiment both from the press and fans carries on through launch, well, it's pretty easy to see where things will go. That box price and subscription fee weren't really doing ZOS any favors before and anything less than absolutely stellar is going to make what is already a very hard sell nigh impossible come launch.

Tokken writes: Interesting... looking forward to more press releases. Fri Feb 07 2014 9:44PM Report
logan400k writes: I personally think from a press stand point, ESO never really had a chance. And while I am really not trying to start a flame war, the vocal minority don't really like deep immersive games. They want 5 and 40 man Diablo and that is okay, but that is also not ESO. Fri Feb 07 2014 9:57PM Report
Vampero writes: It is what it is. I won't say anymore until the NDA is dropped. Then you will get a mouth full..8) Fri Feb 07 2014 10:06PM Report
SlyLoK writes:

Many people were/are telling them the tutorial had to be better.. It has improved but not enough.

Reading in game chat makes you wonder how people know how to launch PC games at all seeing the most simple things requiring questions. If things arent in a picture / clear as day or handed to certain people they have no idea what to do.

It is infuriating and is a big reason why MMOs are getting even more simple as time passes. You have non MMO gamers playing in a genre they do not understand or have the patience for and it is a sad thing.

Fri Feb 07 2014 10:46PM Report
mcrippins writes: I agree that it does take some time to hook you in, but if you give it a shot, it's not to bad. I've pretty much ignored all press releases except this one though. So i'm not entirely sure what problems other people are having with it.  Fri Feb 07 2014 10:49PM Report
discord235 writes: Personally I am liking the game. I preordered it and will pay the sub until I get bored, or until Wildstar comes out.  Fri Feb 07 2014 10:52PM Report
Volgore writes:

Trying to cut Zenimax' losses?

A game with a feature to be paid for before release on top of a hefty box price, sub and cash shop deserves to be burned by every reviewer that has somewhat of a gamer left in him/her.

Not to speak of their bold NDA policy and a level cap both obviously left in place to obscure the true state of the game.

Of course, then there are those websites on which for every negative point someone (rightfully) raises there appears a column, feature or article telling the readers "look, it's not so bad" this is the fifth(?) time this has happened regarding ESO on this website.

Fri Feb 07 2014 11:16PM Report
winter writes: Am with discord on this one. Will be buying and playing till either Wildstar proves to be better or the content runs out whichever comes first. Who knows maybe ZOs can keep up content release pace the Doomsayers will be wrong? Fri Feb 07 2014 11:21PM Report
Raventree writes: I think a lot of people are annoyed at the high box price plus subscription and cash shop.  That setup alone is making people sort of want to bash it, it seems. Fri Feb 07 2014 11:25PM Report
keithian writes: I think what will be interesting to see is if people ignore the press and enjoy it anyway. Its happened before with movies, some of which I thought were fantastic despite what the critics felt. If that happens here and the game actually prospers, I guess it will give you an indication of what people feel of the critics..or if anyone really cares at all. As a Skyrim and MMO fan, I see where it is all coming from, but when I compare it to the other available games, I don't see anything better. In fact, this is the first time in ages Im not playing any MMO. I will when this is released. Fri Feb 07 2014 11:26PM Report
handlewithcare writes: its 100% overpriced it should have been 40$ and 10$ sub.would have been fair,but locking a race and xp bonus behind a pay wall and you pay so mush-looks like a low budged skyrim.i give the game 8 out of 10 just for the game not including everything that's wrong with the business model. Fri Feb 07 2014 11:57PM Report
Yizle writes: Bad pricing model. Sub price and cash shop on top of that. And game just was bland and never got me excited once I got to play it. Well Skyrim is still installed. One day another good MMORPG will come out to play. Sat Feb 08 2014 1:04AM Report
Octagon7711 writes: From the reviews on Youtube it looks just like AoC.  I think the Devs are being very conservative and are taking very few chances.  But sales and marketing are going crazy because they have a designer label.  Looks like a repeat of SWTORs beginning. Sat Feb 08 2014 1:16AM Report
DeserttFoxx writes: People are tired of Debs riding hype waves. The game is call led elder scrolls but has none of the core features this game is going to be crucified and its only going to hurt the credibility of the genre Sat Feb 08 2014 1:47AM Report
Nemesis7884 writes:

i have read or watched 12 press reivews now and its kinda funny

the tes fans say, its too much mmo and not enough tes game while the mmo fans claim is too much teso and not enough mmo...its really kinda ridicoulos - a lot of the press review contradict each reporter says the quests are really great and tes like and then the next complains and says they are really boring and too much mmo like...same goes with the combat, the world, etc. etc. - for every press review i found that praises one apsect, i find a next one that thinks this aspect sucks...

it really seems to come down to this - tes games expect a 100% tes game and are disappointed, mmo players that dont really know tes expect it to be more MM and are disappointed...the game cant be both at the same time and needs to hit a healthy balance.....

I for my part like it...and i think if you enter the game without expecting a 100% tes game or a 100% mmo/wow game youre going to have a great time.

Sat Feb 08 2014 2:20AM Report
evilized writes:

For me, it comes down to what I would rather spend my time doing; play a game that might be enjoyable late on and might have a number of things to do endgame




play a game that will definitely hook me in right off the bat and definitely have a lot going for it endgame wise on all sorts of fronts


I would go with #2. The biggest problem ESO has is that there (at least as far as I have seen from reviews / etc) isn't anything really defining about the game. The combat looks stale, the voice acting has been done before, the phasing.. well... I won't even get into my thoughts on phasing in what is supposed to be a cohesive world.  What does ESO have that makes it stand out among its peers? I have yet to see anything, any tiny little thing that I can say "oh, cool, THAT's why this game will draw in players and hold people's interest for longer than the obligatory 2 months after launch.


There isn't really anything new or exciting about the game, it just kind of exists. Had they decided to make ESO a true TES game and add an online element (something similar to the freedoms you see / saw in UO and SWG) I think they might have had something truly unique but that just isn't the case. I am both disappointed and a bit angry at the fact that they chose the direction they did with the game, seemingly squandering any real chance at a breakout success or pushing the genre forward even an inch past where it has been since WoW pummeled its way to the top in 2005.


Is the game bad? It doesn't look like it, in fact it looks fairly well put together all things considered. I just see no niche that it can possibly fill, not even to hardcore TES fans due to the very way the game was put together. I think this is the problem many people have with the game, it lacks clear direction and purpose; much like the occupy wall street protests. It is there and it's doing things but in the end nobody is quite sure what or why.

Sat Feb 08 2014 2:25AM Report
Chaosspeeder writes:

Loving the beta so far. It is an elder scroll game and it has a dark and adult setting. But it needs some time, to grow on you. You couldn't play the game with rushing to endgame in mind. 


Sat Feb 08 2014 2:34AM Report
Lindreth writes: I fell in love with ESO during the last beta and loving it again this time, so I will pre-order and pay the sub regardless of the critics. Yes, the tutorial islands need some work but I think what I've read elsewhere about the game not working properly is unfair. It works fine. As others have said, you do need time to get into the game although I was hooked almost immediately. But then, I've always been a fan of the individual games so perhaps it is me that is biased. But there is definitely a huge potential for character development and I'm looking forward to April :) Sat Feb 08 2014 2:51AM Report
Matticus75 writes: As long as they don't dump the game, and keep on it like Bioware is doing with SWTOR, im happy, Some people show concern about the price of the game and that It requires a if to say that games moving to F2P is good?  $60 and $15 month is pretty normal, F2P you pay more to play a "normal game + sub only" in most cases; as opposed to playing a F2P and not paying at all, your just pretty much playing a demo. Sat Feb 08 2014 3:21AM Report
Paske writes:

I would agree it it wasnt for 60$ box.

But paying 60$ for a game that might be good in a month or so, but we cant know because of NDA and press can only comment to lvl 9, is not on my to do list.

Also the CE pi**es me off to no end.Paying premium price + sub and then not being able to access all races in the game, Im sorry but thats just icing on cake.

Still hoping the game will turn out to be good. So I can buy it and enjoy it despite bad press.

Sat Feb 08 2014 3:24AM Report
sirchive writes:

Remember the incredibly awesome start of Skyrim with the cart ride as a prisoner, the interaction between the characters, the appearance of the dragon, the destruction of the town and the escape through the underground passage?

Compared to that the start of ESO is bland, boring, derivative and dull  with instantly forgettable characters, no sense of interaction or excitement. It just felt cobbled together out of random standard MMO building blocks. And the character animations and spell effects look like they are from a 5 year old game.

Three people in my family tried ESO today and all felt that it offered absolutely nothing compelling. One will wait for Wildstar, one will keep playing WoW and one will stick with Skyrim.

So it's no surprise to me that the press are knocking it.

Sat Feb 08 2014 3:25AM Report
zellmer writes:

Oh, it's like playing a half assed Elder Scrolls game that isn't as expansive or has anywhere near as much work done.

Hoo ray!  We can finally talk about how half assed it is!


Sat Feb 08 2014 3:49AM Report
Marchosias31 writes:

I 'm really liking the game so far. And the CE has an EPIC statue..


that thing is truly badass....sign me up for the CE Physical

Sat Feb 08 2014 4:17AM Report
kosac writes: i know i know MMORPG.COM dosnt like it :)) Sat Feb 08 2014 5:29AM Report
Kinado writes:

The niche of this game HAS to be PVP since it's a MMO.

All the single player aspects of being in Tamriel with your buddies is cool but co-op games eventually have nothing more to offer and stop being fun.

I've read some people say that the massive scale pvp that is on TESO is epic. Kind of planetside 2 with swords and staves etc. If they manage to make that pvp meaningful so players have a deeper goal within it and a proper reward system, then the game found its Niche and will probably have my sub.


Sat Feb 08 2014 6:24AM Report
Fdzzaigl writes:

ESO has got a few serious issues, so the press reaction is not a surprise.

Imo, it should have been delayed.

Sat Feb 08 2014 6:26AM Report
fiontar writes:

Based on all I've read, it seems some serious mis-steps where made with this game's design, with plenty to be disappointed with, whether you are an MMO fan, or just a fan of TES franchise.

It certainly appears that TESO, if released as scheduled, may give FFXIV's first incarnation a run for it's money for most disappointing MMO release since WoW. However, I somehow doubt that Zenimax will fall on it's sword like SE did and go back into development to attempt to fix it.

BTW, if the press impressions are even close to correct, Zenimax couldn't have picked a worse business model for the product. It might have had a chance as a Buy to Play game, but the sub based model is going to discourage most who might see the games flaws and still want to give it a chance to just stay away. Not to mention all the TES fans who aren't typically MMO fans. How many are going to want to buy TESO and then pay $15/month, for a game that for that audience probably won't hold a candle to Skyrim.

It's a shame, as the game looks great from what I've seen and heard, but it won't matter how nice the graphics and the game world look if the game play sucks.

Sat Feb 08 2014 7:24AM Report
Koolywampus writes:

I have received 3 beta invites, but have yet to enter the game. Tech issues and a sever lack of support have made me disinterested. I did receive an answer to my issue from the second beta. It arrived yesterday, two days after the invite to the third beta. I have gotten several offers to pre-order the game. Why on earth would I pay for a game I can't play?


Sat Feb 08 2014 7:36AM Report
TheLizardbones writes: I would just like to point here: where I said that compromise in game mechanics is not always a good thing.  I stand by that statement.  Game developers do not make good compromises.  They need to pick one side or the other instead of half of both. Sat Feb 08 2014 7:51AM Report
Golelorn writes:

They've already set the tone for the game by charging for additional content on a B2P and sub based game.

Stand your ground, people. When you buy a game you shouldn't have to buy the "features", as well. This is not a one time thing. 

Sat Feb 08 2014 8:14AM Report
Stuka1000 writes:

Just spent awhile reading the reviews and I get the impression that firstly almost every reviewer tries to compare the game to Skyrim, which is an unfair comparison as Skyrim is a single player game.  Although I suppose coming from that IP it was inevitable.

Secondly; and one review in particular screams this, I get the feeling of "it isn't like WoW, it's too complicated which means it's dated".  Geez, thank fuck for that, another WoW we don't need.

One review even criticised the game because the chat channels were rarely used.  FFS there were only press there and they all had their own thing to do.  If you want to judge how busy the chat is wait until there are some players actually in the game.

Does make you wonder how many of these sites are pissed off with Zenimax because they don't have a huge ESO ad on their home page.

Sat Feb 08 2014 8:20AM Report
Alomar writes:

Lols, not being able to argue with all these press opinions while we're still under an NDA sucks. All I can say is an ES themed rvr (ava) game is all I care about.


 Listenning to all the crying about the explorers pack, these reviews, imperial edition, etc. is what feeds my pvp till launch, keep it up ya'll!

Sat Feb 08 2014 8:41AM Report
syriinx writes:

"i know i know MMORPG.COM dosnt like it :))"


What games does actually like?

Sat Feb 08 2014 8:50AM Report
Rockniss writes:

I agree that it feels like it's being killed before it even gets a chance. I have to say I'm not surprised though. 

If your an ES fan and your trying this game out because you like ES, your going to have your immersion broke by other players and the compromise of immersive elements because of the nature of mmorgp's.

If your playing because you're an mmorpg fan, then your probably wondering why there is so many single player aspects in your mmorpg. 

Either way you end up with a half assed experience.

It's like blending pickles and chocolate.

It's like shitting in a bowl of ice cream.

This is why I said a while back, they should not have used the ES name and should have created a new ip. There as you mentioned are "EXPECTATIONS" when you say ES and there are "EXPECTATIONS" when you say mmorpg.

It's like trying to put a glove on your foot.

Sat Feb 08 2014 9:12AM Report
Rockniss writes:

I should also mention....

It's like a butterfly flaps its wings and a tree falls down 5000 miles away and no one even knows about it.

Sat Feb 08 2014 9:14AM Report
amber-r writes:

I would say that it's simply a victim of the success of Skyrim.


It's being compared to that at every turn, which really isn't fair given the type of game.  They relented to fans want of working first person view which only makes this problem worse.

Sat Feb 08 2014 9:40AM Report
evilized writes:



They knew full-well going into development that they would be put up next to skyrim and judged since the game has "Elder Scrolls" written on the box, there really is no excuse for the way the game turned out other than lack of foresight and understanding of their potential customer / fan base.

Sat Feb 08 2014 10:27AM Report
Altera writes: Haha, I can't stay connected long enough to even form an opinion, let alone get off the starter island! No more than 5 minutes have I been able to play, over two beta weekends, I've never had to jump through so many hoops and mess about with so much to get a game to run, even in beta! It's clear this problem will never leave for me unless there is a change to my hardware and that's not going to happen... Sat Feb 08 2014 10:52AM Report
Mitara writes:

ESO isnt bad, it just doesnt offer anything new or unique.

It is a 2-month game, the very thing most developers should fear, but never seem to understand.

Sat Feb 08 2014 11:02AM Report
EugeneKDudley writes:

My personal opinions are under a very tight NDA right now. I feel people are sick of the same'O MMO's and no games coming are going to fix a jaded gamer with unrealistic expectations about the genre as a whole. Whats is needed is a game that creates a singularity similar to what Wow did in 2004 but on a level that combines all we loved and all we wanted and avoids all we have disliked about many MMO's and combines what is next gen. It would have to be something we have never seen for a MMO and it will have to be something special for sure.


Sat Feb 08 2014 11:03AM Report
CrimsonFalkon writes: My opinion is that the majority of those that are hating/bashing the game are those "instant gratification generation" gamers that like to get into games and hit level cap and end game in less then a week and have everything handed to them on a silver platter. TES games just are not like that if they are REALLY played and I don't expect this MMO version to be either and I am enjoying the game in beta as such and for what it is. I find it quite frustrating and down right disappointing that our MMO genre has to be turned into a care bear, hand everything to you, hold my hand style before it gets praise and positive attention. This really saddens me.  Sat Feb 08 2014 11:32AM Report
Uhwop writes:

Or maybe it really is just a mediocre mmo, and not a very good elder scrolls game?  

They didn't "have" to do a lot of the things they did just because "it's an mmo".   

I don't think they should get a pass just because "it's an mmo".   

Elder scrolls has always been build in freedom, not really depth.  

Sat Feb 08 2014 11:54AM Report
primetheus writes:

ive seen the idiot nda breechers vids and all i can say is there pc's must suck donkey nuts because this game is easily the most graphicly advanced mmo out there i run max settings and its gorgeous.

i also play GW2 and TSW which both are pretty decent graphics wise but ESO is a notch obove them both cant say too much more as im enjoying my beta and dont want to lose it but the best thing i can say if your on the fence wait till the nda is lifted before you make your mind up.

just rem the people who love the game CANT comment too much so there voices are pretty much unheard 90% of all the voices either havent played it yet or didnt care about it in the first place just wait The truth is out there :)

Sat Feb 08 2014 11:57AM Report
TerboNurd writes: ESO is one of the greatest games I've ever played. Finally, and MMO that draws me into the world and makes me care about what I'm actually doing. Sat Feb 08 2014 12:45PM Report
clerosm writes: Tried the beta twice and couldn't even get interested enough to play the full weekend on both occasions.. Sat Feb 08 2014 1:00PM Report
DigitallyEndowed writes:

Absolutely loving the game so far! Annual income in my household is around 6k a year and I can afford it perfectly fine so not sure what on earth people are going on about there...maybe a sense of entitlement brought about by the free to play era.


I think it's a damn shame that some people are being taken in by the very poor first impressions floating around out there; half the ones I have read are basically glorified forums rants from people with noo apparent journalistic capabilities. (That doesn't go to say that every preview is garbage; the one on this site is pretty solid for example.)

But anyways, here's to a deep and immersive mmoRPG! Very excited for launch!

Sat Feb 08 2014 2:04PM Report
Nhoj1983 writes: Agreed... Zenimax seriously needs to drop the NDA so as to allow a more even and open discussion. Sat Feb 08 2014 2:07PM Report
lordtwisted writes:

Haters are going to hate....


 The rest of us just need to learn to enjoy what we enjoy and stop careing what other people think about the games we play, or the movies we watch. It seems to me that we give reviewers way to much control on what we buy. 


 It used to be a there were a few respected critics in the field and you could take what the say with a grain of salt since it is mostly opinion. The good critics however were capable of being unbiased and give neutral reviews, then you base your purchases around those facts. 

Sat Feb 08 2014 2:51PM Report
Axxar writes: It's no wonder they're disappointed in an Elder Scrolls MMO if it falls short of excpectations in both regards. Sat Feb 08 2014 3:49PM Report
Gravarg writes: I chalk it upto haters gonna hate.  You aren't going to please everyone, and those who don't like something will be 100x as vocal about it when compared to those who do like something.  I feel that Bill and Mike got it right though, just imho. Sat Feb 08 2014 3:56PM Report
Rockniss writes: Keep the NDA up, let the law abidding honest folks have thier hay day in about a week, that will give them plenty of time to create an all out assualt of a rebuttle, and for folks like us to go " it can't be that bad, can it?" Sat Feb 08 2014 4:52PM Report
Ravensworth writes:

I think you can and have caused MMO's to fail. The reason this pisses me off is you or a group of you are not the gaming community. You a press reps. You want certain things but people read what you say as if it has more weight than someone who just Blogs about it. 

You shouldn't have any more influence than that but you do because you are a commercialized site that people look to for news and reviews. Sadly you do many bad reviews. But you don't stand up and scream about obviously exploitive MMO's that advertise here. Not saying everyone that advertises gets a pass because that isn't true. But the fact that some do make me question your journalistic integrity. See that's the point. You are'nt a real journalist your a gamer with an outlet.

What's the answer? I don't know. But I do think you should do more Polls and fan feedback or guest columns on MMO's that have huge IP's before you slam them. The expectations are ridiculously high especially for a game like ESO that has no where near the budget of a WOW. They also are in BETA. One thing that may change is some of the Bads Mr. WIlliam Murphy esquire pointed out. But it you trash a game in Beta you are contributing to it's demise. News just because people want it does not make everything newsworthy. Concentrate on what they get right until after Beta.


Sat Feb 08 2014 5:35PM Report
evilized writes:



wow cost $63 million to make initially (in today's dollars)

ESO has an estimated budget of over $200 million


no where near the budget...? also, beta... yeah... how many weeks before launch? they have almost certainly already been printing hard copies of the game to ship to stores. what you see in this press review is what you will get. If the press trashes the game after zenimax OPENED THE GAME UP FOR REVIEW TO THE PRESS then that is their own fault, there's literally nobody else to blame.

Sat Feb 08 2014 7:42PM Report
ArChWind writes:

In my opinion Oblivion and Skyrim would have died early if it were not for the mods. Yes they had lots of issues but the mod community fixed a lot of them.

Here you have a non-modable game so ...

Sat Feb 08 2014 11:05PM Report
BMBender writes: Tbh I was more or less expecting an "interesting times" run-up to launch.  Trying to mix and match genres/sub genres, and play-styles has worked soooo well for mmo's to-date.  It's shocking it's getting mixed reception I know. Sat Feb 08 2014 11:09PM Report
Maquiame writes: The game is boring and bland as hell Sun Feb 09 2014 3:00AM Report
Matticus75 writes:

With todays tech for developers, more people having high end systems, more people on Broadband, and more people that have all of that, as opposed to 2004 (10 years ago!) 200 mil dollar budget, and its getting lackluster/subpar reviews

Frankly no excuse......Think about how many starting zones that WoW had and as well as the amount of starting content, granted it was not voiced over, but it you still didn't have a loading screen to zone to another area either....10 years later and WTF is this crap?

Sun Feb 09 2014 4:14AM Report
dimmit77 writes:

We addressed the problems with the game like 2 years ago. It will definetely sell a lot of boxes and then sink like the titanic.

We are at a point in time where companies think that making a solo game and giving it multiplayer access can justify charging 15$ a month. 


Sun Feb 09 2014 5:42AM Report
Aldous.Huxley writes:

I think it's all just part of the perpetual cycle of hate we're seeing with all mmos. The comminuty gets a bit more toxic with every release. Now even the "press" who are mostly a bunch of bias turds in their own right are just as jaded as the players. With the single player ES games to compare it against, this thing doesn't stand a chance in the public forum. Funny thing is that there are many sheeple that will read these shallow reviews that only touch on the surface of the game & avoid the game or walk into it with all the minor flaws still fresh in their little spongy heads, ready to pounce with hate at the first sign of any minor defect.

Having said all that, this game will do fine. The majority will remain silent, as usual, & play the game because it's fun & deep, just like my love. The sky is not falling, hate does not win, but the cycle of life will continue. Build something up just to tear it down. It's what we do. We all know what hate leads too...

Sun Feb 09 2014 6:44AM Report
zellmer writes:

It doesn't help when ESO's defenders basically sum up to:

"Haters are just hating"

"I wub skyrim, so I love ESO!!"

"Shut up, it's a beta....even though ti's not going to expand/improve upon the current product much by actual release..."

etc., etc.


Sun Feb 09 2014 2:27PM Report
Rinna writes:

I went into the ESO beta with low expectations because I really don't like Skyrim or Oblivion.  I expected to not like the game and I actually really enjoyed myself.

I preordered and I'm not an Elder Scrolls fan.  I'm looking forward to playing ESO!

Mon Feb 17 2014 4:00AM Report
Talinthis writes:

i went into ESO because i am smart knowing things cant be done the same way as in skyrim or oblivion etc simply because of the mmo aspect.


the quests are very interesting and the characters are quite funny if you are clever enough to take out the subtle hints they throw at you. this is the only mmo that has made me laugh out loud from the npc's in game.


everyone i know was expecting skyrim on steroids and now want nothing to do with it. well MMO's were never their thing to begin with so it wasnt surprising. i enjoy them, and i was pleasantly surprised by the offerings.

Mon Feb 17 2014 5:00PM Report
Talinthis writes: also most people i know skip all text and dialogue.. no wonder they get bored Mon Feb 17 2014 5:02PM Report writes:
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