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A Weekend of TERA - What Say You?

Posted by BillMurphy Monday February 13 2012 at 1:35PM
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So the first western Beta Preview Weekend of TERA has come and gone.  Our own Hillary "Pokket" Nicole streamed a great deal of her playtime last night (and sick no less!).  You can see a highlight from that session HERE.  

I've played the game myself at a few shows, but those are always during very tightly controlled press demos where we're playing within the confines of a dungeon and not out in the game world proper.  This past weekend was largely the first time a lot of us got to see what the real game will play like, and franky... I'm a little suprised and then not.  

I love the look of this game, and from my short amounts of time with it, I love the combat as well.  It plays wonderfully with both a mouse and KB or an Xbox Controller.  I'm not keen on the Asian-influenced art, but I can get over that if the game's able to grab a hold of me with its systems.  That's where this beta weekend and all of the streams left me hanging.

Because while we got to see players play up to level 22, fight BAMs (Big-Ass Monsters) and test out crafting... we didn't get to see much in the way of PVP, the political system, or dungeons and raids.  We saw some very standard questing, a lot of "collect this, kill that", and static towns with NPCs galore.  In short, aside from beautiful visuals and fantastic looking combat... there doesn't seem to be much new here.

But then, we've not really seen the politics and how they impact players, and we haven't seen the supposedly ambitious server vs. server PVP either.  I'm reserving judgment until I get in to play, or trying to. But in the year of games that try to be different and unique butterflies (TSW, GW2) is TERA going to wind up feeling a little dated?

But damn is that combat looking sexy.

What say you all?  Did you play this weekend, and if so what are your thoughts?

Radar11x writes:

Cool combat, but that is all.

Mon Feb 13 2012 1:45PM Report
Thorbrand writes:

Just the same as any other themepark MMO. Canceled my pre-order and my sub. I really thought this game would be more challenging and hardcore than what it is.

Mon Feb 13 2012 1:51PM Report
Coldices writes:

Level 22 isn't enough to know what the game is about. I think its not fully themepark because of the political and pvp system.I will wait and see how that is before I tell if I like it or not

Mon Feb 13 2012 1:57PM Report
Arquiteto writes:

I thought it was great. New exciting combat and very polished. There was only 1 bug I had to report the entire weekend. As of right now I plan on subbing on release.

Mon Feb 13 2012 2:25PM Report
Merex760 writes:

The combat in Tera isn't anything new. DC Universe Online and Dragon's Nest are two games that have combat similar to Tera. The questing in Tera is terrible.

I have some issues with the questing in The Old Republic, but i'll take the questing in that over Tera anyday. I watched Pokket's stream and the first dungeon looked pretty mediocre. It had design aesthetics similar to that of Everquest 2, A couple decent boss fights, but nothing more.

Mon Feb 13 2012 2:26PM Report
fiontar writes:

I agree with your summary. Not much new here, pretty formulaic, with the only twists the combat and the fact that the formula they have followed is a combination of Western and Eastern MMO standards.

The game looks good. The game zones are pretty huge.

I'm on the fence on this one. If it was Buy to Play, or was priced below market, I'd almost certainly purchase it at this point, but with GW2 and some other innovative titles due this year, I'm not sure I'm ready to sink $60 into a title I may only play for a month, or less.

I plan on continuing with the betas, though, to see if my interest grows, or sputters out, as we head towards release. My pre-order is through Amazon, so I can cancel before launch and not get billed for anything. I definitely would not lock my self in by pre-purchasing direct from En Masse at this point.

In summary, nice combat, very formulaic, melding of Eastern and Western MMO design; makes more of the defacto formula than most titles in the last few years, but it's still a stale formula.

Mon Feb 13 2012 2:30PM Report
Paragus1 writes:

I give them props for trying something new with the combat, but if the rest of the game is as generic as what is seen in beta, I don't think it will be enough to warrant taking the leap for me.

Mon Feb 13 2012 3:30PM Report
Wraithone writes:

From what I've seen, it looks like fun. Those who want something "new" should realize that "new" has many down side risks, and thats not going to happen when these games cost millions and millions (of other peoples) money to produce.   All I'm looking for is an entertaining game. 

Mon Feb 13 2012 4:22PM Report
nycplayboy78 writes:

OMFG!!!! Telling a unicorn...It's a horse why can't it run??!!

Mon Feb 13 2012 4:51PM Report
solarine writes:

To me, it was quite underwhelming.

The gameworld itself felt too generic, and though I did read the quest text, it did not really do a good job of giving satisfying context.

The graphics may be good on a technical level, but everything felt a bit too plastic to me. Looking around things did look "pretty" but strangely not enveloping or immersive.

I really do not like invisible walls, and this game does have them. Sometimes you come across a slope where you want to just run down, but you hit an invisible wall and have to walk around to find a suitable "point of entry". Similarly the game will not let you fall down from a precipice here and there, making you hit an invisible wall.

Also, you can't go up most slopes, the incline usually stops you after like two steps. Stuff like these may not be a big deal in terms of general gameplay, but it does ruin the feeling of the world for me. 

If I did like the combat, maybe I could ignore all this and just get lost in the encounters themselves. Alas, the combat did not feel fluid to me at all. The ability to dodge is very nice, but the movement itself and the swings felt just too slow for me. Oddly, in many of your standard fare tab-target games, the movement feels better and more rewarding. Even something basic like circle-strafing felt clunky, even a bit claustrophobic with all the rooted-swings. So the novelty just wore off after a few hours.

All in all, what looked like a fun game on paper did not really feel so when I tried it hands-on. There are more CB weekends to come, I'll log in and give it a few more tries, but reasons for my discontent with the game honestly are not made up of stuff that usually goes away during beta. 

Mon Feb 13 2012 5:48PM Report
Sutex writes:

From other vids i have watched it has looked boring, this streaming video does not change my view. Thanks for the video!

Mon Feb 13 2012 5:54PM Report
TribbleHuntr writes:

I got into this game..  big time!! The action was overpowering... like watching Hillary "Pokket" Nicole,  walk next to that horse for 15 minuts from point A to point  B to finish her quest....                    THAT  WAS  F*ING  EPIC!!! 

If this is the best they have, Ill pass!

Tue Feb 14 2012 12:01AM Report
kiiix writes:

Cant wait for this to release!

Tue Feb 14 2012 3:37AM Report
Vesavius writes:

I agree, very standard quest chains and a very standard in design (though beauftifully rendered) Korean high fantasy world (which I actually really like though).

But... the combat

The people who like this; Korean high fantasy fans, folks looking for a fresh and fun combat system, folks that prefer a more player influenced game on every level (from combat to the political system), those with a sense of humour and a decent willing suspension of disbelief, those that loved the concepts (if not the implementation) of games such as Aion and L2, those with an open mind.

People who won't like this; Folks who hate the korean high fantasy style, those who demand gritty historical reality in their fantasy games, those that hate questing, those that are looking for a 'pure' sandbox, those that cba to read quest text, those who are convinced that every Korean MMORPG 'sucks' but DLed it anyhow so they can bitch.

Tue Feb 14 2012 3:55AM Report
Vesavius writes:

lol was going to write 'but... the combat simply elevates the standard into something pretty special for me'.

Pressed enter too soon ><

I can't wait to play the next few betas and see how the rest of the game shapes up.

So far so good though IMO.

Tue Feb 14 2012 3:57AM Report
evilastro writes:

To people complaining about invisible walls, you obviously never made it past the newbie island, because thats where they end. The only thing awaiting you past that invisible line was death anyway.

Also combat speeds up a lot later on.

Tue Feb 14 2012 7:24AM Report
Zarriya writes:

I absolutely loved it.  For all the money that was put into SWTOR, it think this will keep me entertained just as long - until endgame is complete.  I hope it will hold my interest more, but we shall see if it has the content to do so.  I played other games for years and I know the community is really looking for another MMO to call home. 

I like how there is only one faction this time, I wish there were more starting zones, and a less linear questing path.  The ability to make your character truly yours is something I have only experienced in Aion.  This game is beautiful, polished and I love the combat system and as of level 22 there are absolutely no huge negatives for me.

Tue Feb 14 2012 7:41AM Report
Akais writes:

Kinda waiting on Blade and Soul for my Asian influenced action MMO gameplay.

It's a good looking game though... 

The only thing that concerns me about this game is that it looks so similar to Aion to me and I would expect that game to be F2P in the next 12 months.

Tue Feb 14 2012 9:24AM Report
resultgaming writes:

For a early beta, it presented well with few bugs to the Slayer class. I love reading people canceling their pre-orders already. Over half of the game hasnt been released for testing so yeah its going to be barron on substance and basing a game on a 3 day window kinda makes me smile. If only I had that type of attitude back in 2004 when I beta tested Patch 0.6 for Warcraft... Would of saved be a couple grand in xfers/subscriptions.


If your a smart person this beta should give you the basics of the game and show you how the combat system works. Other beta's will outline the more grander items that everyones drooling over. 


Tue Feb 14 2012 1:06PM Report
Eir_S writes:

People will do what they want with their pre-orders.  Personally, the more I read about this game, the more I wonder why I was ever looking forward to it almost as much as GW2.  Without having played it, I can't say for sure, but the concept of a basic collect 'n kill quest system makes me want to sob after all the shit I've played.

Tue Feb 14 2012 8:25PM Report
red_cruiser writes:

I'll probably play this game for a little bit but TSW and Wildstar are the two games I'm most excited about... evenmoreso than Guild Wars 2. 

Tue Feb 14 2012 11:05PM Report
Maelkor writes:

Hmm the only thing I really need to hear was people at level 22 during a single beta weekend. Think I will pass on this one. If the content is so bland they only want us to spend a few minutes on any particular piece why have it at all?

Sat Feb 18 2012 3:18AM Report
Thane writes:

just another korean grinder ^^ not interested

Mon Feb 20 2012 4:08AM Report writes:
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