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Sigh... I'm playing CityVille

Posted by BillMurphy Tuesday February 22 2011 at 1:14PM
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I don't know why.  I don't know what made me click on the invitation.  But I just started playing Zynga's latest "watch plants grow" game, CityVille.  I will freely admit that my wife and I used to play FarmVille like so many other poor addicted saps.  But I quit that habit.  I shook it and never looked back.  We both did. 

Zynga's games have a reputation for being mindless, requiring little actual thinking or skill, and also for gouging your wallet when you want to progress beyond your tiny little farm/city/frontier.  I would normally say that this is all true, except now that I'm playing CityVille I find myself actually enjoying it.

It's not a title that's going to replace any of my normal games of choice.  But I would actually say that with CityVille (and even FrontierVille if you've played it), Zynga's actually finally in the business of making real games.  Do they still try to make you spend your hard-earned money on different colored theme decorations, or energy so you can play more than five minutes at a time?  Yes.  But you never really will find yourself needing to spend any money, and the building and maintenance of my city is perfect for killing a few minutes at work or at home when all I want is to kill just a wee bit of time.

Building your city is still just "harvesting" and managing materials like your goods and your funds.  But it's also networking with other players/friends, and franchising businesses out to their city.  The goal is simple: make your city as massive and as happy as possible.  You will do some farming, which supplies goods to your businesses.  You'll collect rent/taxes from your residents, and you'll keep your businesses supplied and your city pretty (which increases your payouts). 

SimCity it is not.  But as a casual game on Facebook, it's startlingly appealing.  In fact, I think it's time I start filtering through Facebook's many games to see if there are some other quality (and perhaps more "core") strategy games out there.

scragcat writes:

try Backyard Monsters..i couldn't get into it but its not bad really

Tue Feb 22 2011 2:18PM Report
semajin writes:

Please don't write about garbage like this on again, there is ZERO reason to regale us all with how truly disconnected from the average site visitor you've become.

Tue Feb 22 2011 3:16PM Report
Kenaoshi writes:

son, im dissapoint.

sir, your helping killing gaming :/

Tue Feb 22 2011 3:29PM Report
Tiller writes:

At first I was like meh, zynga FB game. I've had this thing against farmville and all of their other games, even though I've tried most of them at least once. Then I went to check it out and now I kinda like it.

Sure it's not some deep imersive game, i it was never meant to be and if it was you could never get way with playing it at work. These games were never really meant to be the best games on the planet, just something to waste short bursts of time with, share with your friends and family and something they make money on. No harm in that I suppose.

Tue Feb 22 2011 3:37PM Report
Acebets70 writes:

Umm take FB games and Guild Wars, FPS games out of here please !!!

Tue Feb 22 2011 3:51PM Report
Corthala writes:

I play CV and Mafia Wars! That doesn't make me or Bill lesser players.

Tue Feb 22 2011 4:03PM Report
Tiller writes:

@ Acebets70,,,,,,it's a staff blog not a news article.

Tue Feb 22 2011 4:03PM Report
joeri123 writes:

Yes your enjoying it but I'm quite sure it will feel like a job soon enough, just like farmville was. God I'm happy I burned my farm after level 10 or so...

Tue Feb 22 2011 4:36PM Report
anointedswor writes:

I think this post shows a lack of talent within the gaming world (Devs, programming,etc...) I say, stop playing games and start making them. To be honest, if it was not for Blizzard, our future looks dim...

Tue Feb 22 2011 5:42PM Report
BillMurphy writes:

@Semajin: It's my personal blog.  Just because I tried the game, doesn't mean you have to.  Relax.

Tue Feb 22 2011 6:19PM Report
Miles-Prower writes:

Cityville is actually quite addicting. Has all the fun of Simcity, without the boring need to min/max everything.


~Miles "Tails" Prower out! Catch me if you can!

Tue Feb 22 2011 6:59PM Report
Danubus writes:

Best Facebook game is Legacy of a Thousand Suns. Sci fi meets Castle Age. Good game with a really good dev team that actually listens to it's customers.

Tue Feb 22 2011 8:00PM Report
sugamari writes:

The danger of using facebook  far outweighs any minute pleasure you might get from  playing  their lame games.  Quit  facebook now. Read  my post called  Acounterpost Now!

Tue Feb 22 2011 8:08PM Report
semajin writes:

@BillMurphy I'm just questioning the validity (and sanity) of posting a personal blog entry on this website about a game that has no place here, regardless of its importance to you.

Tue Feb 22 2011 9:10PM Report
fjcastel writes:

Talking bout Cityville in MMoRPG is the same as Syfy chanel showing smackdown wrestling... i would never understand the logic to it

Tue Feb 22 2011 9:11PM Report
Himshim writes:

ugh..... facebook games. *cocks gun and points at head*


I played Restaurant City for so long.... 

Tue Feb 22 2011 9:44PM Report
kb4blu writes:

Turn away from the Darkside !!!

Tue Feb 22 2011 9:54PM Report
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Tue Feb 22 2011 10:35PM Report
maplestone writes:

With the "be evil" reputation Zynga has built up, I wouldn't touch their games with a 10-foot pole.

Tue Feb 22 2011 10:36PM Report
Evasia writes:

I must agree with semajin's reply i realy dont see why your failor should be discussed here?

But i think its a plan to check if enough visitors also play these mindless garbage so you can even cover more garbage games on this site.

Well its your loss playing such craptastic games that even cant be call games.

Wider your audiance this way is rather patheticby hoping more play these little games,

Wed Feb 23 2011 1:07AM Report
EricTheO writes:

Where is my block this app for this article? I block all apps on facebook. I didn't join Facebook to see what my friends are doing in games or hugs and other useless time wasters. I played Mafia Wars for a while and got tired of the time sink it is and the constant reminders for micropayment upgrades. You can keep your "Social" games. They are not much different then what cell phone providers do in that they nickel and dime you to death. All the while you blissfully smile and say isn't this cool and tell your friends all about your new sawed off shotgun upgrade.

Wed Feb 23 2011 2:34AM Report
shantideva writes:

Wonder how much he got from Zynga for writing that piece of garbage?

Wed Feb 23 2011 5:35AM Report
BillMurphy writes:

Wow... tinfoil hats much folks? 

Wed Feb 23 2011 6:41AM Report
kogigi writes:

Eh'... If someone wants to play these games let them play. You guys need to remember, all developers have to start somewhere, not everything is going to be as good as a multi-million dollar project from a big name company. If people can put a game out there, and be making money, its just as much of a game as anything else out there, and people will pay for just about anything to be the "best" whether its as little as a facebook game or a monthly fee with days logged in at a time wasting your life away. Not all games appeal to everyone, but for those who they appeal to, let them deal with it, no one is making anyone like them.

Remember, MMORPG is here to let you know what games are out there, to give you feedback, and its your choice to play any one of these games on here, or to just ignore them and go with the already known companies who are good. No develepors are going to find gold over night I guess you could say, they need feedback, criticism, and opinions to help improve games, and so they have a better idea on what people like.

So while everyone is talking down about Zynga games, just remember, while your all complaining about how poor they are compared to name companies such as Blizzard, they are still making money off their games, while you are sitting around and just playing them. If you guys want to see better games, make your own, without some RPG maker, and see the comments and criticism you get, lets really see who is going to be the next big game developer, instead of bashing companies who weren't going for the glory to begin with..

Wed Feb 23 2011 7:57AM Report
erictlewis writes:

I can only hope that the entire article was satire at best.  Otherwise, I just a sad day.

Wed Feb 23 2011 7:57AM Report
BillMurphy writes: Nope, not satire. I am playing it, and I am oddly enjoying it. It's cute, charming, and a good way to waste five minutes at work. I didn't say it was "teh best thing evar!1!", I just said that as far as Zynga game's go it's actually pretty decent. Disagree if you'd like. But this is just a personal blog, and the last line is what I think is most important: "In fact, I think it's time I start filtering through Facebook's many games to see if there are some other quality (and perhaps more "core") strategy games out there." With Civilization making a Facebook leap, I'm inclined to believe there must be SOME decent Facebook games out there. Wed Feb 23 2011 8:40AM Report writes:
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