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Posted by garrett Monday February 14 2011 at 2:23PM
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This weekend I had the chance to play Darkspore in Beta. For anyone who is a fan of action RPGs Darkspore has a number of core factors that you will love. It also offers PvP and insane levels of customization on your squads. It also has a great story and game play similar to Diablo and Torchlight.
In a nutshell the game has many elements that MMOs should heavily factor in before they launch.
For me, Darkspore is a game that spans playerbases. Now, hear me out on this. I played the game with my son who is just about old enough to get into video games. He plays Torchlight and some of the Ipad games, but nothing too indepth yet. Darkspore was a great game for him to try because it dealt with monsters, DNA, mutations, and space. What kid now-a-days doesn’t like those topics. The game play was managable for him and he mastered moving and fighting very quickly.
That is not to say the game is easy by any means. It is one of those, easy to play difficult to master titles. In playing through the campaign mode the environments are awesome ranging from destroyed planets held together by shield style technology to amazing colorful worlds full of life. Either way there was a lot to see on the environments created.
The story line is interesting and covered a unique look at the future with genetic enhancements. One thing about the game that I really like is no humans. Every monster created by players has great abilities and lots of customization. Sure the classes and styles of play exist in the squads you choose, but overall there is a lot of room to be creative.
Choosing three heroes for each mission is great too. It allows you to pick and choose from your stable of heroes and bring the skills you might need for certain worlds. In many ways this was great for kids who like the variety in what they play and are able to switch between heroes with no penalty. If one of your hero’s starts to lose health you can swtich to another and continue the fight, a great option for getting out of tough spots, or to just have fun with.
I am a big fan of Wizard 101, a game that on the surface looks like it is for kids. Once I played the game there was a lot of elements that appealed to hardcore players. I know many older players who join Wizard 101 with their kids and get sucked into the game play and world, as if it was a normal grown up MMO.
Darkspore is much darker than Wizard 101 in terms of story and graphics. Yet it is a great game for kids who want to learn about genetics, science, and maintain an action genre feel. It also appeals to hardcore players who love to explore new worlds and create new characters. I think Darkspore is a great game that will span both the casual and hardcore gamer audience. If you are a gamer dad or mom, this is a perfect game to play with your children.
Unfortunately we did not enter the PvP area of the game, this is I think were you will get much more competative play. When it becomes available in beta we will definitely check it out. For now, definitely look for Darkspore when it comes out as a game for both hadrcore and casual players. If you are a parent looking for a game this will definitely appeal to both you and your children.
Feydaway writes: I played this weekend. Could have sworn I signed an NDA... Mon Feb 14 2011 4:34PM Report
GozerTC writes:

Sounds a bit like a dark Pokemon.  Not that that's a bad thing. :p 

Mon Feb 14 2011 4:48PM Report
chriswsm writes:

Sounds fair enough but Feydaway is correct usually there is an NDA that would warrant one heck of a slap for printing something like this.   I hope you had permission or did not use a username that you have also used on MMORPG

Mon Feb 14 2011 4:55PM Report
Jalitan writes:

I agree with the article mostly. It is a great game for younger gamers. I do not think the more mature or hardcore gamer will get a lot of life out of this title.

The game is well done and will be a smash with its target audience.

Mon Feb 14 2011 5:00PM Report
jakojako writes:

 "It also has a great story and game play similar to Diablo and Torchlight."


Yeah, Torchlight has a GREAT story 

Mon Feb 14 2011 5:05PM Report
Rymos writes:

UHHHHG I tried to signup to participate in the beta and the friggin page kept crashing! I never got to play :(

Mon Feb 14 2011 5:14PM Report
VaultFairy writes:

I actually like the look of this game, can't wait to play this.

Mon Feb 14 2011 5:43PM Report
garrett writes:

Press embargo lifted this morning.

Mon Feb 14 2011 6:16PM Report
brycelynn2 writes:

played it!


must have it back!

I read in the beta forums where people were actually complaining about the graphics. I thought they were awesome especially for the type of game this is meant to be. There was wonderful detail in every environment and in your customization of heroes. I am really looking forward to further phases of this titile!

Mon Feb 14 2011 7:26PM Report
Czelaw writes:

Its truely a fun game smooth as silk a must have

Mon Feb 14 2011 7:32PM Report
Stormwatch writes:

“In a nutshell the game has many elements that MMOs should heavily factor in before they launch.”

You throw this out at the beginning of the article but you aren't making clear what these things are, care to elaborate?

Mon Feb 14 2011 7:41PM Report
spookydom writes:

Once Darkspore turned me into a newt.........I got better!

Mon Feb 14 2011 9:18PM Report
whilan writes:

Other then customization of the characters, i see nothing in that game i would want in my MMORPG, that current MMOs don't already have.  Thats probably me though.

On that count, the way the models worked in spore, i can see that being a problem.  Last thing i'd want to see is someones hand meld with their body and then when they raise their hand, part of their body comes with it.  yes this did happen in spore and it freaked me out.


As for the game itself? looks good, not my style though.  Good for a run through i suppose when i run out of other things.

Mon Feb 14 2011 9:51PM Report
Senadina writes:

Been looking forward to this game for a quick fix until Diablo 3 and Torchlight 2. It's Spore/Diablo, sounds great. And the sci/fi setting should be a nice change from the fantasy of the other 2 games. Not to mention the customization is a nice selling point too.

Mon Feb 14 2011 11:12PM Report
scabbedangel writes:

Does the "Warriors Orochi" style of character swapping bother anyone else?

It's the one aspect that is keeping me from taking this game seriously.  For me, plays havoc with continuity, and severely hampers any feeling of immersion.

Unless ofcourse, they are all related to Shang Tsung. 

Tue Feb 15 2011 8:24AM Report
axylfyre writes:

Signed up and waiting to be called to play :D

Tue Feb 15 2011 1:02PM Report
maplestone writes:

This article has a little too much of a glossy everything-is-a-miracle infomercial vibe for my tastes.

Tue Feb 15 2011 11:29PM Report
bartoni33 writes:

I just got a Closed Beta invite for this game from EA. I signed up for it sight unseen. I didn't realise it was kid-oriented. Oh well I'll try it out if I get in. I'm already Beta-ing Rift (yawn), Xsyon (Lunesta-like) and Miner Wars (OK).

Thu Feb 17 2011 12:08AM Report
jeddak writes:

After the let down  from spore I doubt I will ever go down any spore road in the future. Good luck to to all though and I hope for the best.

Tue Mar 01 2011 5:33PM Report writes:
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