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Flu Season = Gaming!

Posted by BillMurphy Tuesday February 1 2011 at 6:38PM
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My wife currently lies in a Nyquil induced coma, speaking of weird things like how her left eye is telling the right what to do and that she wants a fudge sundae - but with strawberry and nuts.  It's the flu.  Not a dangerous one, and one I shouldn't be scoffing at as I'm sure I'm bound to contract it myself.  But there are wonders to the powers of the flu.

Am I evil if I say it's only redeeming quality is that I have guilt-free time to play Dead Space 2 and DCUO without feeling like I'm ignoring my betrothed?  Is it sick that I almost want to get sick so that I can batten down the hatches with DayQuil and go on a gaming bender?

As a major snow and ice storm sweeps the midwest and my fair state of Ohio, I'm reminded that while winter's cold can be an utter mood-killer it also usually means I get a lot of reading done, a lot of movies watched and hopefully a lot of gaming. 

I'm an eternal optimist.  I can't help it.  When people complain about being struck with a cold, strep, or sinus infection, etc. I'm the first guy to tell them that it could be worse and at least they get some time off from work to watch Maury Povich.  So here's to the winter weather, the flu it brings, and the realization that even a nasty bug can't keep you entirely down.

spookydom writes:

Day off due to mild illness = Game day. If not your not a motivated enough gamer:) On the flip side I remeber contracting made up man flu and took a few days off to play Kotor when I first bought it.

Tue Feb 01 2011 6:58PM Report
Wrayeth writes:

I've had a flu shot, so it's unlikely that I'll be getting it.  That's bad in that I won't have guilt-free time off from work, but it's good in that I won't rack up another occurrence and get that one step closer to being fired from my job.

Wed Feb 02 2011 2:03AM Report
Terranah writes:

I got my flu shot too.  Still, it's not perfect and you could always catch a strain your not vaccinated against.


But when i get sick I play video games alot.  I had pneumonia once for a month and a half.  Thought I was gonna die, but GTA4 multiplayer kept me going even when I was coughing up blood and chunks of green stuff.  I could almost forget I was sick when I was playing...

Wed Feb 02 2011 2:06AM Report
DarkPony writes:

Gah, Terranah, that's hardcore :P

On my fourth day of fever in a row myself. Up to 40 degrees celsius even until yesterday, so pretty heavy. Coughing my lungs out and I don't feel like doing anything except from occasional forum patrolling V_V

Wed Feb 02 2011 2:42AM Report
Vazert writes:

lets not forget the agro that happens later to make up for the agro you missed. in the end it all balances out lol

Wed Feb 02 2011 6:35AM Report
DeeK3 writes:

Sucks. I rarely get the flu but when I get sick its from mild-severe migraines where I cant even manage to look at a tv let alone focus on a hd monitor =( So usually im doped up on as much sleep medicine as I can so I can get through it.

Wed Feb 02 2011 6:37AM Report
pixeldogmeat writes:

if you're good enough to game, you're good enough to work. lazy ass

Wed Feb 02 2011 8:43AM Report
DevilXaphan writes:

AH sick days = good gaming days!

Wed Feb 02 2011 9:27AM Report
firithnorm writes:

What about those of us who get sick from staying up all hours when new content comes out?  Happened when LOTRO Moria & Mirkwood came out - played until early morning and then woke up with a sinus cold, which migrated into my lungs.  Missed about 2-3 days of work cuz of that.

But I did get a boatload of game time in, between naps and chicken soup therapy.  :)

Wed Feb 02 2011 9:56AM Report
hardicon writes: unless your three year old gets like mine right now and then i dont get any gaming done cause she wants daddy all the time. Wed Feb 02 2011 11:01AM Report
Webzero writes:

yup,  just got me some  pnemonia and it gave me 3 days off of the army grind!  I'll take it lol.

Wed Mar 02 2011 1:04PM Report writes:
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