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Warhammer 40K Good News

Posted by garrett Tuesday February 9 2010 at 8:16AM
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So a few weeks back I wrote about the 40K MMO and how hopeful I was. Now it seems that THQ will be showing the game at E3 this year.

We got in touch with THQ and are very excited to check out the game at the show. Still that is a long way off. So what do we do until then? 

Well, I continue painting my Khorne minis and have mmy zerker and terminator squads done. Now its time for regular Chaos marines, then on to the big stuff. Rhinos, a defiler, yes even a land raider. Sorry but the Terminators and Lord have to get across the board somehow.

What I find in my army building phase is how truly rich the 40K universe can be. A 40K MMO that is limited by two factions would be a huge let down. This takes me back to the Warhammer Fantasy MMO by Mythic. While there were definitely great parts to the game, some of the lore decisions were really a bummer. Having only one chaos god in the game was the biggest let down. Tzeentch is cool and all, but my favorites have always been Nurgle and Khorne, and I had a game where I could only see their deamons wandering around, I could never serve them. Frustrating to say the least.

The other big issue with the Fantasy game was only having two factions. The game had good character options for each of the races, but only fighting against one side all the time got old quickly. From the company that gave us DAOC, you would think a multiple faction system would be a given, sadly it was not.

I stil play W.A.R. because I love my orc choppa. However, these two major points in lore are things that I felt took away from the full Warhammer experience. 40k has the opportunity to change this idea by adding multiple factions with multiple agendas. Perhaps certain battle grounds or instance fights you can have different allies, but then back in the real larger game you are bitter enemies.

Just some food for thought, I for one am looking very forward to E3 now. Rest assured we'll do our best to give you all the coverage and interviews on the game that we can.

For now it is back to painting.

Inktomi writes:

 Awesome garret. I would love to be there at GDC to witness that and the secret world being unvieled. Unfortunately I'm on the other side of the country and will just have to be ok with getting updates online. 

Have you played the Wathammer 40K Dawn of War series yet? Both the original game and the sequel are really well done RTS'. Dawn of War II has a sequel being released in march focused on CHaos. Looks like fun.

Tue Feb 09 2010 9:18AM Report
InEccess writes:

I'm hoping 40k has an Open PVP option. Maybe something like a "chapter" vs. "chapter" system where Guilds could create their own color scheme (something like the SG mode from CoH), and fight against other chapters from their same faction. How many times have the Space Wolves and Dark Angel's fought? Would the Imperial Guard serve the Imperium and thus NOT fight against the Blood Ravens like they did in DoW: Dark Crusade? I'm eagerly awaiting answers to what THQ will use from the DoW game in the MMORPGFPS.

Tue Feb 09 2010 10:53AM Report
AI724 writes:

i like the 40k series... it's awesome.. really excited and lookin forward to 40k MMO!

Tue Feb 09 2010 12:00PM Report
boonieboone writes:

 I just hope they allow for combat involving tons of people. True 40K experience. Not saying titans and other super-heavies but it would nice to get a blown to bits by a "D" type weapon. 

/Sings ," The treads on the Baneblade go round and round doo dah doo dah...

Tue Feb 09 2010 12:46PM Report
pojung writes:

I truly feel that 40k will be a huge selling point for the genre. A more rich, untouched IP couldn't be found. The fact it's not past fantasy, but future is also a huge twist to current affairs.

There's so much anticipation for this MMO by self and friends... and the hype is worsened knowing how good THQ/Vigil have proven themselves to be in Darksiders this year. Here's to hoping! Here's to waiting for E3!

Tue Feb 09 2010 2:19PM Report
neonwire writes:

THQ are a great company that have so far always done a brilliant job of capturing the look and feel of the Warhammer universe with the use of top quality visuals, sound effects and voice overs. It will be interesting to see how well they do at making an mmo. I have high hopes that it will be nothing like WAR.

Oh and if they involve Dan Abnett in the process then it would be a big bonus. I'm currently reading "Horus Rising" and his writing is fantastic!

Tue Feb 09 2010 2:41PM Report
Comnitus writes:

Interesting. BioWare dips their toes into the MMO market THQ does as well. Who's next, I wonder? I'm glad, though. A WAR40K MMO, if done right, would be amazing. Yes, stay away from the two-faction system and embrace the dynamic world control/shifting en masse PvP.

Tue Feb 09 2010 4:03PM Report
mysta67 writes:

Actually i really like DoW I but Dawn of war II was too say the least a severe let down, taking most of the building content out of the game and making me choose what generic style im going to play (offense, defense, support) However i would like to see 40k's mmo and glad thq is making it, they usually make satisfactory games

Tue Feb 09 2010 5:09PM Report
neonwire writes:

I actually liked the fact that the building aspect of the game was removed in Dawn of War 2. It put more focus towards tactics, positioning and using your troops and the cover available effectively which is the way it should be. Having factories, training facilities and various other self-building structures fall out of the sky always seemed a bit silly to me. I'm pretty sure I never read anything like that in any of the 40k novels lol. Offense, defense, support? Yeah sure those are choices you need to make but they are hardly the only ones. There's a lot more to think about when your waging war on the enemy. Both games are fun though :)

Tue Feb 09 2010 6:56PM Report
Graveblade writes:

Nice little read garrett, keep em' comin'. I truly hope this is a great game, a 40k mmorpg certainly has some good potential with its incredible lore. Could be a winner!

Tue Feb 09 2010 7:22PM Report
noblot writes:

DoW was the only linear game to drag me away from MMO in the last few years. Just thinking about the Orc mad docs makes me laugh.

I think that they would be well placed to create a epic MMO; as long as they remember that all fractions are in conflict (a point Mythic forgot in WAR unfortunately)

Tue Feb 09 2010 7:51PM Report
GamerAeon writes:

They could essentially group up factions on a universal scale and certain races but keep them on a seperate individual faction grouping.

Like say you want to play a character in the Imperium of Man

Well you could choose the Space Marines, the Imperial Guard, or the Grand Inquisition

Empire of Tau would be similar

Tau Guard, Kroot and Vespid Allies, Gue'vesa (IG that joined up or were swayed to the Greater Good by the Tau)

Eldar would be grouped but you'd get to choose one side of the equation or the other.

Craftworld Eldar or Dark Eldar

Two would be by themselves Chaos and Orks

Two would Non-playable for obvious reasons

Necrons and Tyranids both operate with Hive mind mentalities with absolutely no free will.

Knowing THQ though the WH40k MMO Verse will be VAST and unlike anything we've seen before if the RTS titles are any example as they definitely BREAK the mold as far as that genre goes.

So WH40k MMO Beta Testing for 2011/12 Hope so heh

Tue Feb 09 2010 8:48PM Report
Shamorau writes:


i would like to see this sandbox with worlds being the battlegrounds. Gather your chapter of Astartes and stop the greenskin invasion. Or use the sandbox universe as a tactical overlay where you can go do missions, pvp, stop another dark crusade. just my ideas, but i truely do hope they do this well and yes massive fanboi.

Wed Feb 10 2010 7:20AM Report
GamerAeon writes:

Well I'd like to see it where you have missions, PvP with the other factions, and that whole thing.

But one thing WAR got right in my book is the Dynamic mechanics behind PvP Being there's Scenarios to join that help flip zones as well as a RvR

This would be a boon in WH40k as well but on a grander scale utilizing planets and even systems at higher levels.

Imagine you're part of the Ultramarines (why not use name brand factions to join up to) and your chapter (guild) get a mission to flush tyranids from a system and take out any Xenos or Traitors that get in your way. A Regiment (Guild) of IG get a mission similar to claim the same system for the Imperium AND on top of all this an Ork Warband (guild) are after the system for vast resources and tasked with doing the same as the Ultramarines. While all this is going on Chaos is tasked with Sabotoging the Ultramarines and IGs plot, the Eldar are tasked with Assassinating the Chaos lord and the Dark Eldar show up just for kicks to kill everyone and stock up on souls.

It has the potential to become one MASSIVE blood bath :)

Wed Feb 10 2010 10:46AM Report
Digna writes:

I'm primarily concerned how they will pull off the planet/galaxy wide scope of the battles. If it's done well, this will be a massive game. If done poorly (or at all) it will take away from the 40K basis of conflict to a degree where most of the game is lost (IMO). I am hopeful but cautiously so.


Fri Feb 12 2010 8:05AM Report
GamerAeon writes:

True, but if they don't have Planet and Galaxy wide conflicts with Capturable planets and controllable Galaxies it will GREATLY take away from the game.

Plus not having the MAIN capitals of the races will REALLY hurt it badly.

Like for the Space Marines not having the Chapter Houses would kill the atmosphere of them.

And IG similarly not having a planet wide colony

And as for Eldar and Dark Eldar not having their Respective Homeworlds would literally make these races a complete failure.

I and I'm sure others would LOVE to see a full blown 3D Hustling bustling Craftworld of the Eldar and to see Commoragh in all its wicked glory.

Fri Feb 12 2010 11:58AM Report
dice3241 writes:

i think of this and just think of a planetside style pvp system.


marines attacking world x and having eldar rush in through webway gates to defend it. ect.


I hope its heavy in the pvp area and not just a boring queue system on the side.

Sat Feb 13 2010 8:26AM Report
emperorvl writes:


Sun Feb 14 2010 7:01PM Report
Lusoria writes:

Comparing forces like Greenskins and IG to Tau or Space Marines, you would probably have to have some sort of Allods system where you're actually controlling a 'squad' of that race. Because if it was just a one on one between an Imperial Guardsman and a Eldar Warp Spider then it would be over in seconds. It's the same for Orks, seeing as they work on swarm tactics, you would either have to break the lore and make them rediculously strong compared to actual Orks in WH40K, or make it so you're commanding a small army of the buggers. But hey, I'm sure they'll come up with a soloution to this in due time. Just, hopfully not by preventing us from playing them. O_O

Tue Feb 16 2010 3:59AM Report
fanita writes:

I'm A massive 40k geek as well, really looking forward to the game. Vehicles were always my favourite part of the 40 K universe, I wonder how they are going to be implemented.

Tue Feb 16 2010 3:23PM Report
Breatherton writes:

 I think for a good 40k mmo they need to take a look at the way eve does things.  Think of the freedom you have to ally yourself with whomever yet you loose face with others as you do (chaos, mutations, be a Adeptus Astartes that falls to chaos or whatever) maybe ally yourself with the eldar?  ally with xenos scum and you will earn the hate of the masses.  this shouldnt be a simple black and white game like wow and i'm hoping they do it right

Thu Feb 18 2010 12:09AM Report writes:
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