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Community Spotlight: MMO Pet Peeves

Posted by MikeB Saturday January 28 2012 at 4:52PM
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In this week's Community Spotlight we focus on the thread "MMO pet peeves (the new list)" by PukeBucket. In the thread, PukeBucket discusses some of his MMO pet peeves and polls the community on their own:

"Pet Peeve

a particular and often continual annoyance; personal bugbear:

I have a new one.

Here's some context first. So I discovered a new gaming / comic book shop today and hopped in to shop around and talk MTG, DnD, and the usual nerdness. A group were playing an elaborate game of Star Wars miniatures and it looked cool.

They kept laughing and talking about events I wasn't apart of so I didn't pay much mind. But they kept saying "so-tor" or "sew-tor". It took a few moments for me to realize that's their chit chat abbreviation for "SWTOR". I had to leave.

Sure "WoW" and a few other acronym based verbal words are expected in the community. But just call it TOR "tore" or such. SO-tor.. Two syllables ;bleh;.. I didn't expect it to bug me as much as it did. LoL

SO what's your MMO-related peeves?"

Boge can't stand premade loot and drop tables:

"Premade loot and loot drop tables.  It's stupid to go fight such and such boss for that one drop that every class like you is wearing.  Where is the true randomized loot?  Wonder why people are still playing Diablo II?  That's why!  Give us that kind of loot that has a chance to drop off anything, and then give us our dungeons and bosses to kill, and let us have some fun!"

Terronte isn't a fan of your typical MMO mob A.I.:

"I actually really came to a firm decision in SWeaTOR that mobs standing around waiting for me to kill them is my biggest pet peeve. Seriously I'm blowing your friends up with rockets/lightning/swishy sabers five feet away from you, and you aren't going to help? Lame."

xxpigxx is mostly disturbed by some of the forms of speech he's witnessed in MMOs:

"people who pronounce lol while talking

people who type out lawl

Any form of elite speak...ever

Non-RP names on RP servers

Using already overused meme's (kthxbai, umad, etc.)"

I have a laundry list of peeves, but I'm not going to torment you with them all so I'll just go with two:

Carrot Chasing: I hate playing with people who are only playing towards a carrot. Whether it's PvE or PvP, there are many players who actually don't care at all about what they are doing -- they are just doing it for the reward. I love to ask these people: "If I gave you a button that you could press right now and instantly hit level cap with full PvE and PvP gear, would you still be playing?" The answer is often "No." Carrots are fun to chase, but when they are your sole reason for playing, especially when you aren't actually enjoying what you are doing to acquire said carrot, you may as well just pretend you have the stuff and not play at all.

Crappy character creation/lack of diverse visual styles: There is nothing that bothers me more than crappy character creation. It doesn't matter how awesome your game is if everyone in it looks like each other. It's hard to feel like you're playing a "role" in the world when every other guy looks just like you either by armor or physical details.

What are your MMO pet peeves? Share 'em in the comments below!

Amaranthar writes:

Hit Points that increase to godlike levels. Then I know it's going to be another themepark ride.

Sat Jan 28 2012 8:28PM Report
gaeanprayer writes:

Griefers. The amount of games that failed, or never had a chance to be, because of systems that couldn't keep griefers in check, and the griefers themselves who'd rather ruin the fun of others than promote the fun of the game and therefore help it succeed, is saddening. After years of gaming with a group, I'm the only one of that group still willing to try a game that features open PvP.

Everyone else instantly writes it off because of past experiences, and that's a damn shame.

Sat Jan 28 2012 8:55PM Report
wrekognize writes:

SO what's your MMO-related peeves?

Themepark MMOs. That is my Pet Peeve.

Sat Jan 28 2012 11:58PM Report
AutemOx writes:

The fact that MMOs are known for games like the ones mentioned in this article...  Some of the worst...

Sun Jan 29 2012 12:50AM Report
BlazinBlades writes:


Sun Jan 29 2012 3:50AM Report
kb4blu writes:

The communities in MMO, or lack of them.

Sun Jan 29 2012 9:53AM Report
AtmaDarkwolf writes:

While it can't really be helped, my pet peeve(or one of them) is those instanced dungeons. You know, u go in, beat that mega badass, the guy whos got a chokehold on the local village, you save everyone, and poof, a quest pops up where u can redo it... (or another group does it, just how many times does this poor village need to be saved by the same menence)

Sun Jan 29 2012 10:06AM Report
stragen001 writes:


I love open world PvP and when you come across an enemy and have a random fight to the death its a real adrenaline rush and great fun. 

When you are roaming around and come across (for example) a group of 10 level 50s in a level 20 area going round killing everyone its just lame. How is that a challenge. They are just doing it to be doucebags.

You know who you are....

Sun Jan 29 2012 10:52AM Report
tshack88 writes:

Having my hand held/quest guides.

There should be an option in every mmo that will let you turn off the markers on the map that tell you exactly where to go to complete an objective.  How about put clues in the quest dialogue, or possibly even refer to landmarks in the environment?

There's no figuring anything out anymore. I know tons of people would quit if they removed that from mmos, but I can't be the only one who hates this...right?

Sun Jan 29 2012 11:07AM Report
Cyberdeck7 writes:

Hate Stalkers:

People who follow a game around from site to site waiting for an article so they can repeat the same crying they've been doing since the game disappointed them.


Same as above - 50s that farm PvP in the 20s questing areas


Games pretending to be virtual worlds that lead you down a tunnel.

F2P Heralds:

People that don't understand that the profit motive for keeping subs is to provide entertainment, while the profit motive in F2P is to keep you bored enough to buy XP pots.

Sun Jan 29 2012 3:50PM Report
VideoJockey writes:

Random group Invites or trade requests.

Sun Jan 29 2012 4:07PM Report
Hluill writes: LOL, and other chatspeak, but especially LOL when it's just used as an all-purpose reply. Sun Jan 29 2012 6:20PM Report
Velocinox writes:

Looks more like it would be pronounced sweator.

Sun Jan 29 2012 10:53PM Report
jeremyjodes writes:

Running through an area were people are dueling and have that darn pop-up show to duel. I can shut of most things like guild invites and trade request, but why in 2012 does the options to turn off the duel request don't exist?

whats worse then that is i'm a level 10 and a 60 wants to duel me. then he follows me around clicking on duel until he gets bored and starts on someone else.


Mon Jan 30 2012 5:43PM Report
Kiljaedenas writes:

For me, the biggest pet peeve is lack of original material. Sure, you can have a PvE grind with some kind of storyline to each stage as those are usually a good source of initial income. Even my favorite MMO Eve Online has that. But when that PvE grind is the vast majority of the gameplay and it's nothing more than the standard "Go kill quantity X of monster Y", "Go collect quantity A of item B in area C", or "Go kill monster E to get quantity F of item G" (which for most MMOs those three options are about 99% of the PvE mission segments), and perhaps a basic PvP arena for small groups and some kind of small crafting system...Come on, possibly hundreds of MMOs have already done that exact system! Put something new in there for God's sake!!!

Another big one for me is forced gameplay dependence, particularly in guilds. What I mean by this is when you get into a guild (which can be a crucial part of staying in an MMO for a long time, they get bloody boring solo due to point 1 I mentione above), and that guild has some kind of base that they are building, potentially with unique items for crafting and the like, but that base has upkeep costs of some kind and to at least make the upkeep costs, let alone make extra for upgrades, most of the players in the guild have to do a set of daily quests, every time they log in. The latest one to piss me off with this was Forsaken World. I don't have oodles of time to play each day, I have a real life too. I don't want to have to grind those stupid dailies every time I log on which would consume most of the time I have available, I want to experience the rest of the gameplay.

Mon Feb 06 2012 8:47PM Report writes:
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