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DC Universe: NFL Commercial Spot

Posted by garrett Monday January 17 2011 at 11:26AM
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The best part about being a gamer and a Football fan is breaking stereotypes. I have been both for years a hardcore gamer and a NY Giants fan. Yes I know they are out of the playoffs and had a rough run at the end of the season, but I am not here to talk about that. I am here to talk about how things have changed over the years and we are now seeing video games pick up commercial spots during NFL games.
Many times football and gaming are not something you can use or say in the same sentence, but lately and this year especially we are seeing more and more games reach out to new audiences and the newer fan base of football may be picking up their games to play against the hardcore of us all.
Both World of Warcraft and DC Universe have now shown commercials on TV during major NFL games. This might translate into an eventual Super Bowl commercial for an MMO. Yesterday while watching the Jets and Patriots game it was great to see a DC Universe commercial pop up. Working with the DC Universe team on coverage and playing the game made me happy to see it on TV during one of my favorite sports.
I have talked about how gaming continues to become more accepted in popular culture and while this generation still uses the terms nerd or geek, eventually these stereotypes will go away and gaming, comics, anime, etc. will just become normal. This is not happening any time soon, but if you were living back in the 1980s and saw a Dungeons & Dragons commercial come on during a football game, I think everyone would be in shock.
That shock is gone and the more we get games into pop culture, the more we will see bigger audiences and fans stepping into virtual worlds to battle it out. That is never bad and will keep our market alive for a long time to come.   
travamars writes:

At least you admit to working with them on coverage of the game.

MMORPG is doing a great job giving them coverage, in fact this entire site and all of the articles seem to be DCUO coverage.

Sad really.

Mon Jan 17 2011 12:56PM Report
Mykell writes:

My niece just had a birthday party (she is 12) where she and all her friends dressed up as stereotypical nerds. She wears the nerd tag with a badge of honour whereas in my time nerd = social outcast lol.

Times have already changed. Gaming is pretty much normal nowadays.

Mon Jan 17 2011 2:06PM Report
xaldraxius writes:

Oh man.. you're telling me. Back in the 80's the response to someone finding out you played D&D ranged from ridicule to lectures about the game being satanic in nature and stories of kids going crazy and cutting each other up. I had to hide my books and dice under my porno stash in hopes that if mom ever found it she'd freak out over the porn and not find the game underneath.. lol

Mon Jan 17 2011 8:41PM Report
GermaximusS writes:

lol I havent watched sports or tv in quite awhile. Thats interesting and cool.

And lol@the above posts. Yeah its neat.

Mon Jan 17 2011 9:28PM Report
Siecefire writes:

WoW sure, but DCOU keeping our market alive?  I think not, DCUO is hardly an MMO.  To be honest, half the new audience gained from that commercial will probably be frustrated and never try a real MMO.  I don't like it, but that is what very well may happen.

Wish Rift would have done a commercial instead.

Mon Jan 17 2011 10:16PM Report
SandaStunna writes:

^ lol ...he's serious too.

Tue Jan 18 2011 12:22AM Report
karmath writes:

So Garret, how much money has SOE forked out in total to employee's to write favorable articles? Im guessing alot and to alot of people.

SOE is one of the major things wrong with the MMO market today.

You sicken me with your greed.

Tue Jan 18 2011 10:18AM Report
Overfiend138 writes:

lol wut? SOE is one of the major things wrong? Blizz gave us the world of the jaded gamer who has to have the world handed to them in order to make an MMO successful. Grats to SOE and keep it up! I hope Everquest Next gets the same exposure. Even though WoW players will think it's too hard and cry a lot.

Also DCUO is a great game.

Tue Jan 18 2011 11:09AM Report
aragorio writes:

why do people constantly forget that an mmo doesnt have to be an RPG its a massive multiplayer game. nothing in between. you have all this you have an mmo. if you like your mmos rpg based than go to those mmos and leave the ones that dont want to be rpg alone!. also rpg stands for role playing game. leveling up system isnt a part of the word rpg

Tue Jan 18 2011 5:30PM Report
Bob_Blawblaw writes:

Gamespy didn't get their check from SOE... maybe you know who they should talk to...

Wed Jan 19 2011 5:19AM Report
karmath writes:



Who said anything about WoW? I play Darkfall and EVE. Likening DCUO to the statement 'not having everything handed to you' makes zero sense due to the fact that there is litte about DCUO to be handed to anyone. Its a repetitve, light content cash grab with shoddy design. Just ike every single other game SOE gets its grubby little mits on.

Wed Jan 19 2011 6:31AM Report
Evile writes:

I hate SOE but DCUO rocks.

Wed Jan 19 2011 6:38AM Report
astoria writes:

I dk, don't think DCUo in particular is a stretch...

I always thought

American Football = guys in tights fighting

Super Heroes = guys in tights fighting

and by the way

Pro Wrestling = guys in tights fighting

Wed Jan 19 2011 9:00AM Report
Pro-Pain writes:

Funny that you mention pro wrestling astoria, I watch tons of it and have seen commercials for both Rift and DCUO during WWE and TNA programs.  I think it's good that they are trying to get the word out to people who might not know of them.

Wed Jan 19 2011 7:55PM Report
wfSeg writes:

MMO's acceptance into popular culture isn't bad, but... MMO Jocks. I wish MMOs were still a niche thing, smaller community, but nice.

Wed Jan 19 2011 9:22PM Report writes:
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