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Community Spotlight: What's an Older Gamer to do?!

Posted by MikeB Thursday January 28 2010 at 8:05PM
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This week’s Community Spotlight focuses on the thread “What’s an older gamer to do?” by user Amathe. In the original post, Amathe finds himself troubled, as an older game, by the advent of faster paced MMOG’s coming to market:

“I'm old and I'm a gamer. At least I think I'm still a gamer, being between games at the moment. The old part is for sure.

Over the years I have played a lot of mmos, beginning with original Everquest. At least 9 of them, not including a great many betas.

At times like these, when I'm between games, I come here to research new ones. And I'm seeing a trend. Game after game after game is touting its fast paced, twitchy, "you control every blow" FPS qualities. While this would have sounded great to me a decade ago, I'm slow now and I won't be competitive at that.

But it's worse lol. These new games also promote their free-for-all, oh yes you are going to be ganked so deal with it PvP features. That means not only am I slow, I get to fight people 20-30 years younger who are fast. Oh boy. That will be hot death on a skillet.

Is the type of combat found in more traditional mmos like EQ and even WoW going the way of MUDs and pen and paper games? Is my gaming future Select Quest, Princess Aria wants you .... BOOM HEADSHOT ROFLOLOLOLOL?

I'm thinking it may be time to join AARP, stock up on geritol and call it a day. I'm not seeing very many new games being made that are not FFA FPS?”

As a younger gamer myself, I rue the day when I feel like my reflexes won’t let me compete with gamers younger than myself, so it’s a bit hard to understand Amathe as I obviously can’t place myself in his shoes. Nevertheless, the community offers some helpful advice, starting with the user Comnitus, who recommends EVE Online:

“If your reflexes are slow but your brain still works, try EVE. While some parts of it are FFA PvP (which means joining a corporation is a good way to survive), you never really have to PvP if you don't want to. Combat in EVE is very strategical - it's based mostly on numbers and how you outfit your ship rather than your hand-eye coordination. Plus, it's a great sandbox overall. Most of the people who play it are older.”

Jeger_Wolf suggests Lord of the Rings Online, with a simple reply:

“LotRO seems to be a pretty mature crowd if you haven't played that out yet.”
I highlighted this post because in my experiences with that particular game, I can say I definitely agree.

The crowd in LotRO does seem a bit more mature than what you’d find in some areas of World of Warcraft. A solid recommendation!

A number of users have mentioned the upcoming Final Fantasy XIV as something to look forward to. Cukimunga explains the merits of the game a bit more:

“Like someone has said Id wait for FFXIV, from the looks of some videos the combat is slow like in FFXI.

It will be more solo friendly but im still guessing the bulk of the content will be grouped. I hope they still have skill chains and magic busts it was one of the things to set it apart from every other mmo. It makes you think because different mobs are weak against a certain element so you'd have to do the right skill chain and magic burst to do the max damage. SC and MB had to be timed right for them to work and you could even do a counter attack and stun the mobs so they wouldn't wipe the whole party or most of it with a AoE.

Personally Id rather have slower more tactical combat than fast mindless button mashing. “

What suggestions do you have for Amathe and gamers like him?

And to you older gamers out there: Are any MMOG’s holding your attention at the moment? What future MMOG releases are you looking forward to, and why?

Let us know in the comments below!

SnowStreak6 writes:

Being one of those younger faster-paced gamers you speak of, I understand completely why you dislike the idea of being involved with some of the current generation of gamers. Perhaps not even just because of the gameplay itself but the communities are usually something that destroys brain cells, and there is no reaso anyone should be subject to that.  Although games are becoming more about player skill than true MMO immersion there are still a select few that are the 'FFA FPS' that you speak of.

I assume you are looking for a more laid back and enjoyable experience but not nessesarily a casual easy one, given that you've been playing MMOs for a while now. There are few games I can recommend that haven't already been stated above in the forum replies as I'm currently looking for a good PvE game myself along-side my brutal craving to destroy other players.

If you have the patience for alot of numbers and slow-ish gameplay I can confirm that you should try EVE online (If you haven't already). My friend's father is pushing 60 now and is heavily involved in that game with a community of players around his age. The community is also alot more mature for the most part than what you'll usually find in popular games.


Thu Jan 28 2010 9:08PM Report
vanster writes:

You join the Old Timers Guild and continue playing in a more casual fashion with friends similar to you.

Thu Jan 28 2010 9:31PM Report
Merit10 writes:

 Jeger_Wolf suggests Lord of the Rings Online, with a simple reply:
“LotRO seems to be a pretty mature crowd if you haven't played that out yet.”
I highlighted this post because in my experiences with that particular game, I can say I definitely agree.

I'm glad you point out LOTRO for the older more relaxed crowd. I like both styles of games. Fast-twitch competition and relaxed immersive combat. I tried Guild Wars after LOTRO, not a good idea if you don't have fast reflexes.

Thu Jan 28 2010 9:48PM Report
Inktomi writes:

 I had a guildmate who was 65 in Runes of Magic, a 50 year old in WOW and I'm not getting any younger myself. I can tell you a few times when I know I was the oldest person in vent. 

It's ok to be the mature one in the group, to be the most responsible and have slower reflexes. You play ANY GAME YOU WANT! If you find it fun and enjoyable, then it's the game for you. I can list hundreds of MMO's to play because you don't disqualify for a game because of your age or reflex speed.

Unless you vie to be competitive with a FPS type like DF or Global Agenda. Then it comes down to practice and sacrifice. I hope you find a game your happy with. I would suggest playing Dragon Age because it functions almost exactly like an MMO. And if you can handle the actions of a party of 4, then you can handle yourself.

Good luck,


Thu Jan 28 2010 11:36PM Report
SnarlingWolf writes:

Not very many games are being made with PvP, so you don't have to compete with people who are better anyways. Most games have optional PvP. So that means you  never have to try it and can group up and take on the twitchless AI mobs with other gamers.


I played from The Realm, onto UO, EQ, AC AO and on and on to every game that came out. I'm the opposite of you, I can't stand the slow paced MMOs anymore. I dislike hitting 1 or 2 buttons and sitting there slowly watching it play out. I want to be involved I want to move my guy and dodge and interact more. I wish there were more of those games.

Thu Jan 28 2010 11:41PM Report
Plageron writes:

As an older gamer myself(as i started with the games that prompted the creation of  everquest(diablo 2, phantasy star online, never winter nights from AOL..not the one bioware did, and still play table top RPGs)

Right now after over 6 years I still play a game called city of heroes(Super heroe game that was out before worlds of warcraft and got copied by worlds of warcraft on many things)...its superior engine and design and superior customer support drew me in and made me real it didnt require too much thinking or that much twitch play....i could jump right in...and have fun....and you dont have to worry about the micromanagers or back seat drivers from games like WOW telling you how to play or that they wont party becasue you do 1 less damage then they think you should....and there are no specifc partys you have to play so no one is alienated instanlty.

I also have been playing a game called Jade Dynasty...a fantasy game from the perfect world group...its has alot of features and things(pets that you level and evolave and change, a robust leveling system for everything) that make it alot more fun then games like (grindfest railroad track)WOW.

(See how much i like to Dump on WOW i can go on for hours telling how bad it is with examples but go figure if no one can do that for the games i play currently...all they can say is that its bad or they dont like them)

And recently i started playing Atalantica Online.....another interesting features Turn Based Combat....cant get much less twitchy then that.

I actualy started playing Star Trek Online.....becasue well i am a Trekkie...go figure....its more twitchy....and has alot of idiots who played some other betas and games i played....who post big time lies onthe forums....probably wont see them inthe game except for the first week as they complain about either the cost to play or somehting else stupid......and even if they get their way they wont be go figure...

Anywise I can totaly understand your feelings.....the entire fast paced pvp oriented game styles out there.....having played more games then most people i became alot of more anal when it came to games alot when games like WOW came out i saw it for the grind fest railroad track same old same old that i had already played and got sick of.......I tried out the AEON game in beta,,,,and they promised that the new version was so much better but wouldnt let anyone test it..??? go figure ont hat came out had broken issues that in beta had been fixed..???go figure ont hat logic as well...and they still had issues.....and every flaw they touted as a great feature.....yes i too like to fly for 30 seconds and drop like a stone from less then 5 feet and die...or i too like to jump in place and be able to commit suicide....i shouldnt get started with AEON

Well those where the latest two failures of games i played....yes they where FAILURES!!...if you play enough you realize why......the boredom factor x the Uncaring Devlopers = dont waste your time.....

Every so often i make a list of potential games that i might try out and look kind of neat....i am lucky to have some close friends i do Table Top RPGing with every week....they also play alot of online games....their insight and input is very invaluable....they will pick apart anything...and still play somethings....its from them i get some good ideas of what to play and what not to play...and eventualy i do try some....

Well i gave the ones i am playing...i enjoy them...they are keeping me awake which is a plus......when a game puts you to have to think about quitting.....its just not fun if it does that.


Fri Jan 29 2010 2:13AM Report
Chatb0t writes:

As far as games go, Eve online is more about the numbers and strategy. There is plenty around to read about for this game to determine if you're interested or not.

On the other hand, for a community check out "The Older Gamers" (TOG). It's only requirement is that you are over 25, however I believe there are many who exceed this minimum age limit by quite a bit. They have divisions in pretty much any mainstream game you may wish to play and while you don't need to join their guilds / corps / clans to be involved, they have plenty of those for every level of gamer should you wish.

Fri Jan 29 2010 3:11AM Report
MMOGodess writes:

YEah, had a guildy who was 68 yo. he was a very popular guy in the guild and always good for chat, lol XD

Fri Jan 29 2010 5:44AM Report
bamdorf writes:

Boy, this one really hits me where it hurts. 

How many times have I given up in frustration because I just can't react as quickly as someone 45 years younger - I remember that foos ball was dominated by teenagers, LOL.    Its not only that people around you are dissatisfied with your skill level.    Its that you yourself know that you are not bringing your A game to the table, which you perceive, rightly or wrongly, as unfair to others and dissappointing to yourself.    Because you can imagine yourself so much better.   Your friends say you are doing fine, but that is not how it feels.

And then some group activity takes you to 1.30 am and the truth is that is WAY past your bedtime.    And you are out, you don't have the stamina, much less the dexterity required.     Not to mention that you never are quite sure when you say you are going to participate in something, whether  you actually will feel up to it.     It really stinks to disappoint your guild mates, especially so when they are exceedingly understanding.

I started EQ soon after launch, and I was over 50 at THAT point.   Already looking for the "Cane of Easy Use and Vast Destruction+2".  There is no answer for it but I still try to play.

I will only mention that Atlantica Online, as mentioned above, does have a unique and interesting combat system.   I played it quite a while, but became frustrated when I couldn't complete some of the content because I could not find a group.    (Despite being in a fairly decent guild --- but I suspect I was in the wrong time zone.)

So if I can't find a group its a problem, if I can find a group  I won't be what I ought to be.   Rock and a hard place.

Old gamers never quit, they just get put out to pasture (Farmville?   Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh.)


Fri Jan 29 2010 6:06AM Report
Krysset80 writes:

I always had slow reflexes even when young, thats why I avoid pvp when ever possible. Tho it has caused me some grief in my old raid days, people with dps meters and such addons that got nothing better to do the complain about the slightest fault instead of giving tips on how to improve.

Like a few here have already said you can avoid pvp in most games, like pve serves in wow( most have that option). I can add Everquest 2, A rather nice and highly overlooked game, to the list of games whith a more "mature" comunity. Tho I found its down to who you run into in any game.

Fri Jan 29 2010 6:09AM Report
Wraithone writes:

I only too well know this problem. I used to play a lot of FPS style games, but these days my reflexes and situational awareness just aren't what they used to be.  Raids are also out of the question, because of the extended focus they require.  I do like the new dungeon finder in WoW. It allows me to take part in instances(something I've not done in years) and also earn emblems for gear. Its not raid level, but then I'd not expect it to be.  FFXIV might be fun. Also Citadel of Sorcery.

Fri Jan 29 2010 6:12AM Report
banshe13 writes:

Most games are not going FFA full loot sadly there just a few.  most games are carebear games with pvp  put in later after pve.   You seem to be looking for a mix of both and only 1 game has that   Atalantica Online.

Fri Jan 29 2010 6:16AM Report
itchmon writes:

in wow I had a couple of people in my guild (who were regular raiders) who lived in a retirement community.  I'd not recommend a pvp server but on an rp server you'd be fine, i'm sure (i miss the guild quite a bit with my grey friends). 


Eve and LOTRO as mentioned above might be great for you too.  Eve is pvp but it's strategy based rather than twitchy.  "you lost the fight at the fitting screen" being a catchphrase of eve.


LOTRO and the FFXI-XIV games both have slower paced combat than Wow and eq2 do.


Itch (32yo)

Fri Jan 29 2010 6:18AM Report
Gosseyn writes:

Well i am an older gamer myself, 43 today, but i still enjoy ffa fps, played alot of mmo's also but atm the only one that draws me to it is Darkfall and thats ffa fps full loot.

What i am missing in reflex power ill try making up for in grp combat tactics wich in my opinion will always be the winner at the end of the day.

Those youngsters have the twitch but not the wits :p

Fri Jan 29 2010 6:24AM Report
alkarionlog writes:

well I don't know how old was the dude, but i'm not that young I have 26 being playing online for over 10 years and I still the same as when I have 15, well I still train and do some physical exercicies here and there, thing is even in fast pace games you just need to use your head, some classes don't need to run all the time,  but for myself I hope I never come to say like i'm too old for this :)

you just need to find a good game for you have several out there

Fri Jan 29 2010 6:26AM Report
FC-Famine writes:

I've been playing MUD's since the 90's. The one MUD that held my interest the most was a PKILL (what you call PvP) MUD. So it's not that PvP is the enemy here. I think it's more to do with style of certain systems that have changed or turned in one direction. Which may make it hard for the seek because the markets may be the same if not very similar.

Fri Jan 29 2010 6:31AM Report
erictlewis writes:

Well Im 45.   Yes I used to play team fortress back in the day and the fps stuff. My reflexes now days are in bad shape due to the diabetes.

However I noticed your nod to lotro with the comunity statment.  I laughed so hard when I seen that.  You really must not play to much on Brandywhine and watch the glff channel, it is just as bad as wow and the forums are full of jerk.  All you have to do is make one comment and get shouted down.  Lotrois the same as other mmo's there is no difference between the comunity in lotro and in wow they are almost the same folks.  You want to go somwhere with a mature gaming crowd,  come join eq2.

A lot of the newer mmo's dont garner my attention, they have all been made for the adhd crowd.  Lotro and ddo, and sto all for the adhd crowd, with the daily repeatable bs called content.


Fri Jan 29 2010 6:33AM Report
aliksteel writes:

40 years old here and I find myself looking at the out of the way MMO's or what some call niche games. They are not as pretty as the big new MMO's that you are talking about, but are very well played. The two that I would point you at would be Fallen Earth, and Wurm Online. Fallen Earth is more like what you have played in the past. You have quest and mob's to kill. It does have PvP but only in small little areas that are marked on the map. Wurn Online is a building MMO and only has a very few quest at the start, They help you get started, after that it is all open and no more quest. You make your on way in the world.


I would also try checking out massively and see what they may have found. and try and for older player who still want to have fun.

Fri Jan 29 2010 6:39AM Report
Dendro writes:

As Vanster mentioned "Old Timers Guild" takes anyone over 25 and we play all the games above. We have near 5K members through out the world and if an average age of mid 30s to 40 year olds. Laid back atmosphere and we're all about the fun.

So if you worried about dying alot due to slow reflexes then the best way is to do it with old freinds :)


Fri Jan 29 2010 6:47AM Report
cougardave writes:

Nice article, and I've gotta add myself to this.  It really hit home a couple years ago playing WoW.  I let my 6 year old daughter play my character and she beat me on dps. 

But what finally killed me on WoW wasn't ganking (I was actually really good at PvP) what killed me was the change after Lich King, where every damn boss had an enrage timer.  We'd have a raid of more "older" folks, and particularly that damn dog with skellies - no one would die, but then the enrage timer would hit.  Jesh, just let us wail on him for hours to kill him if need be.

So then I moved to EQ2 which I'm still enjoying playing, with my whole family.

Lotro I found just painfully boring - run for days to find a mob.  I did enjoy monster play sometimes, but it too got boring and grindy.

Eventually some game company will realize it's us old folks that actually have MONEY.   We're the perfect demographic for MMos... money and not enough time to play very much ;)

Fri Jan 29 2010 7:31AM Report
Eridanix writes:

Well, I'm one of these guys who started with MUD's and UO. I understand the situation and my answer is that EVE has everything to be in for. And you can pvp without the problem of reflexes as it is based on wits, and planification. It has a good RPG pve and a good PVP that fits to the condition of our age.

Anyway I still play FPS games and still good-average at it. Next game I'm going to is MO. The l33t teen have the twitch but we have the experience. That is also valuable in a ffa pvp environment.

Fri Jan 29 2010 7:47AM Report
Dosska writes:

 Erictlewis said: "However I noticed your nod to lotro with the comunity statment. I laughed so hard when I seen that. You really must not play to much on Brandywhine and watch the glff channel, it is just as bad as wow and the forums are full of jerk. All you have to do is make one comment and get shouted down. Lotrois the same as other mmo's there is no difference between the comunity in lotro and in wow they are almost the same folks. You want to go somwhere with a mature gaming crowd, come join eq2."

EQ2 is no more mature than WoW or LOTR.  I've played all 3, playing WoW right now. I played EQ2 for a few months. I can't remember what server I was on but I saw comments and arguments in chat there that were just as bad as anything I've ever seen in WoW. I tried LOTR , on the Brandywine server, and I never saw any immaturity there. Granted I haven't played it nearly as much as the other 2 so it's possible that it is there, but in my time of playing 2 10 day trials I never encountered any. The point is in any MMO with a sizable population you're likely to encounter that kind of thing. None of them are completely free of it. And the larger the community(WoW) the more likely you are to encounter it.

Fri Jan 29 2010 7:54AM Report
WhiteRook writes:

 I have a lifetime sub to LotRo, and yeah Brandiwyne is a punk of a server. But I have found over - all that most of the user base is mature. And I have played WoW too and LotRo is nothing like that.

 I now have a lifetime sub to Stol, can not wait eihter, lots of punks there? You bet but it will not stop my fun. Twitch and Smack have never been one of my high points. And now at 52 I like it even less, but I still never seem to have a hard time finding games I like to play. And playing some good RTS helps from letting you get too rusty Imho.


 And don't be afraid to take an attitude here and there, I still remember one WoW furball, a young guy says, Rook how come you die so much? I just shot back - "Because I am good at it!"

Fri Jan 29 2010 7:59AM Report
ScottAdams writes:

As a 57 year old gamer (I am not older, just more mature!) I recommend Everquest 2 to you. I run a guild there of 150+ friends on Antonia Bayle ( and they are a great group of caring fun folks.

For solo play in a MOG, Champions Online is a blast. Similar to City of Heros but better looking and improved. It was writtend by the same folks who did CoH and after the sold it they decided to do another super hero mog.

Scott Adams (Not dilbert, Adventure!)

Fri Jan 29 2010 7:59AM Report
Eugenics2 writes:

Atlantica Online sounds like it would be the perfect fit for you.

Fri Jan 29 2010 8:49AM Report
Thale1 writes:

I know where Amathe is coming from. I'm a 62 year old gamer. I started in MMOs with Guild Wars and I still play it some, but even the best of games get boring after a while. My reflexes went south a long time ago. As a gamer I look for two things. The first is a game that I can keep pace with and the second is a good group. Most of the games that I try have my toon getting waxed every time that I try to craft. It doesn't take long to tire of that. A medium sized guild with members that like the same style of game play really helps. I was lucky in GW. I stumbled upon a guild that I still keep in touch with and that made playing a lot of fun. I tried EVE and it was OK but seemed too slow, even for me. Reading suggestions here I guess I'll try LOTRO next.

Fri Jan 29 2010 9:39AM Report
Lanthir writes:

well i am old and a gamer myself so i can fully understand where he is comming from.  I did the sto closed and open beta and found it to have an older crowd.  The game itself is casual friendly.  The pvp tends to be tactical and more based on how you choose to outfit your ship and work as a team than twich.  The same goes for ground combat.

Fri Jan 29 2010 9:48AM Report
Denolian writes:

I am an older gamer as well and have found Runes of Magic a good game to play. Seems to be a more mature and helpful community than the other games I have played and beta tested. I too am a vet of EQ from the start and have been seeking a game that can rival EQ. I have comfortably settled into Runes of Magic as my game.

Fri Jan 29 2010 9:50AM Report
Madnin writes:

Heh, I'm close to 55 now, and still looking to burn em down. Son got me started in wow right after launch, but after 3 yrs I couldn't take it anymore. Bounced around among most of the mainstream games, and I feel your pain. Not so much because of the "twitch", but more so because of the communities. I was in a guild for over 3 yrs in wow and made lasting friendships. Now it takes a lot longer to establish anything with the community. Are we all jaded now, or just afraid? (I say that because of all the game account hacking going on these days) I still take satisfaction out of besting someone I just know is much younger than me, wits and xp beat hormones anyday, lol. Aion right now due to nothing else that looks very promising....pvp is a challenge and yeah, too fast....and the higher lvls are nothing but a grind...but am looking forward to EarthRise and there's really nothing out there I've tried previous, that didn't eventually disappoint.

Fri Jan 29 2010 10:04AM Report
DJXeon writes:

Pirates of the Burning sea lets you sail around slowly in a 1720's Age of sail mmorpg. Worth a try if you are bored with all the elf hack/slash games out there.

Fri Jan 29 2010 10:07AM Report
MikeB writes:

Great responses everyone! Keep 'em coming!

Fri Jan 29 2010 10:20AM Report
just1opinion writes:

I think the best suggestion I've seen was LotRO. I'm 46 years old, which, compared to a lot of today's gamers is oooollllllddddd. lol  However, there is also a pretty sizable chunk of us that age and older that play. FFS....I mean, we were the ORIGINAL gamers. We were playing games long before some of these younger gamers could even hold a controller.

And while we might not still have our "twitch reflexes," I'll be damned if I'm letting any of those little whippersnappers keep ME from playing any damn game I WANT to play. These games wouldn't even EXIST, some of them, withOUT our generation. 

So I play what I want. I play what I enjoy. And if there's an area of gaming I don't feel competitive in...I either just play it for FUN (not expecting to "compete") or....I play another part of the game. I've played a lot of MMOs, and I do think LotRO is probably the best fit all the way around. Right now I'm playing Fallen Earth, but....the PvP is really going to depress me eventually....I can tell that time is coming. But in the meantime....I'm really enjoying the game. When it's not fun anymore....I'll go back to LotRO, or....continue to look forward to The Secret World.

Basically....I don't let my age stop me from playing anything I ENJOY. If I enjoy it....I'm playing it. Age be damned.

Fri Jan 29 2010 10:27AM Report
Dawnna writes:

Also 43, but I've been on the "Disabled Gamers" list for a few years now. I've found that City of Heroes (mentioned above) is the most friendly game for older gamers or those with movement disorders.  LotrO was also very playable depnding on the server. I had very little trouble with Champions Online or Star Trek Online.

I did have pop on to defend this statement though:

"Is the type of combat found in more traditional mmos like EQ and even WoW going the way of MUDs and pen and paper games?"

There's quite a few MUDs still running strong, and I suggest you check out RPG.Ner for a list of the tens of thousands of active pen and paper gamers following the thousands of active game systems currently being published.

Right now, in face, there are 1,090 people reading and posting there per the front page, and 40,516 registered users. :) We have our share and more of doctors and lawyers, the average age is in the mid 30s with several in your age bracket (including one notable poster who was hanging around with Gary Gygax when he invented the hobby).

My own Star Wars tabletop game using the FATE system published by Evil Hat games will be starting in a few hours. :D

Fri Jan 29 2010 12:20PM Report
Dawnna writes:

That was supposed to be, of course.. movement disorders, etc. :P


This does give me the chance to add to the chorus though, that several MMOs do in fact have "Older gamer" type guilds, as noted above. Never hurts to Google a bit to find them. :)

Fri Jan 29 2010 12:22PM Report
fall0ut writes:

 This is a great thread.  I too am an older gamer (I started with PONG)  so I understand where a lot of these people are coming from.  There have been a lot of great suggestions too.  The most important faculty in Eve Online is a person's mind so that isn't a deterrent.

Atlantica Online, Runes of Magic and Dungeons and Dragons Online are all great choices too.

I do feel that game makers are moving more towards the twitch side of MMORPG gaming and I think that while they do have their place, they will be surprised at a lessened interest in them from the gaming community as a whole.

The older gamer is becoming a huge part of the online game market and game makers have to realize that.  Most of us could care less about playing some farm game on Facebook.


Fri Jan 29 2010 12:27PM Report
hogscraper writes:

 I know its not a MMO, but in my old counter strike clan we had 2 or 3 guys over 65.  The oldest guy there was hitting that age where 'twitch' was not something he could do voluntarily but the guy got wicked with a knife. He put all his game knowledge into hunting people down and stabbing them in the back. Everyone got got by the 70 yo ninja on our server. 

Fri Jan 29 2010 3:45PM Report
SatanX writes:

I always felt that experience and cunning can always overcome youth and twitch reflexes, come have a look at the online dawdlers ( ), we're a group of relaxed "over 25's" that play a wide range of games, although we have a "younger" section for our kids so the whole family can play together. We're not big on rules(just common courtesy and manners never hurt), and our site isn't subscription or ad based so it's an easy navigate. We welcome all older gamers and their family's, regardless of whether you play 1 hour a week or 40.

Personally i play EvE online, as the average playerbase is 28 years old(as opposed to 14 in WoW, just a comparison,please don't flame me :) ) and PvP is purely optional. It is the deepest game I've ever played, and 5 years in I'm still learning stuff everyday.

Good luck with your search for a new gaming experience. :)

Fri Jan 29 2010 4:53PM Report
LordAdder writes:

Good article and comments!  Being 56 myself, I can understand where Amathe is coming from.  I started online gaming in '89 with the BBS MUDs (although I've been a gamer all my life including board games, pen & paper games, and single-player PC games). I'm a vet of EQ too, as well as EQ2, DAoC, UO, AC, and AC2 just to name a few as well as quite a few betas. I am currently playing EVE with my younger brother who is a youngster at 52 LOL. I am thinking of re-upping my Sony Station Pass to play EQ & EQ2 again.  I played LOTRO for over two years from open beta (and MoM beta) and have a lifetime sub, but needed a break especially after they started dumbing-down everything.

As far as losing my fast-twitch abilities and not being able to compete, well, I never was one for PvP, but when I do indulge, I use my experience and my brains to make up for any lost reflex timing. And when that isn't enough, I find something to practice with to gain some of that reflex back.  As an example, the folks over at CCP who make EVE are planning a console 'addition' to the game called Dust 514 which will tie into the EVE universe. It will be a lot of twitch action when it arrives, so I finally broke down and bought an Xbox 360 along with CoD:Modern Warfare 2, Mass Effect and  Mass Effect 2.  I'm also planning on acquiring a Playstation 3 and a Wii for varity. When Dust arrives, I'll have my reflexes sharpened and ready. LOL

The point is, never let your chronological age stop you from having fun and competing.  When my brain (read pride) tells me I can do something but my body says, "No you can't," I use my brain to figure out how to train the ol' bod so that it CAN. Staying in shape doesn't hurt either, both physically and mentally.  I just bought a home gym (weight-stack style), and some other equipment and have started a vigorous workout routine. Mentally, I read a lot, stay up-to-date on technology (I build and mod puters as one of my hobbies), and don't go anywhere without my DROID or PSPgo (and DSi XL when it arrives), and I love mental challenges.

I'll probably stay with EVE for a long time and its a good place for us Older Gamers to call home while searching for or waiting for the next MMO that catches our attention. On my horizon: a return to some old favs - EQ & EQ2 ( and eventually LOTRO), and some new ones: STO ( was in beta and have the pre-order, but I'm still not sold on the game being able to hold my interest even though I am a die-hard Trekkie), SW:TOR whenever it arrives, Secret World looks AWESOME, and may retry Fallen Earth (was in beta for a while but had too much on my plate at the time to digest it fully). I may even give Global Agenda a try, but I seriously expect to be chopped liver if I do. LOL Need a LOT more twitch practice. There are other too, but I think I've been long-winded enough. Heh.

Variety - The spice of life, especially at our age. :)

Fri Jan 29 2010 5:27PM Report
Dwarvish writes:

Ayup! I hear ya. 

 I started playing games on a mainframe (before pcs, Atari, Intelevision etc.) and played MUDs through the late 80s to Guilds wars coming out.

 Guils wars fits everything you seem to want in a game. It can be as easy or hard as you want. I soloed all 4 games starting with Prophesies ( the first and best for both learning curve and storyline).

The games are dirt cheap now and all 4 can be had for the price of some new games. Havinf the 1st 3, Preophesies, Factions and Nightfall entitles you to a Fire Imp allie who doesn't count as a team member. You can hire henchmen in town who aren't the best or brightes but get the job done and later add Heros, fully customizable in armor, skillset and weapons. They are very effective!!!!You still have the option of getting a group of real people together...or a mix of heros, people and henchies.

 The game is heavily instanced with options of entering PVP solo, as a team and Guild vs Guild. No ganking, period!

  Strategy is very important. I enjoyed being able to see what I was up against, especialy in harder Missions and going in with Heros and henchies ready to take it apart...take as long as you want. Kinda nice..very relaxing with no repops getting in the way of progress.

 If the game works for you there will be many many years of play coming up in the form of GW2 set 250 years after the original series story line. There will also be a 3 book set to explaine what has happened during that time. The DRAGONS  ARE AWAKE!!!

That said, I'm taking a serious look at LOTR myself. It looks great.

 Playing AIon right now. It has both good and meh points. Great if you're into open PVP. Not so good if you don't like occasionaly being one-shotted by someone 10 plus levels ablove you.


Good luck to you!!

Fri Jan 29 2010 6:18PM Report
GozerTC writes:

Hmm.. what's old?  I'm over 30 now and for some that's old.  Though I can still FPS with the young'ins.  (Just not win that much. :p ) 

Still it is a valid concern.  The future of gaming in general, not just MMO's, seems to be more faster "twitch" based gaming.  Not that that's bad, but for those of us who like to think and consider things it is quickly becoming apparent we're not wanted. 


Fri Jan 29 2010 7:05PM Report
reef22 writes:

I'm going to be 34 in July and I always thought I was pretty old in a crowd when I play any type of MMO.  I don't really care too much for pvp and I'm not saying all people who like pvp are jerks but you'll find a lot of jerks and kids who loves pvp.  I'm currently playing Aion right now and slowly it's getting to me and I don't feel like dealing with those people any more. 

I'm really looking forward to FFXIV.  I was reading the forum of the biggest FFXIV fansite "".  I was surprised that how nice the community is.  Nobody talks down to anyone in the forum, nobody flames anyone.  It's very refreshing to me.  If they represents the type of players that plays FFXII online and the up coming FFXIV online then I would for sure join them. 

I want to be in a game that makes me feel that I'm part of the family.  I want to see players answer questions in the in-game chat window not talking down to newbies no matter how stupid the question is.  And I have a feeling that FFXIV might be it.

Fri Jan 29 2010 8:45PM Report
fairbanks writes:

I am 54 and play Lord Of The Rings On-line {No Ganking Only Fun Stuff}, I Have Guilds, Play as Team member and keep up with anyone in that game and sometimes even better {When The Situation Gets Rough Some People Just Bail Out But I DIE With The Best} , I also play Guild Wars. I Played WOW, City Of Heroes, Villains amd at this point in life cant afford to play the hot new hit Aeon {Hey I Am Retired {Forced Retirement But Retired & Have a lifetime membership with LOTRO}

I do a lot of gaming on the Xbox360, WII, Nintendo DS, Sony PSP, Colecovision, Intellivision, Atari {You get My Drift}. I spend lots of money on new releases, sometimes only to play 1 time and add to the collection, but I still hope to be playing when I am well past 54.

I started gaming with the PONG and I still have that here... I worked at repairing Atari 2600 in their time and had all machines {Except Sony PS3} up to present.

Gaming is FUN no matter what type of games you play. I usually play RPG like Final Fantasy, Zeldas {All}, Nostalgia, Dragonball Attack Of The Saiyans, Etc and finish every one I start..

I cant wait for Final Fantasy XII. Already Pre Ordered at Good Ole Gamestop

fairbanks55 on Xbox360


Sat Jan 30 2010 12:44AM Report
brenth writes:

eve is all about ruthless PVP and even if you are in a non-combat corp  they are frequently war declared which makes you vulneravle to attack anywhere in the universe for at least a week,, casual players are 2nd class players  LOTRO use to be good but these last two expansions awere nothing but more pvp, hack and slash, and raiding. 

star trek online is a HUGE dissapointment its nothing but a over sized hack and slash arena  its kind of like expecting a house and the final product is a tool shed. EPIC FAIL

you might take a look at a little nitch game wurm  its not fancy  but it is definatly  a different beast.

as long as game developers have such low standards and make only hack and slash violence games  i will be a refugee.

Sat Jan 30 2010 4:35AM Report
f4ding1 writes:

I have been running into the same issue lately i have also been playing mmo's for about 10 years and up until about a year and a half ago i loved it. The problem i have now is that all the new games coming out are gank fests with player bases filled with rude annoying kids with below average IQ's. I wish i had 4-6 hours a day to play games but my carreer and family are more important so i dont have time to spend 4 hours running back to a quest location everytime a group of 6 runs up and ganks me or wait to come back later because someone is camping the questing spots waiting to kill anyone trying to enjoy the game. Like a couple people mentioned already in this thread FFXIV looks like it will be worth playing so that is what i have been waiting for until then i will stick with WoW.

Sat Jan 30 2010 11:47AM Report
amithist writes:

I turn 40 in about 18 days (not sure what happened but I was 20 just yesterday I swear) I also fall into the disabled gamer population.

 I was slow to come to Online play. I was still holding on with dear life to D&D (pre WoTC). I missed the whole EQ era. (BBS games even after we got the internet in the mid-late 90s). I joined the world of MMOs in 2002 with Anarchy Online. I still enjoy playing AO but I do so solo to avoid "the kids"

I am not good at group play as it is too chaotic in most of the groups I have been in..No strategy just hack 'em. I am slow to join guilds as well. I don't have an affinity to some styles of speaking that would have had me unable to sit for a week when I was younger. ( Yes I am picky lol)

Lately I have enjoyed Ruins of Magic, Perfect World Games ( Ether Sage, Jade Dynasty and Perfect World) currently I am enjoying Dragon Oath.

Dragon Oath has a lot of non story line quests as well as numerous story line quests. I have actually even taken off time from Farmville (lol) to play. So far I have no complaints in ether game play or community. Though it does have the "pay cash for gold" type spam that every games seems to have now.

I also am addicted to Alpha and Beta games (both Closed and Open) If you can get past that occasionally game closing down on you it can be really enjoyable to put a game threw its paces.

Speaking of which, I just downloaded Altis Gate (Thanks for the beta key... get soo many here lol)

Happy Valentines Day everyone :D


Mon Feb 01 2010 7:31AM Report
AngryGames writes:

36 here. Been playing Eve-Online off and on since beta. Haven't found a game that is even close to the depth of this game.

However, PVP is not always consensual. Usually in higher security systems you are mostly safe, but these days 'gankers' are having a field day by suicide ganking (and then getting insurance payouts while the gankee gets nothing but a hit to his wallet for all the lost implants, modules, ships, etc).

That being said, it is still the best MMO I've played, and I've been 'podded' one time since I started, and only been involved in non-consensual pvp five or so times, with all but one my fault for being in areas that weren't 'safe'. The other was a suicide gank.

Our corporation is all over 30, and there's a lot of team play involved with missions, mining, building, inventing, etc. Eve for the most part seems to be mature, but that's only if you avoid their forums, which seemingly are run by 13 year old kids who just smack each other all day long, and declare war on anyone that makes a post they don't like. In the years I've played, I've made a total of two posts on their forums, and one of them got me a war dec simply because someone didn't like a ship fitting I posted. Go figure.

All in all, great game, highly recommended. PVP lasts about 13 seconds when it happens, unless you are in nullsec (no security), then it can last about 30 minutes but that isn't from the fighting, it is from the terrible lag that still hasn't been resolved for fleet fights (which is what the devs have tried to encourage everyone to get into).

Time for old man to stop rambling.

Mon Feb 01 2010 5:00PM Report
lexxcptn writes:

Well, it looks like its all been said above me, but I'll chime in anyway. I'm 52 and got involved in FPS with Tribes 1, and been playing online games every since. Do I get chopped up by younger players: twice this week in Eve Online. But its the greatest thing out there this side of sliced bread. I've not been involved in PvP in Eve Online except during those times in which I knew I was pursuing "risky lo-sec behavior". For the last two years, I have been involved with the OLDr crowd at and found them to be the most laid back and helpful group that I have ever talked with. I've never been pressured to be a part of some restrictive group and forsake all others, like most groups out there. And that's my advice; find a fun group somewhere, and let the gaming take care of itself. Life is too short dude. :)

Mon Feb 08 2010 7:54PM Report
Jello63 writes:

Well, I can understand this whole thing about being owned by the younger gamers out there & I too have experienced that, but as Satan X said, "Experience & cunning" can over come the twitch thing.

I'm 46 & have played many FPS's & quite a num,ber of MMO's & currently have been playing a fair bit of CoD WaW & with practice, using your wits & outsmarting the younger players can manage to quite often finish in the top five & that's playing TDM which to me is pretty mindless, but seems here in Oz, that what's the young ones want to play.

As for MMO's I've played GW's, LOTRO & EvE & would strongly recommend any of them as a game for the mature gamer, There are more on thier way too, just have a good look at the games list here at MMORPG. Also WWIIOL is good as it's an FPSMMO on a huge scale, where simply being fast with reflexes doesn't count, it's all about teaming up & being strategic & with the new version not far off, the graphics etc... will be much improved.

But as for any one game having a majority of mature gamers, I don't know that you could say anyone game would, no matter what you play there is always going to be some immature weenie going off his/her head about something trivial, just ignore them. Those sorts of kids that do that are, one day in the future when they reach our age & after years of peaking out over playing games will peak out for the last time & give themselves a heart attack from the stress they give themselves over something that is supposed to be fun & relaxing ;).

To all the oldr gamers out there, I'd say don't give up on games simply because you don't have the reflexes you used to, use that well developed & experienced grey matter & outsmart your opponents rather than trying to beat them with agility. Practice, patientence & brains will in most cases win over aggresivness.

I can also recommend The Online Dawdlers for a place that the whole family can join & play together.


Tue Feb 09 2010 4:18PM Report
AnvilMAn writes:

Q: why wont we de-list STO?

A: the same reason gamespot fired that guy, the advertisements


that being said im really enjoying STO right now but i dont think its an MMO in the true sense of the list it with games like Diablo due to the amount of instancing it uses.



and id also like to throw my hat into the ring of "why the hell is Leage Of Legends" listed? thats not even further away from an MMO.

Sun Feb 14 2010 9:15AM Report
bayfia writes:

I'm a female gamer, and I'm 62 ... started online gaming late in my life - in my early 50s, after taking up FPS and stant-alone RPG gaming for something different to do.  I started out with Neverwinter Nights, and tried out some Playstation 2 games also.  My reflexes weren't too bad in my early 50s yet, so I enjoyed playing games like Jak & Daxter and Castlevania: Lament of Innocence.  Of course, I always had a fairly high coordination index, and was a really fast typist in my younger years.

Here at 62, I am certainly feeling the loss of my fast reflexes in game, but I have been playing Everquest 2 since February 2005.  Even though I sometimes have difficulty keeping up with groups, and struggle to maintain in raids at times, I am still fairly effective as a healer.  It helps to know the game pretty well, although I've never been a gamer who pays attention to all the numbers the way the younger players do.  I lack the patience, and don't have the ego invested to compete on the basis of hit points, the way they do.

I tried out PvP for about 3 months in Everquest 2 on one of their PvP servers, and discovered that I didn't care for the self-centered barbarity of it, so I've avoided it.  It didn't occur to me that I was also avoiding the frustrations I would have experienced dealing with fast young players when my reflexes can't keep up.  I guess I was just lucky there.

So I play the game with an eye toward developing and maintaining good friends and guild community, sharing what I know of the game after 5 years of playing with newer players, helping folks out, and doing more of the quest related content and the crafting content, and avoiding PvP.  Sony just installed a Battlegrounds component, a la WoW, in the game with the new Sentinals of Fate expansion.  The young turks are all tearing over there to play in the raid formations in the Battlegrounds, which pull players from all the servers.  That, of course, means the PvP pros from the PvP servers (well, there's only ONE PvP server now) are in the raid mix with the folks from the other servers.  I tried it out for about 5 minutes yesterday, and was overwhelmed.  I'm a good, high level healer, but the pace was far too fast, and the ganking by the opposing team really ticked me off.

My age DOES affect my game play, I'd be in total self-denial to think it doesn't.  I am always dragging anchor in the group, catching up when they are tearing across the landscape.  But I do the best I can, they cut me a bit of slack, and I do take care of healing them and keeping them alive.  Occasionally I get complaints because my heals are a little slow in the uptake ... I find it necessary to concentrate - to focus - during heavy battles, and I've had to memorize the exact location on screen where my healer hotbar ikons are located - to pick up my speed a bit.  But my age is definitely a detriment to my speed.

There are gamers of all ages playing EQ2.  I've met one woman in guild who is 72 years old, and I've met lots of guys (maybe just a few women) in their late 40s and mid-50s.   I don't generally tell my true age to others in game unless I know them very well, and they have shared their true age with me.  (I'm sure that some folks make up their age when confronted, but a gamer who tells you he is 47, or 55, or 62, isn't lying about it, I'm pretty sure.)  My age isn't apparent from the sound of  my voice in Voice Chat, as my voice is much younger sounding.  I think that's the case partly because my mindset is much younger.

Which brings me to the point of this really.  I believe that playing in MMO's (well, Everquest 2, because I only tried out WoW and hated it after 3 months, tried out Age of Conan, got fed up with the bugs and lack of content after launch in about 2 months) keeps me "young in spirit".  The virtual world is exciting, challenging, intriguing ... a GREAT "New Frontier" ...and it's these kinds of experiences that I think help to keep all of us "younger in spirit".   Of course, I've had some frustrating, disappointing, even embarrassing moments when my age got in the way of my performance, and some younger gamer "called" me on it.

And, of course, only my closest friends know my true age (I just don't discuss my age generally), and they understand me better as a result.  I've experienced a good deal of age discrimination in real life, trying to find a job in a flagging economy when I was in my 50s.  I don't feel the need to broadcast my true age in a virtual world where it can be held against me, although it's certainly true that the first questions often asked in personal encounters in game are, "How old are you?" and "Where are you in real life (town/state/country questions).   I know there are probably plenty of younger gamers that I play across from who are savvy enough to suspect that I'm much older, simply because of my slower reaction times, but I'm rarely confronted with that observation.

So in the final analysis, I have found a way to make Everquest 2 my "home game" because it satisfies my craving for an interactive fantasy life - but then, in EQ2, you can decorate a house, dress your characters in a 1000 different ways, and explore zones that are both beautiful and terrifying.  For me, there's a lot more to MMO gaming than just hack & slash and racking up the highest hit pits in a parser.  (Even if it does become frustrating now and then.)

Sat Feb 27 2010 10:44AM Report
flynnkd writes:

I'm 52 at present and started out with EQ also, have tried lots of games since then. Currently I am playing Fallen Earth, which has a blend of FPS that I find quite nice. You can twitch play or you can stand there and hold down the mouse button, I'm not sure it makes a lot of difference (maybe my perceptions are slowing down also).  Fallen Earth has a great crafting and scavenging system as well to keep you constantly doing things. Its a slower paced game (leveling is quite slow) with frantic moments.  And the environment creeps up on you, the longer I play it the more comfortable I feel playing it... which I cant say for a lot of games.

Tue Mar 16 2010 5:58PM Report
Jade_Mara writes:

I see that this thread is 4 years old, but I found it when Googling "MMOs for older gamers".

After playing FFIVX for a few months now, I've come to the conclusion that I am too slow for the HM Dungeons.  

I would like to suggest, to anyone looking for a good MMORPG for older people, the game SWTOR (Star Wars the Old Republic).  I loved it.  Loved it so much that I leveled every class there is and some of them twice.  Once as a male and once as a female toon because the outcomes are different.

If you love a great story that completely envelopes you...this is one you might like to try!

Sun Jan 12 2014 7:35PM Report writes:
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