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Warhammer 40K MMO

Posted by garrett Tuesday January 26 2010 at 12:42PM
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So I have been trying to spend a little more time away from my computer in recent weeks. That is not easy to do when you have the jobs that I do. However, I have started up a new Warhammer 40K Army for tabletop and have been painting away for the last week. Khorne Chaos Marines if you must know. I have never done a Khorne army and despite seeing them everywhere I decided it would be the most fun to paint. Plus I love skulls.

So during the long hours it takes to paint minis. I have been constantly thinking of the Warhammer 40K MMO that is secretly being developed over at VIGIL Studios for THQ. Now for those who may not know THQ was the publisher for Dawn of War, but it was made by Relic. I am a huge fan of the Dawn of War games and am curious on how the other studio is handling development.

The big question is how well will 40K translate into an MMO? Well I do know that of the Games Workshop IPs, 40K is the big one. Fans are fanatical and want nothing more than to jump into the carnage of the 41st millenium. The trick is how to play in that universe as a single character in a war torn environment.

If you are a Space Marine....then that's it. How can you advance? The world is made up of units and chapters and all that great fluff, so how can an individual character grow? Well, one way would be to implement a squad system that allows players to gain ranks and grow a squad of NPCs on their own. This would be similar to the model tried in Gods & Heroes, which never launched. Imagine, you start as a single marine, do well, and can become a sergeant or something. Perhaps you can upgrade to Terminator status? Again these are just ideas. Eventually you have NPCs join your squad and implement group tactics similar to Dragon Age's party system....damn this game is sounding sick.

Or what if the entire 40K game was built around player guilds. You played as an individual, you chose a faction, and you joined up a Chapter with other players and whooosh off you go. Now, this may not work with certain 40K races...Tyranids...but it would be damn cool. Also, character advancement does not have to be thought of in terms of leveling and skills. Maybe some new systems could be implemented for characters to grow and earn rewards whether fighting for the Emperor or that insane Ork Boss.

For now I guess I just have to keep painting and praying we hear some news about this game soon. There are so many possibilities with 40k. While other MMOs look to grow with old ideas. 40K definitely gives the developers a chance to throw out the rules and come up with new ideas on how a persistent world can change and grow without having to "level" character skills.

Food for thought...THQ please blow us away at E3 this year with some 40K MMO AWESOMENESS!

PS: Once the army is painted, I'll post a pic.

Nightbringe1 writes:


I wish I still lived in an area where people played 40K.

I loved my Tyranid and Nurgle armies.

Tue Jan 26 2010 1:14PM Report
Pabswikk writes:

I'm a hardcore marine player, and I have thought long and hard about how this would work. It wold possibly be the hardest game to balance ever, almost purely because ever race is designed to be at least 10 times as horrible as others. For instance, space marines can punch the heads off of most other aliens.

I've thought that in the game you should start each race with controlling 2 or three men (Like gibberlings in Allods). So two scouts, 3 Eldar guardians, 4 ork boyz etc. Over the course of the game, you'd loose teammates at certain levels, and progress. So an ork boy grows into a nob, or a scout becomes a fully fledged space marine, and the Eldar becomes a warlock. The point is, at higher levels (farseer, chapter master, warboss, demon prince) almost every race can at least provide a good fight to the other one (With one every...notable exception).

I'm extremely worried for this MMO, as 40k simply doesn't translate well into MMO terms. With the multitude of custom chapters, it's going to be hard to come up with a good reason for a lone marine to be travelling the universe without his brothers (same for most other armies), yet if they concentrate on say....the Blood Ravens...they are going to piss off a LOT of potential players.

Personally I think they'll take the easy route and make an inquisitor game.

Tue Jan 26 2010 1:24PM Report
tehikk writes:

I'd play the table top game if anyone near me played it... D:

Tue Jan 26 2010 1:27PM Report
tehikk writes:

I'd play the table top game if anyone near me played it... D:

Tue Jan 26 2010 1:27PM Report
Paragus1 writes:

Please, for the love of god and all that is holy, stop trying to milk IPs by releasing a half-assed MMO based on them.  How many more times are we going to watch games do this and bomb?

Tue Jan 26 2010 1:28PM Report
Axeion writes:

They could use dawn of war 1 engine. its a bit beter grafic than wow.Their would be advancment up the ranks in marines . Chos tho would have the most varied i would hope.

Tue Jan 26 2010 1:32PM Report
Crosius writes:

Just have it play like Shattered Galaxy. It was an MMORTS and your "hero" leveled up as did your units. You fought over territory and the territory granted bonuses to one of the three different faction presidents and his cabinent. When SG was populated the game was AWESOME. I could definitely see 40k seeing that kind of development. The heroes would be the commanders of their respective sects. O'Shovah or Magus or Khorne whoever. They would each battle it out for territory and GLORY. heh, or something like that. I'd definitely sub!

Tue Jan 26 2010 1:50PM Report
fanita writes:

I could see it being something like planetside perhaps, an MMO FPS with 300 versus 300 versus 300 etc etc purely PVP battles. Would allow for the awesome tanks and other vehicles present in the 40K universe.

Tue Jan 26 2010 2:23PM Report
jadiusmax writes:

At this point it sounds like the problem would be in peoples interpretation of the game, rather than development.  If people are willing to accept that an MMO will not be mechanically identical to the Tabletop, and they do a great job of creating a fantastic 40k world then i think i'd play it for a long time to come.  If you want tabletop, buy an army.  If you want the mmo then be willing to flex.  (and for the record , i wanna SEE my terminator armor or whatever, so 3rd person imo)

Tue Jan 26 2010 3:39PM Report
Dnomsed writes:

 Im very excited to see this game.  I like the tiered system Relic used in DoW.  A select few army lists as player factions to start, with others added in content patches/expansions.  RPG style tutorial where you begin as a scout marine, for example, play out a pve quest chain to gain brotherhood initiation and open up the full game as a baseline marine.  You could do the same thing as Eldar, guardian transitioning to Aspect. Ork to... bigger ork.  As for pvp, WH40K has always been a skirmish game and in that regard would make for an awesome instanced pvp platform.  The biggest hurdle that I see for Vigil in the world pvp department is the level of epicness in the IP for battles.  It will be interesting to see how they approach this.

Tue Jan 26 2010 3:48PM Report
Dnomsed writes:

 Oh, and I hope that they support player created heraldry.  I would love to don the colors of my TT marines, Golden Bolters, chapter.  And besides, we ARE all marines in the service of the Emporer even if the armor is different colors.  ;)


Tue Jan 26 2010 3:55PM Report
Inktomi writes:

 Good post Garret, but I just wanted to post some insights on the 40k lore. 

No one really starts out as a 'space marine', they were elite bioengineered soldiers that had genetic implants no later than 18. I wouldn't find it fair to start as a space marine. 

Terminators should be chosen builds as they were in the 40k-iverse. Just as Inquisitors that are trained and promoted.

I played the Dark Heresy RPG when it was released. Funny, GW sakced Black Library right after it was released and stopped supporting the game. I don't know if they picked it up again. It was interesting but I grew bored of it quick. 

I'd like to see how they pull it off. Personall I always felt that WH fantasy should of been the RTS version and that 40k should of been made into an MMO first, but who am I to talk.

Tue Jan 26 2010 4:17PM Report
Tzetoth writes:

Brothers In Arms style squad-based tactical shooter. Focused on player-vs-player with AI supplements/auxiliaries.

Persistent world conflict, long term campaigns (tyrannid hiveship shows up, and you try and fend it off or ultimately call down an exterminatus), bringing it down to smaller scale for some SpaceHulk missions, etc.

Ultimately if you just design it around Space Marines/Chaos Space Marines you will have a rich experience at launch and expand later. If they try and put in everyone's favorite armies they WILL fail. Hard. Also if they try and go with a WoW or WAR approach and have you play as a single unit or commander the scale and atmosphere is completely lost.

More likely, expect to see dozens of farseers dancing naked on space mailboxes, or librarians doing the robot at the bank. Because developers are dumb and still think that WoW should be the template for every MMO.

Tue Jan 26 2010 4:22PM Report
Vindicore writes:

Simply have it play like Planetside or WWIIO; you join a warzone and capture territory until you kick your enemies off it.

Character progression? Take the marines; start as a scout, get your proper armour and then specialise into jump packs, heavy weapons or terminator armour.  Or go down the vehicle root and grab tanks or aircraft.  This can be applied to all armies except maybe tyranids, but then you could just have the progression not follow one living thing, but just have the player move from type to type like the hive mind.

Either have the armies fighting over a single world, or even do it over a whole solar system or region of space.

Tue Jan 26 2010 4:27PM Report
Inktomi writes:

 Amendment: They sacked* Black Industries and now it's being supported by Fantasy Flight games. Who will release a follow up to it called 'rogue trader'. 

Tue Jan 26 2010 4:32PM Report
Vosper writes:

Vindicore's idea is one likely way that would be easiest, and also most closely follows a standard MMO progression.  It would work for the majority of the races, I think.

As for Tyranids, I might suggest the dev's leave them NPC only.  I'm not the most fluff-knowledgable one, but are they not the bane of all races?  Also, being mind-hive controlled, I'm not sure how it would convert to a PC selectable race.

Gameplay... the fluff obviously begs for massive PvP battles, if the focus is not going to be Inquistorial-like in nature.  Perhaps queued battles over set battlemaps, instead of open world?  Open zones for PvP would have to have, like every other game using it, some means of balancing numbers (and not sure how many have succeeded).

Be interesting to get some news out of the dev's.

Tue Jan 26 2010 4:55PM Report
Vanith writes:

If they do it right, it'll be great. If they do it wrong...well no one wants to see a repeat of the mass disappointment that was WAR. High hopes for a great IP that didn't translate well into an MMO.


The big question of how to take a squad-based combat game and turn it into a MMO is a tricky one. The WAR model couldn't even hold my interest and I've been a huge fan of Warhammer for 15+ years.


Would I like to see them do something new and different and combine the Shattered Galaxy someone mentioned with modern MMO characteristics? Sure. Realistically though...?


I see more of a game based on the Dark Heresy model. If you've read the Eisenhorn or Ravenor novels, the Inquisition as a playable part of the Imperium could be interesting. Allowing classes such as an Interrogator, Imperial Guardsman, Pysker, Sororitas (how many of THOSE would we see) and more. Similar playable classes could exist for the Eldar, Orks, Necrons, obviously Chaos.


The other big question is how to deal with Space Marines/Renegade Marines. Leaving them out is similar to leaving Jedi out of SWG (not that I minded...don't get off track). Perhaps a class progression system like Lineage 2?


I'm totally firing from the hip here, but this is one MMO I have a lot of interest in because of my loyalty to the original IP. Like Paragus said, if it's half-assed it's doomed. If someone can take an existing, popular, IP and make a great game out  of it, then you're talking about the mythical WoW-Killer.

Tue Jan 26 2010 5:32PM Report
Ravenmane writes:

I think it's funny really.  I've known for a few years Vigil has been working on a Warhammer 40k MMO and some people think about how it will turn out.  I think it will end up like WoW honestly.  Warcraft 3 had an RPG style level in where you ran around Ogrimmar and did quests for people that took you to differnet levels which in turn rewarded gold, xp, and loot.  WoW was the same formula but in a fully 3D immersive world.  Now here comes DoW2 where you level up your main character and gear them out and get abilities as you go along the game and ironically the same publisher is having someoen work on a 40k MMO.  Coincidence or brilliance in the making?

Tue Jan 26 2010 5:42PM Report
llddavies writes:

 Here's a post I made on another forum on another site:


It be a simple Class based game where you choose your career path after a few levels. For example, starting off as a Scout Initiate, and after a few levels advance to a full fledged battle brother and enter a Tactical Squad. Further levels simply advance your level, and if you preferr more close combat then you'll end up as an Assault Marine, or perhaps for long range and enter the Devastator Squads. Eventually having enough gear and level's for Terminator Squads (Either assault cannons etc for long range or Thunder Hammers and Storm Sheild for close combat). Final levels would allow access to Librarian/Rune Priest abilities and Commander abilities like orbital strikes (Along with all the Iron Halo gear etc.).

Imperial Guard can work the same way, but focused on long range abilities (no Ogryns please :P) starting at guardsman and working towards command structures like Commissars and Colonels. While marines focus more on single elite troops, the guard could have access to more tanks and sentinels.

Alien races are easy enough. Orks have a huge variety of troops, Eldar with their aspects. Chaos similar to Marnies but with a few Daemon summoning abilities. Tyranid, again lots of variety like Orcs. Tau would be interesting with advancement towards XV-8's etc.

Gameplay is a tough one though. Do you go down the traditional route of running around taking on single mobs or small mobs (like LoTRO, WoW, WAR etc.) or perhaps try and achieve more of the 40k feel by having various size battles from small skirmishes to full blown enemy hordes charging at you. The first method allows for traditional MMO play style. The second allows for more of the FPS feel. Either way could work depending on the level of involvement and and having lots of buttons on your bars to give you playstyle variety (although as i mentioned, the could be a lot of variety in the classes alone).

Just my quick take on the matter.

Tue Jan 26 2010 6:10PM Report
secureplay writes:

Run it like Atlantica Online where you lead a squad. It is probably the closest to the miniatures.

Tue Jan 26 2010 8:20PM Report
thaze writes:

 I would think that they keep the early levels in a "solo mode" where you go through some tutorials and start a story campaign for your chosen character (whether you're a scout for the SM, or an Ork grunt or whatever).  Eventually, your campaign will cease to be single-unit jobs and you'll have to join in with other players who are on the same mission.  Co-ordinating with your fellow players will be the key to victory.

Other than the story mode, you can also play in Conquest mode; a constant stream of PvP raids where the winning race earns control of the planet or galaxy in question.  New players will only be able to play as privates of their army, but a combination of PvP experience and story mode completion will unlock new units for you to control such as Terminators.

Xp progression can also be used as a currency, used to "buy" secondary weapon options or armor upgrades.  Keeping the XP will make you that much closer to a new unit however, making budgeting a very important mechanic.

I know I'd look for something like this coming out by the end of this year.

Tue Jan 26 2010 9:27PM Report
jadiusmax writes:

Why would you want it close to the miniatures?  Tabletop if you want that imo.  RTS if you wanna control squads.  If you want to MMO, then be ready to MMO...I think it would be tons-o-fun to be a single marine smack dab in the middle of the shiznit storm.

Tue Jan 26 2010 9:28PM Report
mrbizarro writes:

lldavies is right. Advancement is easy. It's the gameplay that's tough.

The easy way out, which I expect they will take, would be to say the players are all trapped inside a warpstorm. Cut off from their squads, they are left to continue battling as individuals. The desperate situation would allow alliances that wouldn't normally happen. Space Marines may choose to fight along side Eldar to destroy worse threats, like Chaos or Tyranids.

While this is the simplest way to achieve an MMO-style of play, a tiny piece of me still hopes they will find a way to fully immerse players in the 40K lore, no matter how complicated that may be.

Tue Jan 26 2010 9:31PM Report
Shamorau writes:

I think that it will be the hardest game to bring to fulfillment. We have the rabid 40k fans, one of the biggest IP's and balance issues as well.

Personally i would like to see something that almost forces you to team up. Yes you should be still able to do single missions but they shouldnt be all that taxing. Where as the basics are at least squad size. This would force players of a certain chapter, boss, hive whatever to team up to complete a goal. As many others have already said i dont advancement is going to be an issue, but game play is going to be difficult.

And i hope that if we choose a race that we arent restricted to one type. for example can only be ultramarines, or thousand sons. They are going to have to incorporate all main chapters and races.

Tue Jan 26 2010 9:44PM Report
ironhelix writes:

I think it's next to impossible to make an MMO out of 40k. The lore just doesn't support it. They are going to have to be creative, and it's not going to be very authentic. I can see it working somewhat with space marines, but the other races (especially things like Tyranids) do not have "individuals" that a person could play as. I guess if they just focused on Space Marines, Eldar, and Orks it could work... maybe.

Tue Jan 26 2010 10:43PM Report
Wraithone writes:

Blood for the Blood God! Skulls for the Skull Throne!  Hmmm... Sorry, got carried away by the moment. ^^  If its done right, a 40K MMO could be one hell of a lot of fun.  But it could also turn into a Devs nightmare, with all of the lore and various factions involved.

Tue Jan 26 2010 11:08PM Report
yureineko writes:

I think it would be just effing amazing to be able to run a squad in an mmo in real time (not turn based). And even though it has never happened in 40K, I have dreamed for years about space skaven. But it would really kill the feel if it were only a two faction game a la WAR. I'm drooling just thinking about this.

Tue Jan 26 2010 11:10PM Report
yureineko writes:

Sorry about the paragraph-less rant.

Tue Jan 26 2010 11:11PM Report
Scorpius writes:

About the only way I can realistically see them doing it is Space Marines and Chapters, anything else and they'll spread themselves too thin.

This may make the game more "niche" and losing some "hardcore" W40K players, but it's better than the alternative of having a game with different factions that are all over the place gameplay-wise.

If it does OK, they can always look at adding different player races once they have the main game solid...

Wed Jan 27 2010 12:31AM Report
Eulampios writes:


Wed Jan 27 2010 1:16AM Report
Eridanix writes:

In the beginning it will be Marines vs Chaos and I'm afraid that it will be not so much innovative... It will be like the lost Tabula Rasa or Global Agenda more than a MMORTS.

Well, I hope I'm wrong. Love the IP. I want my Tyranid! I'll eat you all!

Wed Jan 27 2010 3:43AM Report
Rosmariini writes:

Would be awesome if there would come 40K MMO, which was  well made. I love Dawn of War and table top games

Wed Jan 27 2010 3:43AM Report
jarlaxo writes:

I've often dreamed of there one day being a 40k MMO and i always thought the pre cu swg way of leveling would kinda work for it. You could pick your race, space marine, eldar, tau (maybe), ork, chaos marine, imp guard etc.. then from there you would have different skill trees and xp points say 250 like swg was, then you use them points and level up in a specific tree i.e. space marine heavy weapons, then once you master a class then you become that class for example you pick eldar then once you've mastered your class (through quests etc..). say the class tree you chose was to become a banshee or a warp spider then once you get to master you become a bnashee or warp spider, that could also bring in a crafting option too for people who fancy crafting or maybe want to use vehicles and they can use extra points in learning skills to use vehicles. then guilds would be chapters etc. Just a thought :)

Wed Jan 27 2010 3:57AM Report
kabum writes:

I see the mmo for 40k in another way. at least I will like it these way. You choose a race ( army). There is no profesion, always messy later on when you want to change or something. You gain attributes and skills. with roleplaying ( quest) you can choose army and corpse, speciality or whatever. Always as grunt or non-co. if not you finish in a room with 34 space marines captains and 20 priest an 10 librarians. not nice.

The chapters or equivalent are clans. player clans. And there is a tactical part and clan missions. Who will not like to have a chapter with 1000 players fullfilling each role and not npc.

A galaxy map where each race conquest and modificates planets.

do you like the idea?


Wed Jan 27 2010 6:11AM Report
PittyH writes:

With all the rubbish MMO's out lately it wouldn't suprise me if it was wow with a 40k skin..

Wed Jan 27 2010 6:43AM Report
NeoSquall writes:

I imagine it as a merge between the structures of Planetside and the recent Face of Mankind: a massive online player-driven game, where one choses the faction he wants to play (Imperium, Inquisition, Space Marines, Chaos Cults, Chaos Marines, Eldar, Tau, Orks), then grabs a weapon and fights for control of entire planets.

Each faction has its own equipment and anyone can put aside some of its combat prowess to specialize in crafting (weapons, armor, force weapons, power armors, chaos trikets, waystones, etc.) and higher-ranked craftsman can assemble vehicles.

Wed Jan 27 2010 7:03AM Report
Ragemore writes:

 If you read the books, they  filled with a lot of small detachment Marines going on various "solo" missions for the Chapter, or at the request some other faction be it Terrain Council, Mars, or Inquisitors. It is filled with "characters" of other races showing up in numbers as small as one, and as large as millions. 

In fact a 40K MMO should play more like the Inquisitor game, with chances to be in battles like the table top. In fact make all the PvE content based around "questing/mission" for various factions, and make the PvP everything from squad vs squad battles, up to full army engagements. 

The universe isn't just Marines, in fact they really are a small part (all thoguh one of the best parts) you could do an entire game that includes all the other factions of humanity, and it would still be a big game, thats before adding Marines, or other races.

As an example check out a lot of the books, I have read stories of Privateers, Imperial Agents, Inquisitors of three different factions, Machine God, Mercenaries, Penal Colony troops, Astropaths, Psykers, cults, Hive worlds, and thats just the human stuff. 

It amazes me the amount of great material they have created over the years, any game tey make they should build with the idea of constantly adding more, build this knowing you can't fit everythnig in at first, but planning to add it all, and even create some new stuff along the way.

Wed Jan 27 2010 8:35AM Report
Finnion writes:

I like the idea of making your elite, or higher tier, classes into NPC's.  Not popular I know, but we don't want every wing nut out there trying to become leet, do we?


As for the fight its self... I would like to see more than 2 factions.  And, another unpopular idea, "guilds" restricted to with faction they are allied with.  Seeing Tau, Eldar, and Marines in the same guild would be a slap in the IP face, sort of.  The multi-faction would make it harder for any single faction to overpower the others, as there can be alliances.  Tau and Eldar team together to take on the Orks, or Chaos.  In my experience, which goes back a few more years than I will disclose here, the 3 faction system worked the best.  However, this IP begs for even more factions based on race.


But let us remember, this game is made to make a company money.  They will do whatever they can to get the most subscriptions.  This is the law of any game developer.  There is the "kill factor" that gets laid out at the beginning of any game.


Have hopes for it, but then I really had high hopes for WAR.  Not judging until I see more though.



There are some great ideas here on character progression.  I anticipate a WAR style "tree" system.  Again, we'll see.

Wed Jan 27 2010 9:13AM Report
Postal13 writes:

Crafting is gonna rock in this game!  I can't wait to start making my own terminator armour!

Wed Jan 27 2010 10:58AM Report
boonieboone writes:

 A 40k MMO would be extremely difficult to do. Everyone who plays or has played has hundreds of ideas of how to make this the best MMO ever. Like a few of the comments earlier there is so much "content" to 40k it would be hard to add all the factions. The Imperium of Man has dozens of factions and even every other Space Marine Chapter does things differently.The sheer size of th universe is the problem. Even though I am a Tau or  IG player I love Space Wolves and I would love to play a Necron Lord or Tyranid Tervigon....Oh the endless possibilities.

*Powers on his melta and jumps into his Chimera*

Wed Jan 27 2010 1:18PM Report
Dendro writes:

I would love to see a hybrid of SWG pre-CU/NGE and WAR, with Squad based characters.

Tiered sandbox style advancement. Easiest way to balance careers for PvP. Your not stuck just being the healer you can create your chacarter the way you want it to be. This would work for all races.

Three or more factions is a must with PvP, over balancing of servers kills most PvP games.

Most IP lore books, articles, stories, usually only focus on small parts of larger battles. So Instanced PvP that effects open world PvP would work, maybe even progressive PvP were you have to complete something before you open another area. Epic PvP is ok but if you ever spent endless hours in a capital city just to go no where knows what I mean.

Squad based characters, 10 Imperial guardsmen with the right gear can take out 5 Chaos Space Marines. This could be used with every race. The more powerful races would have less members available for squads. Get 4 or 5 players with their squads together... instant army. If you lose your troopers then you don't get them back, until you go back to a hub, so use them wisely.

Make PvP/PvE available from the start, and not one or the other the focus of the game. Both styles of game play effect what is going on in the game.

If they go with singal characters, for me I like the twitch based combat (like what they have in Fallen Earth) you actually have to aim your weapons including melee weapons. NO MACROS!!!! put some effort in your game play.

The biggest gripe I see about crafting is that a Space Marine would never have to make a bolter or a power sword. Well heres my take, every character slot comes with 2 toons one for combat and for crafting. Space Marine would have Techmarines, Orks would get Gretchin, Imperial Guard Enginseers and so on. These toons would have all defensive abilities and little to no offensive abilities.  They could withstand an attack and be able to flee the area. They could also contribute to larger battles in stationary weapons or operating vehicles.

Its possible make to make an mmo out of the War 40k ip. I'm a huge fan of both and if it turns out to be World of War40k then I'll play it anyway. We'll just have wait and see

Wed Jan 27 2010 1:28PM Report
trojan99 writes:

i was reading a forward by an author of one of the 40k novel series. in that he stated that to prepare for writing the books he had to immerse himself in all that came before so that the 'lore' remained true. quite a task considering the magnitude of material printed.

while i never played the game i have read a great many of the books and an mmo based on 40k is a daunting task.. it is my belief, and a sad one, that they would have to water it down significantly to make it playable otherwise it would be in development for a decade, a 'duke nukem forever' if you will.

i look forward to more hard news about this game as i would love to play it.......but i dont know how many more disappointments i can take in mmo's before i simply stop playing them.

an undertaking like this is bound to polarize its player base into fanboi and hater. here's hoping u make me a fanboi.


Wed Jan 27 2010 2:54PM Report
pojung writes:

Responding to OP (too many subsequent responses to read):

I'm not sure where you think there isn't enough source content for Vigil to work off of in order to develop a fully substanced gameworld and mechanics for the 40k franchise.

Personally, I was a bigger fan of the WAR side of the house than 40k, but recognize which was the obviously bigger pop pull.

Judging from how Vigil did with their upstart Darkstriders, and the [long current] lull in the MMO industry (over-done fantasy theme, no real innovation, yada yada)... there's really nothing to get uptight about governing where they will take the title.

At the very least, there's no way Vigil could one-up (depending on your axis orientation...) the way Mythic handled their WAR title...

Wed Jan 27 2010 3:03PM Report
netshock writes:

Hi guys, just wanted to add my 2 credits to this discussion.

I am, and always have been a 40k player. It started with the original Space Hulk. I have played all the versions of 40k from ver2-present. I have to say there is more than enough content to do an MMO.

Having said that I also have a certain amount of experiance with SWG, Lotro, STO(beta) and WAR. So lets look at what has been done right in these games.

SWG: Great sandbox MMO until SOE nerfed the whole thing. Now I haven't played since NGE so I don't know what it's like now. The Good: go anywhere kill stuff fly in space. Lots of classes/races. Bad: aging engine and graphics. But was my first MMO so always have a special place in my heart.

Lotro: Great story line, supporting the Fellowship by drawing off forces that could brought to bear on Frodo and Company. Good: Constant updates (every 3 months or so) beautiful graphics and some really cool enviroments. Joy and gloom are felt in the atmosphere of the game. Bad: Linear storyline, same quests (go here kill that bring me its testicles)Second MMO and current Favorite. After the last update they did you could complete most instances without help. Notice I said  "most" not "all". Epic storyline still requires help. Siege of Mirkwood is hands down the best expansion right now.

We all know what has been done right with WAR. The Public Quests are just fantastic. Run into a PQ area kill a few Mobs, get your loot, keep going. However they do not scale (get harder/easier) depending on the number of players in the zone. The RVR zones are good.  Not real hard to find a group and groups are public. Join if you want but not required to run with the group if you don't want to. BAD: NO CRAFTING TO SPEAK OF! Sorry but an warrior has to have flashy armor, or a cool ship to fly.  Lotro and SWG both have excellent crafting systems.

OK now down to Star Trek Online (beta)....... Now  I admit I enjoyed the Space combat. The instances did scale to meet the number of players. Very suprised, pleasantly suprised. The Ground combat wasn't bad. You had an Away team with you. The bridge officers had skills to help you on the ground and in space. You could change out their weapons and armor. Good stuff all around. It was Squad level combat without the need for more people.

So where does that leave us? What does a Warhammer 40K MMO need?

PQ's that scale, the option to run squad level instances by yourself, the ability to outfit your squad as you see fit, crafting in all its forms (or most of them anyway) RVR combat, a STORYLINE (not one that you have to follow, SWG is a good example of this), public groups, good graphics that give a sense of emotion (gloom,despair,joy,happiness) and of course you need epic events that move the story around a little. Lets be honest, you know you want to deploy by drop pod into a hopeless fight.

So what do you guys think?


Wed Jan 27 2010 11:58PM Report
netshock writes:

Oh a Warhammer 40K MMO NEEDS NEEDS NEEDS skirmishes ala Lotro. If you haven't tried it, they are a lot of fun.

Thu Jan 28 2010 12:01AM Report
Robdc84 writes:

I think it's going to go toward a planetside mmo type game.

Thu Jan 28 2010 9:51PM Report
tapeworm00 writes:

 It could include several mechanics in one game, it doesn't have to be limited to only one. Like, for example, there's the PvE areas in which you have your squad and use two or three squadmates directly like in Brutal Legend, and then there's territorial borders (DAoC style perhaps) that are dynamic and shifting (Imperium takes a territory off the hands of the Tyranids, etc) which are played in seamless battleground-styled areas modeled after Savage 2, in which one or more players have the possibility to become Commanders while the rest are ground troops with their avatars (and there could be skill trees for both, for example). The game in these areas could turn into something akin to an RTS, just like in Savage. I don't know if this is possible in technical terms, but it would be cool. :)

Sat Jan 30 2010 11:25AM Report
netshock writes:

I like those ideas Tape. And I agree, there is no reason with todays technology and the size of the 40K universe that all of this is possible..... Makes you wonder if the devs read blogs like this.....

Sat Jan 30 2010 3:01PM Report
Shamorau writes:

I suppose if they wanted to make it simple, they could go heresy timeline. But we all want 40k, with all the glory and splendor of the multiple races.

Sun Jan 31 2010 7:05PM Report
paperbard writes:

I guess I just don't understand why most of the posts are only thinking of the army side of things. What about inquisitors? Perfect for mmo characters. Every army has its unique individuals that don't work inside the confines of an army. Ork freebooters. Eldar pirates. Inquisitors. Rogue Traders. Just to name a few. I think the game would be better served taking from games like Dark Heresy and Rogue Trader, and even the Inquisitor game that came out a while back. All those games managed to focus on individuals rather than armies.

Sat Feb 06 2010 10:24PM Report
Sabas writes:

I have to agree that I think the focus should lie with the individual.

Living and experiencing the universe through 1 character.

I also think the overall experience will be better if you "force" players to form player sqauds. Instead of allowing players to play a mini army. 

Then again most 40K characters are pretty much mini armies by default. :P

Mon Feb 22 2010 8:44AM Report writes:
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