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The staff of gets together to bring you some behind the scenes insights on stories, the industry and the site itself.

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Return to Hyboria

Posted by garrett Monday January 18 2010 at 2:51PM
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So with my new computer now set up I decided to take a short break from WoW and return to a game that won Most Improved on our website: Age of Conan.

From what I can tell I have a logn way to go to get to lvl 80, however working through Tortage at the moment is going much faster than I remember it the first time.

See I am a huge Conan fan and AoC was high on my list to play. Unfortunately like many players I bowed out after a while because the content just wasn't there and the leveling took too long. Visually I think the game is great and the story line in Tortage is awesome. So I am looking forward to a new experience this time around.

From what I have read on the forums the community is active and end game PvP is quite good. I will continue my raids with my WoW guild as we further venture into ICC, but my down time will now be sent in Hybroia with my new Bear Shaman.

If anyone has thoughts of advice on AoC please let me know.


Vexe writes:

 I'm thinking about maybe testing the waters again once alienware finally replaces my PC. Should be coming next week or so. I was gunna do either a bear shaman that has all the weapons...Barbarian or something. I can't remember. It's been a while. Good luck and keep us updated! I'm curious as to how much it has improved.

Mon Jan 18 2010 5:42PM Report
thamighty213 writes:

I like yourself am a massive fan of Conan mainly Howards works so I had been looking for AOC for quite some time, I hen got into beta to see even my cutting edge machine struggle to run it the further months of seeing feature after feature get cut before release made my decision not to buy it.   I recently took AOC up on its trial offer and am thoroughly smashing skulls with my conquerer,   such is family and work I havent even made it off Tortage yet.

Tue Jan 19 2010 2:07AM Report
gbooster writes:

I too made a comeback to test out my new HD5870, and this game runs great on max settings DX10 now days, over 40FPS everywhere. I was playing this and EQ2 and AOC has much better optimization. My computer struggles to get over 20FPS with any shadows in EQ2, which is ridiculous when comparing the graphics between the two games.  I am just the trial in AoC for now, but I might continue, not sure yet. I have very bad memories of being level 40-50 in AoC.

I'm looking forward to your reports Garret. Especially the 40s 50s and 60s, which were so lacking after the initial launch.

Tue Jan 19 2010 5:01AM Report
Valentina writes:

There's tons of new content mid-max level. T3 content is coming out really soon, as well as a bunch of polish and revamps to old systems such as guilds that bring life to the game. I really hope everyone gives this game a second try.

Tue Jan 19 2010 5:04AM Report
Frobner writes:

It seems like MMORPG.COM staff is just intresting in promoting AOC atm.  The game is flawed in many ways and not deserving of any real publishity over other games.  Its PVP content is very lackluster both in forms of scenarios and gankfests ingame.  PVE content is a very heavily grind of questing and the raid dungeons are few and VERY far between new ones beeing added.  It is also very much aparent that most if not all new updates of dungeons and raiding content will be delivered in Expansions - meaning extra cost for gamers - while most other MMOs are offering alot of additional raiding content for free.

And finally - I still get nightmares when I see a loading screen in AOC. I played the game 4 months in beta - and 1 month after launch.  ALL that time the game had HORRIBLE memory leaks that ment i coult play for 5-10 mins before I had to restart the program.  Still I did my part as a beta tester and expect that things would be fixed before launch.  They were not.  Even in the comback campaigns - I almost puked when I saw Tortage for the 500th time and the endcontent was STILL very much broken.

The fact about AOC is that it was launched half finished and untested in the sence that the reports from testers were not FIXED.  All effort has been put in fixing the core systems of the game that all launched very much broken and not thought out.  The game has suffered big time for this and will (and should not) never gain any real popularity cause of the crap that Funcom released at start.

Claiming that all games launch in crap state is simply false.  AOC is one of the worse in this case and Funcom should always be reminded of how bad job they ARE doing with AOC (still just fixing).

Tue Jan 19 2010 8:44AM Report
Vodun writes:

My enjoyment of AOC continued from the launch after spending money on my computer upgrade to play it. I never had to grind until late my 70's when my quests ran out.

Have to say it has been my best MMO experience of all time. But you will need some decent computer horsepower to really enjoy ths game to it's fullest potential. It did help that I was part of a great guild from the first day as well.

Never got tired of the fatalities, I would recommend playing a melee class at first to get this experience first hand.


Tue Jan 19 2010 9:24AM Report
Quicksand writes:


You said in your post:  " I played the game 4 months in beta - and 1 month after launch." I think since we're talking about the game that won "Most Improved" and the article your reading is about retrying the improved version of the game and your comments are all in reference to the game at launch (Not what this article is about) You should either just read and not reply, or be fair and try the game that  is being reviewed in this article before replying.

Just my thoughts.

Tue Jan 19 2010 9:45AM Report
peacekraft writes:

 Similar story really, I played to 70 from release day and bowed out. However I returned on the welcome back offer to find a much improved game, well deserving of the award. I played a Bear Shaman and they are great fun :) - I would still be playing now were it not for University.

Tue Jan 19 2010 11:41AM Report
garrett writes:

It's funny you think we actually "promote" stuff in our blogs. Have you read the other posts I have made? Am I promoting WoW there? It's our job to play MMOs and discuss them. How is this "promotion" ... Unfortunately like many players I bowed out after a while because the content just wasn't there and the leveling took too long.

Tue Jan 19 2010 4:05PM Report
Frobner writes:

WHo is the WAR "promotor" - or AION promotor ? 

Itsn't it fairly obvious that MMORPG.COM is becoming a part of the Funcom PR machine and getting payed for it by adds from FUncom? 

WHo is retrying WAR now here at MMORPG.COM ?  It has gotten alot of changes and many consider them to be good?  Any of MMORPG.COM even played endless trial ?  

And about improved versions.  I have played the improved versions.  THey bring up the memories of the nightmare that the game was before.  That will not chance.  Playing through beta that was so unprofessional that even once they manage to send out a new test where the map had been rerendered with huge mountain on top of the entire map - and you were inside it.

I have used my chances to play the combacks.  The game has used almost 2 years now in fixing the crap it released and it should not be getting a most improved reward for that.  Improving a bad game is easy.   Improving already good game is harder but should still get more attention than what AOC is getting from MMORP.COM.  But hey... Funcom is paying for the adds...

Wed Jan 20 2010 7:08AM Report
AmazingAvery writes:

Hey Garrett, you know where the 1 bury came from right ;)

Good for you checking things out again. I will say when you get off Tortage if you haven't already there are several group instances and dungeons that had a bit of a revamp up to level 50. If you can make it to ymirs pass I think that is one the best playfields / storyline and ending I have played in a mmorpg.

Some people like above just follow to whinge which is a bit silly really, especially going on about beta and not providing ANY examples to give you insight in to some of the changes that have occured.

I hope you find a better experience this time around and maybe you could let us know the good the bad and the ugly.

An advert excuse is a poor one as we all know. Seems like a bit of Jealousy in there.

Thu Jan 21 2010 1:10AM Report
Frobner writes:

It is still puzziling why MMORPG.COM has the need to focus only on publishing news on AOC - talk about it everywhere and in some cases using false statements to let it sould like everything is perfect.  The most improved game of 2009 has actully not had an update for 2 months now and counting.  It seems like Funcom is doing everything possible to PR up next expansion and increasing the hype by starving the game of fixes and content.

Thu Jan 21 2010 6:02AM Report
augustgrace writes:

The game has improved hugely since launch, and deserved most improved game of the year.  Eager to hear you impressions of the game in its current state.

I myself am a Closed Beta/ launch participant who quit do to the state of the game at launch, but has recently returned to find the game great fun and performance much improved.

Fri Jan 22 2010 3:17AM Report
StephenLi writes:

I do like your article!

Sun Jan 24 2010 4:39AM Report
Datastorm writes:

I played the game when it first came out but left when I hit the lv40s area due to lack of content. I then returned a few months later to see improvements but that was before a big patch that was in the works. The only reason I left the second time was lack of real life cash but i did want to see the changes after the patch. I keep getting tempted to return but I can't be assed installing it because its huge and last time i installed it downloading updates took a life time (not due to my connection due to slow ass servers). I may have another go when i get around to upgrading to windows 7

Sun Jan 24 2010 5:33AM Report
EATtheDEAD writes:

frobner you are a damn moron and not just a troll but a super-troll.

every post you have made has no merit, and you spend the whole time raging about things that arent even valid anymore. you really need to just STFU

AoC sucked total balls at launch, i played it, i hated it, and i hated funcom's guts for misleading me and everyone else. i got near 80 and quit cause the grind was awful and there wasnt a damn thing to do at certain level clusters.

i joined in the mob of shouting FAILCOM all over this site. then i read the article about it being voted most improved, blah blah blah.and i thought fuck that its lies!!! but i wasnt playing any mmo's at the time cause the market sucks ass right now.

so hell, ill give it a try. tortage does blow, i cant stand running thru that crap again. but the bugs that ruined the game are nearly gone. all the crap you talked about, and how much you hate the game for it, is gone. 

the updates that have been done, that you said never have, are great. the holes in level ranges for quests have been pretty much filled.  and im still having a lot of fun playing my toons.

and after tonight, we will be down to 4 servers since 3/4 of the population quit and never returned haha. so our 4 little servers are going to be quite bussling.

so before you have a nerd rage fit about the state of the game, know what the fuck youre talking about!

Mon Jan 25 2010 9:29PM Report
Nightmarer writes:

I didn't play AoC at its infamous launch, tried it for the first time may-june last year. The game did have quite a few bugs but nothing important, then patch 1.05 came in and the sieges were broken. Tried it again on October-November last year, sieges still broken most of the times so you had 96 upset players, more bugs than earlier in the year but main problem was the lack of lvling content, it is too repetitive, after an 80 HoX, an 80 Demonologist and an 80 Dark Templar, couldn't go over same content on my Conqueror and left it sitting at lvl 65. Not sure if the upcoming expansion will give more lower lvling zones, still, don't like to pay for it. The fabled T3 raids are coming real soon, I personally think it's a failure not having them implemented from the start (pretty much every lvl 80 char has quests in Thoth Amon's Stronghold that can't be done). It might be the most improved game of the year, but the road to lvl 80 gets boring and repetitive after you get a couple lvl 80 chars, that game still fails to keep me interested for two months in a row. 

Thu Feb 04 2010 7:53PM Report writes:
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