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Love Stories Requested

Posted by Stradden Friday January 8 2010 at 2:35PM
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I was contacted recently by a European television producer who is working on collecting information about real life love connections in MMOs. I know the reputation that MMOs have for all kinds of romantic relationships, from sketchy in-game cyber affairs to even sketchier stories of forty year old women driving across borders to meet their fifteen year old soul mate they met playing WoW.

Still, sketcky stories aren’t the whole of it. I’ve met couples who have been married for years who met playing games like UO and EverQuest. As the internet becomes more and more ingrained in our every day lives, it is becoming more and more acceptable to meet long term partners and even spouses this way.

This television producer, named Tabea Tiesler, has asked me to pass along his request for your own personal love stories. How many of you out there have had real, meaningful relationships that started or even are conducted online.

If you could respond in our comments section that would be appreciated, or email Tabea directly at

Sky.Falcon writes:

I have some friends that are now engaged to get married and they met over WoW I might be able to see If I cant get them to send you an email about how all they went down. ^.^

Sat Jan 09 2010 12:54AM Report
Amblin writes:

oh dear, this is going to be trainwrek tv for sure....

Sat Jan 09 2010 4:49AM Report
scragcat writes:

 Met my wife of nearly 10 years on Ultima Online, Baja server.

She lived in Wa, Usa and I in Essex, Uk so it was kinda a risk and longshot to be together, but hey it worked out well lol (well apart from the me always having to be a healbot in games and she looting everything.

(tried adding a link to the story within Ultima since it's too long to copy to here)

<a href="">Link</a>

Sat Jan 09 2010 7:41AM Report
scragcat writes:

 dunno if it was naughty to link outside mmorpg above but oh well and as you can see i suck at html sorry.

Sat Jan 09 2010 7:45AM Report
astoria writes:

Sat Jan 09 2010 7:48AM Report
Phry writes:

well, i guess its lucky if you can find a significant other who doesnt mind online gaming.. and a significant bonus if they like to play too... providing you have more than 1 computer that is ;D

Sat Jan 09 2010 8:33AM Report
Wolfette writes:

I met my boyfriend of three years on a text-based RPG website called Imperian. He and I have suffered the hard ship of a long distanced relationship, but he knows me better then most have ever been able to.

I also know of a girl who is engaged to a guy (whom she dated for 7 years before hand) who she originally met through a game called Trickster.

Sat Jan 09 2010 10:24AM Report
haratu writes:

While my wife and I didn't meet over an MMO, we maintained a 2000km relationship through an MMO for a year before we got married. Ironically after we got married we realised we didn't really like World of Warcraft and stopped playing... we only played to hang out with eachother.

We now play other MMOs together.

Sat Jan 09 2010 11:40PM Report
Coonhound writes:

She was a Highborn Elf. I was a bearded Human working at a Cheese and Wine shop near a seam in the pixels....

Mon Jan 11 2010 6:38AM Report
AmazingAvery writes:

Hi Guys,

I met my wife in game too! Nealy 9 yrs ago and not long ago had our 3 year wedding anniversay. I was like Scragcat above, not from Essex ;) but from the UK, but ended up in Canada and went though the whole immigration thing.

Neither of us has touched WoW in our life (so far)

Thu Jan 14 2010 12:22AM Report
essiegabi writes:

Hello all,

I have met my partner in WoW almost 5 years ago. I was living in The Netherlands at the time, he lived in Austria. After a few months of flying back and forth, we decided I should come to live with him. So far it has been a dream come true (with some obstacles, but we have overcome them) :)


If you want to know more: I have a blog about people who have found love in a MMO. The old version is called:


The newer version is:

Feel free to have a look and share your love story!




Thu Feb 25 2010 5:59PM Report writes:
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