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Bad Tanking And The Fall Of Western Civalisation

The Thoughts And Random Musings Of An Old narcissistic MMORPG Addict.

Author: spookydom

This Month - Game Jumping And I have the Attention Span Of A Drunk Baby

Posted by spookydom Tuesday July 13 2010 at 12:01PM
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Hello again everybody.


you know babies right? Little people, look a little bit like miniature Winston Churchills. Have you ever seen a drunk baby? Have you ever seen a drunk baby on drugs?........well....neither have I, but I imagine they would have an attention span very similar to my own over the last few months. For those of you who read my last Blog entry right here on you will remember that in the last instalment that I had re-subbed to World Of Warcraft  for a month to see the vanilla content for the last time. Needless to say from the title of this latest Blog entry that I did not last the duration, and that...well....I've been playing a few other games as well. If you don't mind and even if you do, I would like to take you through just exactly what I've been up to.........lets hope it leads somewhere ah?


World Of Warcraft.

I have a lot of love for this game, even though it has pretty much changed for ever. I leveled my new Shaman to cap and then was faced with the imminent specter of gear grinding, faction grinding, badge grinding, daily quests etc etc. I have to tell you, normally I have no problem with grinding, I just sit down, whack on some tunes and get on with it.....the moment you stop to think, well, thats's when your brain catches up with you. And in this case my brain was all up in my face saying things like "What the hell in satan's Portion are you doing?"  and in this case I had to agree with it. (in most cases me and brain have never really got on.)  I just could not be arsed with it, and I can not put it any more eloquently than that I am afraid. I will no doubt be back for Cataclysm for some Goblin action (that does not sound right does it?) but for now I would rather remove my own testicles with a wooden spoon than go through that again.


   So...what to do next? I was still feeling like some more mmorpg was the way to go. Maybe it was time to reactivate some old subscriptions and see what the deal is with some of those other games.


Age Of Conan.

Here is a very brief synopsis of how that went for me.

Week One - WOOOOOO!!!! This is friking awesome! Did you see that? I just cut that guys head off with my axe! How do you like me now bitch!!!

Week Three - /crying I am so bored and life did not turn out how I expected, I demand that somebody shoots me now, right in the face.

I have some time for this game I have to say. the new expansion looks very pretty on my sassy new desktop and to be fair, I did initially have fun with my HOX playing through the new content. But with me it's the same old same old with Age of Conan. The world feels far to restrictive, the lore and quests do not engage me, and the community on the pvp server sometimes just left my jaw hanging open with there incredulous stupidity. (The community on the pve server are a much cooler bunch of heads.) Don't think I will coming back to this one in a hurry. it's like I told Bristol Airport security...."It's not my bag!"

At this point the Steam summer sale happened and I picked this up for twelve English pounds....despite warnings on these very forums not to do it.



Here is an even briefer synopsis of my time on Aion.

Day 1 - Wow! this is a good looking game. I like some of these features. Oooh look! I have got to level ten and now I can fly......That's just wicked cool!

Day 5 -  ARGHHHH!!!!  What the hell did I just spend that money on??? That's a bottle of half decent scotch I could have got drunk on and then glassed myself in the face with for ever considering buying this!  /Gets in the Willem Dafoe pose from Platoon and screams into the air for half an hour before realizing he looks silly and then poping to his local shop for more scotch.

Hey, I don't have anything against anybody who enjoys Aion. I just never ever ever ever ever ever ever want to go near it again.....and I can't stress ever ever ever ever ever enough.


So me, I've always been a bit of a game loyalist I suppose. When I find a game I like I generally stick with it for months if not years. I have always been a bit skeptical of people who jump from game to game. My thoughts are that maybe they just don't like or appreciate this genre in the first place. I think I was wrong about that. Sometimes people have an idea of what they want to play and jump games because they can not find anything that grabs there attention. Sometimes people are just suffering from burnout and are not ready to let go just yet.  It could be a myriad of different things, there are after all a myriad of different personalities on the planet. I will endeavor not to generalize about it again. Sometimes though you strike lucky and find the right thing at the right time. This leads me to.....


Dungeons And Dragons Online

I was ready to knock mmorpg's on the head for a little and concentrate on some of the other sweet deals I had picked up in the Steam sale. One of my friends was chatting to me on MSN one night and he asked about D&D, how it was going since it went f2p. I realized I had not really played it recently so we decided to download the client and see what what was going on with it. Here is another synopsis.

Week 1 - Cool, I'm having fun!

Week 4 - Well look at that! I'm still having fun and am totally not bored yet or had any urges to hurt my unmentionables with blunt objects.

This game is just what I'm looking for right now. It doesn't take over my life. I haven't found the grind anything that makes me want to commit seppuku. you can solo or play in a group whenever you feel like it without some jumped up little terd telling you your missing the point of mmorpg gameplay. Granted playing through content with a friend also makes a big difference. So for now I am happy where I am, and what mmo addict can ask for more than that?


Other Games I have Been Playing

Blood Bowl - I love it!

GTA IV - If companies made sandbox mmorpg's like this. I would be a happy bunny.

World Of Tanks Beta - I am really enjoying this game so far, and when I'm playing I find myself chanting "WORLD OF TANKS! WORLD OF TANKS!"  (So what? I never claimed not to be a compleat mentalist.)

Magic The Gathering Duels Of The Planeswalkers - Who doesn't enjoy playing Magic? Non bespectacled Geek's with a life, that's who! I like it very much though.......ummmmmm?


Thinking of re-subbing to Fallen Earth or Evercrack II for next time, wonder how that will go? Well I'm off now. Those who got to end thank you very very much for reading. Will see you soon. You all stay out of trouble until then ok?

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