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What is this trend of the 'war' theme?

Posted by spades07 Sunday April 17 2011 at 7:24PM
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*World of Warcraft new changes in Catalysm.

You go on these games now and you're in the midst of some war, and some factions are fighting.  Is that really appealling though? I mean I do like my war theme in my fps' but mmorpgs? I don't find it all that appealling.

I'll explain why from my view:

1) It's cookiecutter, its mob sent at npc with no character. I mean you have a war, there should be character (WoW at least adds some)
2) Maybe there is a slight yearning for a carebear environment. For instance you take the old wetlands in WoW it was sunny, happy, it was a nice 'leisurely' stroll. No dark, destroyed, destructive, barren environments. I mean Warhammer just looked plain ugly.
3) A war of say gnolls, kobalds, frogloks or something is more appealling than the sort of dark theme. EQ2 at least did this a little bit on the newbie island.

I'm not saying it should all be cutesy but neither the beginnings of Everquest or WoW were environments ravaged by war. So why has everyone gone into a 'war' theme. It has it's place- I mean invasions and soforth that Rift have- nice idea. But have the leisurely and 'happy' side too. Have a look at the massive appeal of Mario and Zelda for instance. You don't see any dull-looking, war ravaged npcs in that.

Beatnik59 writes:

I think it's because we are no longer in the "Massive Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game" genre.

Roleplay, like life, depends on cycles.  War all of the time becomes shallow, just as peace all of the time is shallow.  Roleplay is at its best when you are the same character in changing circumstances: in the midst of preparing for war, or in war, or weary of war, or coming to peace.

But we don't play MMORPGs anymore.  We play "Massive Multiplayer Online Combat."  The objective here isn't to mimic life, but to fight--all the time--since everything else has been taken out or minimized.  And since war is about combat, it seems natural that an MMOC game would just be about "war" and nothing else.

A war that players never begin and will never see end.

Rather shallow, no?

Sun Apr 17 2011 8:00PM Report
Koros writes:

I personally prefer a dark and gritty aesthetic. Sometimes my style is trending, sometimes it isn't. I personally can't stand WoW and one of the big reasons is the goofy, cartoony style. In Aion I only played Asmodeans because I couldn't stand the unicorns and rainbows theme on the other side. We just learn to deal with these differences in opinion.

That said, I agree that an MMO shouldn't -only- be about conflict and war, that's too simplistic and shallow and I wish more devs would realize that.

Mon Apr 18 2011 11:39AM Report
spades07 writes:

yep agreed.

Tue Apr 19 2011 6:47PM Report writes:
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