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I am a huge fan of a game named Ryzom and I have come to find that it really doesn't get the attention it deserves. All of my blogs will document my progress through the game in order to inspire interest in the game again.

Author: slessman

My New Year's Resolution

Posted by slessman Thursday December 31 2009 at 2:28PM
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Well everyone, I am pretty certain that my New Year’s resolution should be to defeat the Chlorogoos on Ryzom. I have been procrastinating because it is extremely difficult. I know that I can overcome though, if I put my mind to it. I think that the challenge is enough to make this a worthy resolution for the New Year.

A friend of mine likes Ryzom

Posted by slessman Wednesday December 30 2009 at 10:41PM
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I showed my friend Amanda Ryzom and she loved it! I set her up with own character, named Rini, so when she comes over she can play. If any of you ever run into a Tryker named Rini on the Arispotle server then say hi to her!


Ryzom forums.

Posted by slessman Tuesday December 29 2009 at 6:12PM
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Aside from having an in-game communiy Ryzom’s website also hosts official forums about the game. There are several topics to chose from in the forums. General, for general talk about the game, The Saga, for news and events, The Ryzom Ring, for talking about Ryzom Ring scenarios, Feedback, for posing concerns, Newcomer Welcome Board, for the introduction of new members of the game, Bazaar, to make sales of Ryzom items out of game, and Guilds for finding a guild or bragging about the guild you are in. The forums are also offered in German and French.


Ryzom Ring

Posted by slessman Monday December 28 2009 at 8:06PM
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Ryzom Ring is something I haven’t really talked about a whole lot yet. Admittedly, I have been too worried about getting out of the Rangers Camp to have fun on the Ring. The Ryzom Ring gives players the power to decide what kinds of scenarios they want to play in. I want to be strong enough to go there. Maybe I will try it after I defeat the Chlorogoos.


My top 5 skills on Ryzom

Posted by slessman Sunday December 27 2009 at 9:51PM
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1. Fear 2. This is the amped up version of Fear. This skill is great because when cast on an enemy they often run the opposite direction. This makes slaughtering Yelks a lot easier.

2. Madness. Madness is a cool skill that, when cast on an enemy, may result in the enemy causing harm to him/her person.

3. Taunt 2. Taunt 2 is the better version of taunt. This skill was essential in defeating Arken. This skill attracts a particular enemy and gets them to chase you. I think this is great because it gained me distance from Arken’s minions so I cold defeat him without their interference.

4. 5 meter prospecting. This s a foraging skill. This locates items hidden underground from a distance of five meters away. When you need to find a rarer item on a mission 5 meter prospecting becomes very useful.

5. Gentle Extraction 30. This skill is a foraging skill as well. It allows me to dig up what I find with my 5 meter prospecting skill with a gentleness that secures items of better quality. Gentle extraction as been useful in a lot of situations during my foraging quests. Plus, it makes it easy to make dappers off of higher quality items.

Other ways to get stronger.

Posted by slessman Saturday December 26 2009 at 10:16PM
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Yesterday I talked a lot about the weapons available in the game. Well, weapons are not the only way to get stronger. Like all good MMOs Ryzom has a leveling system and a skills system. The skills you learn can also be upgraded through the stanza system. This is a pretty cool trick. You take the skill learn, then select edit skill, then you just balance the credits and the upgrades until you have the greatest skills you can imagine. You get to control exactly how your skill works and what its strengths and weaknesses are. Talk about giving you the creative control.


I visited the arms merchant today!

Posted by slessman Friday December 25 2009 at 7:35PM
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Well, it has been awhile since I really talked about the world in-game, you know, aside from Christmas stuff, so that changes today. Anyway, I have been playing Ryzom and have become very aware that there are many different styles of weaponry in the game. Magic Amplifiers of course are the way that those with a magic proficiency would best be able to exert their energy. The amplifiers really help magic but the attack on them is pretty much nill and there is no ability to wield a shield. There are also your standard bladed weapons like daggers and short to long swords. There are swords like the duelist blade that are one handed and there are two handed swords like the Flaming Sword you receive after the mission where one kills Arken. The two handed weapons tend to cause more damage but one can duel wield with the one-handed weapons or use shields with their one handed weapons. On top of that, one handed weapons are usually lighter and have a faster attack rate. A two handed weapon I have gotten into is the mace. I wield a heavy mace that deals a ton of damage but with a pokey attack rate. I have been able to do some serious damage with this thing. There are other weapon as well. These are meant for longer range. There are Pikes, Spears, and other ranged weapons that work pretty well when you want to keep enemies at a distance. You can also use your hands in combat if disarmed. I have gone pugilist style and beaten up enemies like a brawler. It’s pretty fun to do. Anyway, this is a rundown of the weapons I have available now on Ryzom.

I haven't had a chance to do much gaming lately.

Posted by slessman Thursday December 24 2009 at 9:52PM
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Ryzom has been out of commission because the ice storms in my area have knocked out my power. I have been waiting around for the power and using what little of my laptop's battery life to check my school e-mail. I am glad the power is back on though as it gives me a chance to play tonight.

Togetherness is getting me closer to my goal.

Posted by slessman Wednesday December 23 2009 at 8:49PM
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The leader of the Chlorogoos is a difficult enemy to defeat. It is good to know I can get extra experience from the stronger enemies I have defeated. Arken is worth a lot and it is good to know the more I defeat him the stronger I get.


I have been getting closer to others in my gaming community.

Posted by slessman Tuesday December 22 2009 at 10:19PM
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In keeping with the idea that we should be embracing the holiday spirit I have been doing some good deeds on Ryzom. The whole community is full of so many helpful individuals that I thought I would give back to it too. I have been forming teams to help the community’s newest members to complete difficult missions, like Arken, so that they do not have to go it alone. It has been really rewarding experience and I am glad I have been doing it.


I got killed by a yubohoho today.

Posted by slessman Monday December 21 2009 at 3:56PM
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There are creatures called yubos that are on Ryzom. These critters are infused with the Christmas spirit apparently. I attacked a level five yubo with a santa hat on and it killed me. Even though it was a level five the programmers made the creatures unkillable during this season. It was funny to run away from the little level five animal.

Ryzom has more than one offered language to play on.

Posted by slessman Sunday December 20 2009 at 9:15PM
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Ryzom offers three different servers for game play. The servers are separated by language. I play on the English server, but if you are more comfortable with German or French then Ryzom's two other servers can serve your needs. If you are worried about how you will get by in a game that operates in a language you are not comfortable do not worry anymore. Ryzom most likey operates a server that is in a language you will be comfortable with.

Ryzom is surprisingly family friendly. I am impressed.

Posted by slessman Saturday December 19 2009 at 7:53PM
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Despite having the theme of violence the game is relatively family friendly. The game itself does not show blood so parents can feel better about their children playing this game. The characters also do not actually die when they are defeated by enemies--like on Wow. Insteadm the character is always saved by either the Kami or the Karavan. Also, animals, plants, and villains that are attacked by players always regenerate. Death isn't really possible in Ryzom and that makes the game very appropriate. There is no gore, no sexually suggestive content that I have seen so far, and it's impossible to die.

Well, I have reached a tricky spot.

Posted by slessman Friday December 18 2009 at 11:27PM
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I am supposed to be facing off against the Chlorogoos on Ryzom. Well, they are far stronger than I anticipated. I am worried that it will take me a little longer to prove myself the champion of the game. I have been trying to grow stronger by engaging level thirty enemies, but even that is a slow progress. I am doing my best to become a better fighter though. I want to be a strong warrior and save Ryzom from these evil, goo using bandits.

I am finally about to play Ryzom

Posted by slessman Thursday December 17 2009 at 7:39PM
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I finished my errands around the house and finally have the time to play. I am looking forward to gaming for a few hours tonight. I want to roam around the expansive areas and take out the Chlorogoos. I have a lot to do to be the champion of Ryzom.

No Ryzom today!

Posted by slessman Wednesday December 16 2009 at 3:23PM
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I have to travel. Bummer right? I will play a lot tomorrow though! I am excited to play the game all winter break though. I will be able to level a lot when I get snowed in in Illinois.

Mektoub hunting on Ryzom

Posted by slessman Tuesday December 15 2009 at 8:40PM
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The Mektoub are like elephants that roam around on the game. These creatures are a lot of fun to attack because they are at a high level and offer me many quality items from quartering them. These creatures are docile and non-predatorial. I feel bad sometimes that I have to stalk them and then hunt them down, but my new pike depends on harvesting the best quality materials available to me and their skin is of a pretty fantastic quality.

People have been trying out Ryzom!

Posted by slessman Monday December 14 2009 at 9:09PM
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I actually met a user on the game who said that they had read a lot about Ryzom on I think that it is great to know that people are looking at the content of Ryzom supporters and taking it into consideration. I havenoticed that the game's numbers have increased slightly. There are a lot of new players by comparison to when I started playing. Even though this means that there is less space for individual game play I have had a blast talking to new people. The population has definitely grown. Be a part of the new population on Atys. Try a free trial if you are interested in being a part of a new movement in MMORPGs.

Yubos are very funny creatures!

Posted by slessman Sunday December 13 2009 at 9:24PM
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I am sure I have talked about hacking yubos into little pieces, but today something funny happened to me. I left my avatar alone for a second and the yubo who was nearest to me came over, performed some tricks for awhile, sniffed my leg, then urinated on his leg. It was hilarious! The AI is excellent on this game. I love that the AI is so intricate.

Well, the weekend of intense gaming is underway!

Posted by slessman Saturday December 12 2009 at 7:59PM
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I know that on Friday I talked about a weekend of gaming while gearing up to finals and escaping from the winter weather. I meant it. I picked up a couple of two liter bottles of soda and am going to play Ryzom a lot. I think being able to talk to other gamers instead of isolating myself in my room will help me to lower my stress level.

A weekend of intense gaming!

Posted by slessman Friday December 11 2009 at 9:32PM
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I have to escape the winter weather somehow. I choose Ryzom as my remedy to the dreary weather. The game is set in a tropical climate. It is great to get a chance to put myself into a warm place vicariously through my characters. I think I am going to return to the island I found and bask in the sun.

More on the arena!

Posted by slessman Thursday December 10 2009 at 7:42PM
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The arena has some pretty cool harvesting places there. I think that that is the draw. People see the raw material sources and go and harvest them and then get attacked. I think that's pretty sneaky, but really good strategy regardless.

Also, I have decided that I Set My Friends on Fire by Aiden is the perfect high intensity song to play while engaging your fellow homins in battle.

Arena area!

Posted by slessman Wednesday December 9 2009 at 7:44PM
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Now that I feel confident in my abilities as a Ryzom player I have been hanging out in the arena. I engage other players in PvP combat there. It is a lot of fun to measure my skills against everyone else's. I love to start challenges and then duke it out to see who the better warrior is. I have really improved my attacking skills via this method as well. Though you do not gain experience you certainly learn the element of surprise and you can really do a number on other players by using your increase damage attack skill. I am having a ton of fun!

Crab Creatures and a gorgeous island...

Posted by slessman Tuesday December 8 2009 at 10:12PM
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No, I am not talking about a foreign island. I am talking about the Planet Atys on my favorite MMORPG, Ryzom. Crays are crab-based alien creatures that walk around this gorgeous island. There are some beautiful palm trees, sandy beaches, and...these random crab-like creatures. I have spent a long time harvesting materials, sitting on the beach, and observing these creatures for fun. I haven't even started working on my missions on that island. Have any of you enjoyed just looking at the beautiful scenery on your MMORPGs?

The most fun I have ever had in a game...and it wasn't even fighting my enemies!

Posted by slessman Monday December 7 2009 at 8:22PM
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Lately I have been all about crafting items in Ryzom. I have been updating my skills, learning new item plans, and making them with the items I harvest around the training area. I have been having a ton of fun selling quality items to NPCs and making sure that I have better quality items on hand, because I can afford to buy them early from more advanced users because I have been selling so many custom made items, that I cannot even use them because my armor and fighting skills are not that high yet. But I am excited that I have the items on hold and ready to wield when the Kitins come for me. I will be victorious...and a good business man in the process.

I have made some real progress...

Posted by slessman Sunday December 6 2009 at 6:00PM
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I have been a busy bee. I have been having a lot of fun finishing sets of missions. I have just failed to complete two missions. When they are completed I will be able to take on the whole planet. Atys will soon be tamed by my avatar.

I currently have two or three missions left to go. I have completed all but one fighting mission, Arken, and I believe I have two harvesting missions left to go. I have been trying to find the Plain Dead Leaves, but it is very difficult.

During my time trying to solve my harvesting mystery I have actually managed to accomplish a great deal more. I have been casting a great deal to defeat different enemies like the Slaveni, these plants that seem docile until they are attacked, and the New-Born Javings, these predatory birds that have the capability to disarm weapons. Since my last update I have managed to complete all of the casting missions and earn some new magic amplifiers.

I have also been dabbling in crafting! I love how this game allows me to practice multiple skills at the same time. I took what I quartered and harvested and learned to craft some great items! I have been able to make tons of cash by producing and selling items to the merchants in the rangers camp.

Things are heating up. I have ten leaves to find and a bandit to slay before I can concentrate on truly saving the entirety of Planet Atys. I cannot wait to be Ryzom's savior. I will keep you all posted!

First real defeat!

Posted by slessman Friday December 4 2009 at 7:25PM
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Well, I have been going after Arken, like I mentioned. He actually managed to defeat me when I was flying solo. I am going to try and round up a solid team of like-minded individuals and we are going to take him out. I hope I can find someone to help me with that tonight. If I can't I will have to just wait and keep you posted until I can find a way to take him out. My mind will be ticking away coming up with strategies. I just love how challenging this game is. You really have to think out your battle strategies.


Posted by slessman Thursday December 3 2009 at 4:47PM
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So I have recently started going after a baddy on the game named Arken. He is the leader of a tribe called the Goo Heads. Apparently these people think that they can draw power from the Planet by consuming the dark refuse that the planet produces. There is no doubt that these people are evil and need to be taken out. I am supposed to be slaying their commander but so far he has proven too strong! I have been training a lot since my last blog entry, about 22 hours old at this point, and hopefully I have gotten what it takes to take the man out. Who knows, maybe the third time will be the charm.

I am thinking of experimenting with forming a team in order to better approach this mission. Well, we shall see what I can do alone first and then I will come back with a new strategy if need be.


The first entry

Posted by slessman Wednesday December 2 2009 at 6:01PM
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I love Ryzom. I have only recently started playing it but I want to progress further in the game and become the best player on the English servers. I aspire to be the best Ryzom player there ever was. Anyway, my character on Ryzom goes by the name of Kenji Light. He is the smallest of the homin races available on the game. He currently has some great armor that was leant to me by another player. I have been roaming the training area as of late so I cam master my beginner skills and become the best newb possible. I will keep you posted on how I develop in the game. If you find yourself interested e-mail me at any time and I will discuss the game with you. Or, if you are really interested and want to just jump in try out the 21 day free trial. I will be back tomorrow! 

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