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Random thoughts

A place for me to post my random thoughts about the newest MMOG-news.

Author: Jadetooth

Lotro, turbine, and what they're bringing.

Posted by Jadetooth Saturday August 18 2007 at 12:41PM
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Granted i have not followed lotro from the beginning, so i have no idea what plans they had for the game, what code might have been in there on release and so on.

While lotro might not be anything new to the MMO-market, i my opinion Turbine is bringing something new to the genre, and that is big, regular updates. If they contiue to release free updates, at the same size of the two they have already released, i would say that is a major improvement over the other current MMOs out there. I might be wrong, but i do not think i have seen any MMO release That big updates, in such a short time.

So while lotro might not be something new in terms of gameplay, nor setting, i'd say it's something new in terms of free updates which adds so much more to the game.



JeroKane writes:

First of all, EVE online's updates have always been free en pretty big to my opinion. So Turbine isn't doing anything new.

Also WoW's regular updates contained pretty large ones now and then.

About the frequency of Turbine's updates to LOTR...that can mean two things:

1. The game wasn't finished, rushed out (nothing new in the MMO world), so they had to bring out these large updates very quick to polish the game in a state it should have been since launch!

2. These updates were developed simultaniously with the core game, so they could release them in short time frames for pure marketing reasons! "Look how quick we release new free content"

So all in all ....I don't see these as bringing something new to the MMO genre. Nothing new, nothing fancy. Just a way of marketing!

Sat Aug 18 2007 1:13PM Report
Jadetooth writes:

I know i know, but if Turbine manages to keep up at this pace, i'd say they've pretty much set a new standard for how often the new content should be released, because even though both WoW and EvE have released some major updates, there have been somewhat far between them. I'm well aware of plenty of MMOs that releases some big updates, which is why this is still just some of my random thoughts. But like i said, if Turbine keeps this tempo up, i'll be pretty amazed.

Sat Aug 18 2007 1:20PM Report
Jadetooth writes:

*and by "tempo" i ofcourse mean "pace". I want an edit button for comments :P

Sat Aug 18 2007 1:23PM Report
mmiller5373 writes:

umm? WoW's updates were indeed big and free.. but.. most of them ruined the game.. like that PvP update that added a point system to buy items instead of rank.. (PvP for WoW is now casual...) and that is why it sucks..

Sat Aug 18 2007 6:39PM Report
Ealdorman writes:

I bought LOTRO the day it came out, played it for the full month and was utterly bored.

after 2 upgrades i thought to myself, "well, lets give it another go, after all it has been upgraded" but no, the game is still boring.

Great graphics and great sound doesnt weigh up that.

Sat Aug 18 2007 9:14PM Report
hellsink writes:

Turbine had already had this frequency on free content updates since D&D Online.

Sun Aug 19 2007 7:47AM Report
Nai`Neas writes: In addition, The updates are developed and tested before they are released...and in some cases, the releases are late since they aren't complete yet. If you don't actually PLAY any of Turbine's games, don't speculate. Sun Aug 19 2007 11:51AM Report
Nai`Neas writes: oh and skinnys, Turbine has released about 1 update every 2 months for DDO since launch, so time to be amazed! Sun Aug 19 2007 11:52AM Report
JonMichael writes:

I agree... Turbine has done a fantastic job with LOTRO.  The game is so polished, full of things to do and it getting new content all the time.  They definately should be recognized for what they're doing!  To those of you who didn't find LOTRO to your liking, I hope you do find a game that meets your needs.  But, as far as Turbine and their work with LOTRO, they still have done a fantastic job!

Sun Aug 19 2007 1:48PM Report writes:
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