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Author: selinnasback

Do you believe Violent Game can Saves Lives

Posted by selinnasback Friday April 12 2013 at 2:53AM
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Variety of violent games to be banned playing just only many politicians and ‘experts’ believe that violent video games promote violence these events have occurred every day in each country.It seems like I have to use my massive brain to rebut the accusations of undereducated politicians about the dangers of violent games. Whatever one may think about violent games, it saved the lives of 3 children.

This week, three children in Mandaue City stumbled upon a small cache of live grenades while scavenging for scrap in a vacant lot. Two of the kids didn't recognize the explosives, but Jose Darwin Garciano, 12, warned his friends about their danger.

"We got curious as it's our first time to see what an explosive looks like," Garciano told Cebu Daily News. However, he was able to convince his friends that they were incredibly dangerous. "I knew that it will explode,” he said, “as I've seen it in a Counter-Strike game."

The children reportedly asked a nearby resident for help, and the authorities were immediately called. Once on the scene, a bomb blanket was placed over the grenades and the rest of the vacant lot was searched for more explosives.

It’s no secret that Counter-Strike has had its share of controversy. In 2007, CS was indicted by the media after the tragedy at Virginia Tech. Seung-Hui Cho, the 23-year-old student behind the Massacre that claimed 30 lives, reportedly enjoyed playing the game between classes. And Steven Kazmierczak, the man responsible for the Northern Illinois University shooting, also played Counter-Strike while in college, so the game has been in the political crosshairs for quite a while. Plus, a Brazilian federal court banned sale of CS for what they called "imminent stimulus to the subversion of the social order, attempting against the democratic and rightful state and against the public safety." The ban, however, was lifted in 2009.

In fact CS player Jose Garciano prevent their friends died from an accident, have to say is good on the one hand in the CS. But give Counter-Strike all of the credit for saving these kids it would be a little ridiculous, we need to know about the opposing position as well because anything has its advantages and disadvantages.For more information about game news you can check out.

mysticaluna writes:

My raid leader on Everquest 1 loved playing Counter Strike and a bunch of other raid members... There was never anything wrong with that game, as they'd log on Everquest 1 be perfectly normal social human beings, and then go blow off some steam on Counter Strike after the raid... 

Why don't people take any responsibility for their own actions? You can't blame video games because parents suck at raising their own children, needless to say of course, these games are really not meant to be played by 7 to 9 year old children either. 

If you need to tell a young kid to beware bombs and show them explosions, they could probably just be shown the daily news broadcasts or youtube videos of 3rd world countries instead. Problem with these pvp violent games, are they trigger anger management problems and make people go into pvp testostorone rage, when boys and men will just cuss and insult each other over Xbox Live , over nonsense of no real importance whatsoever.  Then just get mad at their parents for telling them to go to bed or do their homework... 

Adults however, should be allowed to play whatever games they want, and games should be marketed towards adults, there's plenty of games children could play.. 

Sun Apr 14 2013 8:13AM Report
Meligar writes:

When I was a kid we played soldiers and threw pretend grenades. We knew what they looked like and what they did because we read comics. 'The Beano saved my life,' get a grip!

Children gain knowledge from all sorts of places. How they interpret it is based on the morals that are also taught (mental disorders aside).

If you want to indoctrinate a child into a lifestyle of violence and lack of empathy, you start them young - abusive/absent parents and negative stimuli. CS on its own will not turn a balanced and caring kid into a killer though could be a stimuli for a psychotic and abused kid with a grudge against the world. CS and any violent game is at worst a trigger for mechanisms that have taken time to form from multiple sources.

Wed Apr 17 2013 5:36AM Report writes:
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