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DFG's Boasting Levels Online Game

Some short or long or whatever posts on whatever I feel like talking about at the time that has to do with MMORPGs.

Author: sdozer


Posted by sdozer Saturday June 21 2008 at 7:15AM
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I don't think bribing, ie convincing, another player to perform an in-game, ie role-playing, action, should be a bannable offense; ok not sure on this, but whatever. It at least isn't bannable under current MMORPG terms of service. All it says is that the company owns the servers, the game, the service, any property in-game, the terms of service, etc. Well no matter how much money you shove into another player's pocket for gold, the company can always pull the plug on the game and its in-game assets. There's not a damn thing you can do to argue that it's your gold and that they can't get rid of it.

Issue solved, right? All MMORPG companies need to do to eliminate bribe money is to add in their terms of service that a player can't give real money to another player to convince them to perform some in-game action. Now they need to enforce it ;). They could always just allow limited gifting, or get rid of it altogether.

fansede writes:

Ok, not much here on a major issue for MMOs..

I am not sure what happened to you, but these crazy EULAs have things in them that are extremely difficult to enforce. If I ask you to log  my character in and level him to max - no problem. If I give you a $20 bill, then I am banned?

Sat Jun 21 2008 8:07AM Report
fansede writes:

Consider the gold issue as well. If I ask you to send me some gold via email, no problem.. If I hand you a $5 for your trouble, I am banned...

Sat Jun 21 2008 8:15AM Report
Jerid13 writes:

The reason its against the rules / law I can understand, people are trading intellectual property that company owns and is letting you borrow.

Same reason you can't open up an Xbox 360 legally, its against the law because they don't want anyone to open it and backwords engineer it.

I agree with strict regulation on RMT activities because I believe in fair gaming, I just think its stupid to pay MORE for an online game than you already are.

Sat Jun 21 2008 7:20PM Report
sdozer writes:

I'm not here to blog about major issues unless what I happen to want to talk about is a major issue.

fansede, should they add non-RMT leveling as a bannable offense? Should they add non-RMT gold giving? I never said they should. This was a suggestion for companies if they want to have legal backing in banning RMT. It's not an ownership issue. It's an imbalance issue. And yes, I really don't care about that.

And Jerid13, I'm saying that it IS their property. That means they could make the ToS say whatever they want, banning RMT. However currently all they are saying is that they can pull the plug, nerf your character, take your controlled character's gold, etc. They still have ownership. You're not getting money off of their gold. You're getting money in order for you to be convinced to have your character give another character money. The company stills owns the property. They can shut it off or ramp it up, whatever. You have no say in that. But you can still be bribed to play the game a certain way. It's kinda like taking a fall in boxing for money. They can regulate this however, but that requires a ToS change.

Sat Jun 21 2008 11:07PM Report writes:
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