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Level 0 Perspective

She cuts me into a thousand beautiful pieces.

Author: DopSillypant

My opinion is that you have no right to your opinion

Posted by DopSillypant Monday April 13 2009 at 5:43PM
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As the late George Carlin says, “I have the right to my opinion, and my opinion is that you have no right to your opinion.”

Anyone familiar with internet gaming boards ever since their inception will have no doubt seen and felt the ego volcanos erupt into filthy explosions of angst and self righteousness. George could not have pinpointed the root of such meaningless and directionless arguments any better.

Play what you like, and let others play what they like. Debate and criticism is healthy, but not when done by people that have nothing to offer beyond their personal opinions. Let’s say my imaginary friends Tom and Jeff were arguing about WoW and War and which game they should buy together. Tom claims “Well WoW has much better PvE content, so it’s better” to which Jeff replies “No, War has much better PvE content.” Neither of the two considered what the others’ needs and standards are; what justifies better PvE? Does it have more monster varieties? More dungeons? More complex encounters? How do the two players weigh each factor in determining PvE quality? Tom might love boss encounters that take dedication and time, but Jeff might only have 30 minutes to play. They will not determine the quality of PvE by the same standard. Who is wrong?… the answer is it doesn’t matter; Tom might stand on the side of the mass majority, but that doesn’t mean anything for Jeff if his playstyle is not that of the majority.

There is no definitive ranking when it comes to personal enjoyment of a game, don’t correlate magazine and website ratings with how much you would enjoy it. Hello Kitty Adventure Island might get rated into the abyss on HardCoreGamer magazine, that means absolutely nothing to the little girls playing and enjoying it. Take "rankings" as what they really are, opinions of writer(s). I encourage everyone to try every game and make up their own opinions. Since the majority of MMOs now have free trials, it is truly silly to base your judgement on what other people say, or videos and screenshots. Videos and screenshots only show you a snapshot of an experience that is supposed to last months and years. It is incredibly easy to find 5 minutes of epic, heartpounding action and 5 minutes of dreary boredom within the same game.

That’s just my opinion, and as George says, you have the right to opinion that I have no right to it.



Something reminded me, I always see people in game discussions that confuse a game's "graphics" with its "art style". Games can have great graphics but uninspired art style, or very poor graphics with a creative and unique art style. They're different parts of the same beast.

I really want to do a bit of research and write about that topic in the future.

sanders01 writes:

 Arguing personal opinion is like argueing with a fence post, no one wins, but you always lose.

Mon Apr 13 2009 5:46PM Report
Stormreign writes:


Mon Apr 13 2009 9:30PM Report
MadnessRealm writes:

You have to admit though that if you look at most post made by players who says "this game is better, that game is better, etc" it's always the same titles that comes back over and over again and for various reason.s

Yes you may say: play what you want. But based on my personal experience, I've tried many games and have decent opinions about all of them and they were also confirmed by friends who also tried these games. I won't name any so this doesn't turn into a flame war and I'm not saying my opinion is better. What I mean is that, if you are able to state WHY you think this game is better compared to another, then you should be allowed to give your opinion (in a coherent way by avoiding leet speak and troll talk).

Let's take your exemple: Tom prefers WoW while Jeff prefers War. Tom did try War for a while but didn't like it while Jeff never played WoW. Tom is able to state why he prefer WoW over War while Jeff can only create baseless reasons. Result: Tom should be allowed to give his opinion while Jeff shouldn't.

One of the most recent spam we have ,which is quite similar to this, is DarkFall. I don't care what people may say about this but a lot of people who talkshit use as arguments baseless "facts" (this goes for both fail troll and fanbois) while players who did play the game are able to state why they like/dislike it.


Tue Apr 14 2009 12:15AM Report
Patternizer writes:


Tue Apr 14 2009 12:36AM Report
Player_420 writes:

gotta bump

Tue Apr 14 2009 4:42PM Report
dcostello writes:

....yeah, umm, no.  Epic fail.

Tue Apr 14 2009 4:43PM Report
seabeast writes:

Personally, in my opinion, I enjoy a good debate of games since they often reveal what the game is really like (since they are often overrated by the companies). So if Mutt and Jeff are arguing over which game is best than solid information will often be disclosed which is why I visit MMORPG.Com. Trial promotions may be all good but, often don’t allow full advantages. Why pay $50 plus monthly fee’s to learn about a game? Therefore, opinions, at least to me, are important and often provide real information. But then again, everyone has an opinion and u know what they are like.

Wed Apr 15 2009 3:58AM Report
DopSillypant writes:

I enjoy a good debate too :)  The emphasis lies heavily on "good", though.  I don't think everyone should fork out money to try every game released, it would be really silly of me to even suggest that.  I was referring to the benefits of the MMO genre to have free trials.

I have to disagree on opinions "often" providing important and real information, though.  Even though opinions are usually  formed on the basis of real information, in my experience many people don't have the capability to communicate that information through their opinions.  Yikes that's a mouthful there :P

Wed Apr 15 2009 6:19PM Report
Vesavius writes:

We live in a society now where everyone have been told their opinion is 'valid', no matter how misinformed, assumed, or ignorant it is. In todays world, we are all 'special', yet we think noone else is. Tragic really.

Thu Apr 16 2009 7:41AM Report
Tails1 writes:

but baseless flame wars / trollin r fun!!!!!11

Sat Apr 18 2009 9:44AM Report
rokknroll writes:

People just dont learn what discourse is, how logic works, and are becoming increasingly illiterate.  They then think that their myopic vision is the only one that is valid.

Wait, your talking about the internet?

 I thought you were referring to the decline of written records and increase in religious intolerance presaged by the fall of the Occidental Roman Empire....


Spookily Similar though, guess we arent that smart as far as apes go.

Sat Apr 18 2009 11:49AM Report writes:
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