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RS Quest -- Demon Slayer

Posted by rpg_online Friday September 19 2008 at 6:48AM
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Demon Slayer
Requirement needed: 1gp
Item suggested: Some armor.
Quest points required/quest completed: None
Quest points given: 3
Reward: Silverlight (a sword)
Go talk to the Gypsy in the Varrock Town Square. She’ll ask for 1 silver coin for
her to talk (1gp). She’ll tell you the story about Delrith and his desire. She will also say that
you are the one destine to destroy him.
After the talk, go to Sir Prysin to get Silverlight, the sword needed to kill Delrith. Sir
Prysin is in Varrock Castle. He is wandering around the castle with a helmet on his head.
Talk to him. Ask him about the three keys and where to find them.
Once you’re done speaking with Sir Prysin, head into the northwest room and go
up the ladder. Talk to Captain Rovin about the keys and he should give one of them to
Next, get a bucket and fill it with water (the nearest place where you can get water
in Varrock is in a sink at the Varrock Castle). Bring the bucket to a drain on the east side
of the castle. Use the water on it and the game will mention that a key has slid down the
drain. Go to the path from Varrock to the wild; there is a sewer along that path. Head
down. Go past the rats and you’ll see the key near one of the pipes.

Then, to obtain the third key, acquire 25 bones. You can collect the bones from
anywhere. Once you have the 25 bones, stock them all in your inventory and head on
over to the Wizard’s Tower south of Draynor Village. Go up the first floor in the Wizard’s
Tower. In the second floor, there is a wizard name Traiborn. Speak with him and he’ll tell
you to collect 25 bones in order for him to use a magic spell that can find the third key,
wherever it is. Give him the 25 bones. He’ll collect them one by one. Then he will use the
spell and should give you the third key.
Now that you have all three keys, head back to the Varrock Castle. Talk to Sir
Prysin again and you’ll hand him the three keys. He’ll then give you the sword Silverlight.
Equip the sword along with some armor and prepare to fight Delrith.
Delrith is in the middle of the Stone Henge south of Varrock. Attack him. After a
couple of hits, you will recall “What were the three incantations again?” Then a list of
options will appear on the top-left corner of the screen. Click on the bottom one which
should say “Carlem Aber Camerinthum Purchai Gabindo.” You will say the words and
Delrith will regain his heal back. Don’t be fooled by this action. Pretty soon, Delrith’s health
will go back down and you will be asked again “What was the incantation again?” Click on
the very bottom option and Delrith will be gone. Your quest will then be complete.
Summing it up:
1) – Talk to Gypsy in Varrock Town Square.
2) – Talk to Sir Prysin in Varrock Castle.
3) – Talk to Captain Rovin upstairs and he’ll give you the first key.
4) – Get a bucket/jug filled with water and use it on drain on the east side of castle.
5) – Go down Varrock Dungeon and acquire the second key.
6) – Get 25 bones and go to Wizard’s Tower.
7) – Talk to Traiborn in the tower’s second floor to get the third key.
8) – Go back to Varrock Castle and talk to Sir Prysin to get Silverlight, the sword needed
to efeat Delrith.
9) – Go fight Delrith south of Varrock in the Stone Henge.
10) – After a while of dueling with Delrith, you will have a list of words on the screen. Click
on the very bottom one.
11) – Then another list of words will appear. Click on the bottom one.
12) – Delrith will die and quest is complete. writes:
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