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Rebel Gamer's Blog

Unleashing the rebel within. Prepare for rebel gaming at it's finest because there's a rebel within each and every gamer and it's trying to get out.

Author: rebelgamer

What? Ragnarok Online 2 Bot! Already?

Posted by rebelgamer Wednesday January 23 2013 at 7:38PM
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This game hasn't yet reached the shores of the US of A and it already has a freaking Bot Program! WOW! Bot Programs infested the original Ragnarok Online MMORPG and it eventually ruined the game which made thousands of non-botting players quit the game.

I can't remember how I stumbled upon this post, maybe I was searching for something Ragnarok Online 2 related and I guess I got interested in learning more about it. Well, I'm not a Bot user. I actually quit Ragnarok Online because of people botting. I got interested because this Ragnarok Online 2 Bot is a potential game killer.

Yeah, yeah. I understand that it's not yet out but when it goes out then are we prepared for it? I have no freaking interest in playing with bots. I'd rather play with an asshole human player than a polite and silent Ragnarok Online 2 Bot. At least, I'll have more fun assholing an asshole player than assholing a BOT.

As far as I know, Bots in Ragnarok Online was the cause for the extinction of Porings in the game. Bots were relentless and didn't stop until the last Poring specie was killed. I love those Porings and that's why I'll forever despise Bots and their Bot Masters.

WTF! Can't Play Ragnarok Online 2?

Posted by rebelgamer Friday January 18 2013 at 8:15PM
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The first English server of Ragnarok Online 2 is already up and running but, what the hell, it won't let me login to my account. Arrgh! Why did this freaking publisher let me create an account when it won't let me login and play the game? WHY?

Okay, I'm talking about Ragnarok Online 2 SEA. It's the first English version of the game and it's published by Asiasoft and Playpark in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. WTF! The SEA region is not only made up of 4 countries. The last time I counted, it's made up of at least 10 or 11 countires so why are the publishers limiting it to only four?

Well, they cited license agreements with the developer and that is understandable but still WHY only four countries? I want to freaking play this game.

Ragnarok Online 2 SEA

Yep, that's absolutely right and no country block or IP block will stop me from playing Ragnarok Online 2. Why you asked? Simple, I'm a Rebel Gamer and Rebel Gamer's don't follow rules. YEAH!

My search for a way to play in the SEA server of Ragnarok Online 2 lead me to a blog post titled "One More Time! Bypass Ragnarok Online 2 SEA Country Block" and boy was it easy to follow. It's about bypassing the country block using WTFast and it's great because I already have a year long subscription to WTFast.

Hot damn! It's so freaking easy that it made me screamed which made my neighbors throw cans at my window. What's wrong with those people?

The bottomline is, I'm in the game and I'm having a blast killing porings. Yeah, porings, those cute and loveable drop like creatures that roam Mt. Mjolnir in Ragnarok Online and I'm killing them because the NPC told me to. Ha ha ha!

Die PORINGS and take that country block with you to hell. Mwa ha ha ha!