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Ran Online Developer Blog

Ran online is Real School Action with verisimilitude and accessibility possessed full 3D MMORPG. In addition, it's global Online game enjoyed together by the users from 80 different nations. You can check Ran online developer's story in here!!

Author: ranonline

RAN online, Enjoy the soul of action with PvP Control!

Posted by ranonline Monday October 26 2009 at 3:32AM
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All of you must have played and enjoyed various action games. There are many action games which give you the electrifying and thrilling sense of the action. Battle between the users would be one of the unique attraction points of action games.

RAN online has various systems to enjoy other than just leveling up. Once a player’s character reaches certain level, it would be possible to enjoy all of the contents in RAN online. PvP is a popular system which let players to feel the action sensation. Introducing the RAN online’s unique console game like competition PvP battle system.

PvP is a challenge between characters regardless of leveling up. There are three types of PvP in RAN online; they are PK, Duel and Party Duel. As the skill casting and character control abilities, players can experience various types of PvP.

PK (Player Kill)
PK can be tried to all the characters which are level 20 or higher, except all the other protected characters. Conduct a skill attack to the target opponent to PK while pressing ‘Z’ button on your keyboard to start PK. This is a challenge without prior consent between the players and player who was attacked can have 60 Seconds to fight back as a self-defense since the opponent’s last attack.

Damage received would be reduced 50% than the normal attack power. EXP could be lost and one of the equipped items might be dropped, if you lose the PK challenge. Therefore, using potion is very important element to win the PK challenge. Efficient control of the skill usage and potion must be done at the same time, so shortcut key settings and one’s own know-how are required to win this.

Plus, character which tries to PK will lose the status attribute points and if he or she has succeeded to kill the target then more point would be lost. Once this status attribute points go lower than the certain level than there will be a penalty to limit the trading goods in the game.



Duel Challenge
Press and hold the ‘Shift’ button and click left mouse button on the target opponent to request Duel. Not like the PK, duel is conducted upon prior consent between the players. Also, the number of potions to use, HP increase rate, the limitation of dueling area and etc can be adjusted before the fight so the dueling does not have any penalty.

It is important to equip different item as what the opponent character’s class is and what type of weapon he or she has equipped. There are various Skills and weapon traits and types so it is important to choose the item which helps you to have proper resistance against the opponent.

As the Dueling begins, it is important to make the first attack successful and also to learn the opponent’s intention and weather to fight in melee type or use the long ranged skills while running around. Plus, do not use the skills in shortcut key in the order; be sure to use them as to properly go against the opponent’s attack.



Duel Challenge between the Parties
Party Duel has its own uniqueness other than the 1 on 1 duel, PK and Lead Club Battle. As the 1 on 1 duel, how it is conducted would be the same but the win or lose is decided by the character’s trait rather than the control. Potion use is limited and the challenge can be ended, makes it different from the PK and there is required number of players that distinguish it from the Lead Club Battle.

The most important thing in the party duel is the teamwork between the party members. Must understand each member’s pros and cons and build a strategy. Uniqueness of each class’ character traits can be really useful. For example, Archers to attack in the distance, Swordsmen for middle and long range attacks, Brawler to use the melee & cancel skills, Shaman can give buffs to party member.

Let’s Go Party!

Posted by ranonline Thursday October 15 2009 at 9:55PM
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Well, everyone must have felt at least once that the repeated hunting and carrying out quests boring. Boring game? That is not a game!

Through our blog, we have introduced how to enjoy RAN online more before. Among them, let’s find out more about ‘Party Playing’ which is one of the most important and thrilling elements to have more compelling hunting experience in RAN online!


So, what is “Partying”?

All the RAN online users must feel the need to Party up to play RAN online. Party is a temporary group of various users to hunt monsters together more efficiently. With given option choices, dropped items and gold can be distributed fairly to more dominator or in orderly manner.

What’s the advantage for forming a party?
The obvious advantage of partying with other players is that hunting monsters becomes relatively easier. So, players can earn EXP points and items faster and also level up faster. Plus, players with different levels and classes will bring on all the variety of skills which would make the Party stronger in attacking and defending to make hunting easier.

The Advantage of partying is not only the easier hunting but also players can make variety of various new friends. Players will feel the bond which could never be felt when hunting alone. This bond will help new RAN online players to lose the inhibition fast and merge into the game more naturally.

How do you Party up?

Players can form a party everywhere in RAN online. Anyone can be in a party without any restriction of levels and classes but only maximum 8 players can be recruited in a party. It would be better to set or have a common goal when partying, such as hunting specific monsters in certain map.

Players should focus on ‘Drawing’ when hunting in a party. Well, some games forbid drawing monsters when hunting, due to “not enough hunting area”, but in RAN online, we encourage drawing because it is essential when hunting in a party. Draw massive number of monsters at once in an area and hunt them down all at once. Therefore, EXP gain speed and level up speed could get faster through this drawing method.

Plus, ‘Buff’ is another charm of party playing. Leveling up is a main purpose and fun of a game play so depending on how effectively the buffs are casted upon the party, level up speed can get even more faster. For example, when a Healer Shaman character is recruited in a party, depending on how well the healer gives the Haste (Moving Speed Increase) buff to its party members and how the other members use that speed well to hunt down the monsters faster can vary the level up speed.

Enjoy the Extra Stage 100%!

Posted by ranonline Wednesday October 7 2009 at 11:44PM
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Real life school RPG Ran Online has updated Extra Stage for the better user relationships and their characters’ ability improvements.

Basically, Extra Stage is an instance dungeon type system which would be played in specific place for limited time. It is divided into 4 different stages for users to hunt the monsters while building the teamwork and feeling the new excitement.

Users with characters level under 100 could participate in the extra stage to hunt monsters in limited time to acquire enhancement materials and gold for reward. Characters must go to the Practicing Yard to participate in and travel into the Extra Stage for the 4 stages of monster massacre. Once they have cleared all the stages, they need to get verified for Random Box which might contain ‘Enhancement Material Set’ or ‘50,000 gold’ inside.

We will teach you the tips on how to have extra fun for Extra Stage for the users who are not yet satisfied with above information which users can read more about in Ran Online Official Homepage.

Extra Stage can be considered as an event where monsters would appear at regular intervals. Participating in Extra Stage is like carrying out a quest which will reward you with Random Box. So to speak, Random Box will be provided only when users have completed their quest, it is not like a dropped item while hunting monsters.

Don’t forget, the goal is to feel the thrill while playing in the extra stage and to complete the given quest safely!

1. Form or Join a Party!
It is important to form or join a party to participate in the extra stage because the monsters appear in this stage have been given extra powers, not like the monsters which you can encounter in the general hunting grounds. Therefore, it would be really hard for a low level character to face these monsters all alone, so partying with others to gather power is very important. Note that when you form a party, at least one or two characters which have levels close to the 100 must be recruited to make the hunting easier.

2. Stock enough potions!
Extra Stage will require you to consume a lot of potions in order to go against powered up monsters. If you do not have enough potions in your Inventory then hunting would become really hard. Once a character is dead, you won’t be able to participate in Extra Stage again. So you would better get whole lot of potions ready in your inventory. Note that you will be able to purchase the potions from NPC who will appear during the intervals between the stages in the Extra Stage!

3. Don’t get confused with quest NPC!
First, users need to receive the quest from NPC called Ami located in Practicing Yard then, take the bus to get to the Extra Stage (AKA Newbie Practicing Yard) to enjoy the extra stage. A ‘Citizen’ NPC will appear in the center of the stage when you have cleared all 4 stages, get verified for your completion of the quest then you need to get verified again from Ami NPC who will appear in the Newbie Practicing Yard soon after. Random box will be given to you when you have finished the quest and 2 verifications, so do not forget to receive verification from Ami NPC.


On the other hand, Ran Online has revealed Extra Stage demonstration trailer on their official YouTube Channel. Trailer will give users a little bit of taste for the background set and realistic hunting scenes in Extra Stage.

Ran Online Official Homepage
Ran Online Official YouTube Channel


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