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Ran Online Developer Blog

Ran online is Real School Action with verisimilitude and accessibility possessed full 3D MMORPG. In addition, it's global Online game enjoyed together by the users from 80 different nations. You can check Ran online developer's story in here!!

Author: ranonline

Ran online

Posted by ranonline Friday July 24 2009 at 2:10AM
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Developer interview - Original Painter, Reno

Posted by ranonline Thursday July 23 2009 at 10:40PM
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Interview 1 – Self Introduction and Works

What is Reno’s main work?
RAN ONLINE is already in service but it needs to respond with our users and get the feedbacks to update the game continuously. Usually in a game, new maps, items, monsters, characters, and NPCs are updated so, I am the guy who design all the visuals in every part of the game.

Then, what exactly is Original Painter’s (hereafter OP) job?
When update is needed, planner makes the project and hold a meeting together about it. In this process, OP creates visuals of the images inside the planner’s brain. Sometimes OP’s personal preferences and character might be reflected out on the image. For example, Planner would order “New Monster needs to look mean, strong, large with wings and use fire.” (This is very simplified^^) then, OP has to make specified visual images and 3D Graphics designer will start to work on the graphics with that visuals.


Interview 2 – How to Become a OP?

What sorts of preparations are needed to become an OP
In the college, I briefly worked a job related to graphics. After that experience, I have been working as an OP. Usually, new OP prepare portfolio and formally apply to game company or get picked up for well maintained picture related blogs or homepages with their works. (In some cases, some people transfer after studying comics and animations) There is no right way in becoming OP but creativity is the key so, don’t just depend on getting an education but practice and brainstorm to improve your painting and drawing skills.

For the OP ‘Wanna Bes’, please give an advice.
The must be prepared key points are basic dessin practices of human body, building sense on shapes, understanding light and shadow to understand fine arts and obtain ability to express oneself. But the most important thing is that you need to create something that no one has ever created with those obtained skills. It is very important to see, feel and experience many things without choosing genres because you have to widen your range in thinking to enjoy the pain of creation.


Interview 3 – My Working Know-How

Characteristics of Reno’s Original Paintings
I focus on the sense of shapes when drawing. It can also be explained as dimensional sense of taking up the space. My work is focused about shape that could possibly exist in real life. Therefore, I have to consider the balance and ration of the character. I always ask myself that if it is possible to exist in real life or not when designing.

What is your own source of ideas?
I take memo in daily life because you never know when the idea would just pop up in your head. I try to take a good look at everything’s lines. Sometimes I get my ideas from the animations and films.

How to overcome the pain of creation
By the continuous brainstorming, it will help improve your abilities, so I guess it is a requirement.

Developer interview - Previous Project manager PB Kim

Posted by ranonline Thursday July 23 2009 at 10:37PM
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# Tell us a little bit about who you are and what you do here at Min:

Q. “What are your main duties and responsibilities as a project manager, or PM in your position at work?”

A. “Most of them go to the schedule and human resources managements, as well as providing some occasional help related to the game planning, although, as I come from that field of expertise.”

Q. “What made you come to the field of game planning in the first place?”

A. “Back in ’99, I formed a team for planning and producing animations and games on my own. At the time, I did not have enough knowledge about those, but the passion, and all I could do was go here and there for about a year to collect anything seeming to be of assistance that would help me know more about animations and games. During that time, I was trying very hard to get as much information on both – for animations and games – as I was able to, but I just couldn’t. So I was focused on the animation at first. Then about a year later, I started my own animation business, which soon got turned down as the Korean animation market at the time suddenly went under, and my interest naturally shifted to games. I believe that the way an animation or a game is presented to the general public is quite the same in the ways that they give the fun. But I must admit that I had a hard time getting myself familiarized with the whole new media called games in my early part of the career.”


# Ups and downs:

Q. “When is it that you feel most discouraged with your job?”

A. When no one feels the same fun as I feel about my works that is supposed to give fun. You get this sort of experience when you don’t have a firm understanding on how the game should work to give the most fun out of the game to its players. Also, as an online game designer, I get a lot of requests that I can’t possibly do anything about, from players who have come to love their game characters so much. I do all that I can in my power to have them done in their favor. But, you know, we as a developer have to be very extra careful in dealing with these requests that we do them in fairness with a subjective view on each of them, and, yes, sometimes they don’t get their requests done as they would like. So there are lots of challenges to deal with, especially in this career, and at times when you bump into a deadlock, where there seems to be no solutions at all, that’s really hard!”


Q. “On the other hand, when is the most rewarding time with your job then?”

A. “As in other entertainment areas like animations or movies, the games developers like myself, get excited the most when people love and talk about the piece of product we created for them to enjoy. I really feel like a million bucks!”


# Some words of advice to the prospects:

Q. “So what does a person have to prepare himself/herself if he/she wants to be a games developer like you, PB Kim?”

A. “First and foremost, you got to have tons of hands-on experiences with different games – the more, the better, basically! – so as to develop and cultivate some sense of being able to see and catch out why people love a particular game so much. Unfortunately, I don’t… so I am still struggling even now! So you should have a fairly good understanding, or even a glimpse of it, on what makes a game is one of fun. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should and could downplay on the areas like Games Development Methodology, Schedule Managing, Documents Writing and Managing, and Marketing. All I am saying is it is more fundamental as a games developer that you first have a solid understanding on what it means for a game to be fun to its players than that you indulge yourself with all those administrative stuff I just mentioned.”


Q. “Any advice to those who are thinking of taking a job at planning and developing an online game?”

A. “Well, that would be that they need to make sure to know all the bolts and nuts about a planning developing process from A to Z. I’ve seen people don’t get bothered much about this or think this is less important and jump into the more of an administrative nature, for example, those areas I talked about in the earlier question of this interview. But let me tell ya, unless you don’t fully appreciate and have a full picture on what’s going on with a development in its every single detail as a “field commander” with your project in hand, it’s like you are trying to write a good and quality college report without actually knowing what you are going to write about. Then, your project is going nowhere, but just stalling, and so are your colleagues. Remember, you are a field commander!”

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