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Jade Dynasty Developer Blog

Jade Dynasty features a unique martial arts game play style wrapped in a huge, evolving game world. Players begin their quest to uncover the secrets of immortality as their choices between good and evil shape their game play experience.

Author: pwe_dvorak

Contributors: therealjayve,Grunthorne,Jade_Dynasty,

The Imperial Citadel Content Update

Posted by pwe_dvorak Monday July 11 2011 at 8:09PM
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Our latest content update, The Imperial Citadel, is getting closer.  To learn the story behind some of our upcoming changes, read below!
The Imperial Citadel - Story
The mortals completed the trials of Dragon Mountain, shattered the gates, and drained the Chroma from the splinters – then left. A horde of disciples had risen to the Empyreans’ challenge, but with the tests finished, Dragon Mountain was empty once more.
Empty except for the Celan. The mountain’s ruins were a familiar echo to the tribe from the Royal City. No longer distracted by the other factions scrambling across the mountain, the Celan could study the crumbling stone buildings. They were built similarly to their own Royal City... but why?
A merchant-disciple named Weakan, the Jade Maiden of the Celan, made the connection: these ruins and the Royal City were both artifacts of the same era. She discovered that they were both built during the rule of the ancient dynasty that forced the Athan into exile in the Divine Realm; the regime then ruled in the Imperial Citadel until the empire collapsed.
The Athan tell legends about the godlike skills used during the first war with the humans. In an expedition to the Imperial Citadel, Weakan confirmed that the ancients had used Chroma – and that their old lands were still infused with its power.
The Celan have shared their discoveries with every faction, and disciples are now descending on Sunstream City to prepare for expeditions. Tanis Ka, as always, sees opportunity in these arrivals and is giving away new items. Scholars are refining Chroma Beads from the Citadel’s lingering power, but the activity is drawing monsters; they will need adventurers to drive them away. The Jade Maiden herself manages this exchange, with a side business trading valuable items for jades. The Celan have also found a storehouse within Shura, another legacy of the ancient dynasty. Many disciples are ready to help gather its treasures, but the monsters there have powerful leaders, and they need teams of powerful warriors to escort them.
The ancients have left you an inheritance of Chroma power. It’s time to claim your birthright.
The Imperial Citadel, an ancient place long forgotten, will now be returning in its full glory with our upcoming content update.  With this update comes some cool additions to the world of Jade Dynasty: 
• Imperial Citadel is now becoming a PvE map for Vitalized Ascended players, allowing those who are up to the challenge to complete quests to gain Chroma Beads.
• Shura Gauntlet: This new dungeon will test your party's mettle as you fight waves upon waves of ferocious monsters, increasing your rewards the further you advance.
• Tanis Ka has an all new daily that can net you anywhere from Affinity Beads and Kylin Orbs to Chroma Beads and Bonus Jaden.
• A revamped JD-Mart functionality that allows you to bid more competitively as well as place additional bids.
• A few extras which will be revealed later.
Expect to see these features implemented sometime later this month (July 2011)! writes:
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