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Jade Dynasty Developer Blog

Jade Dynasty features a unique martial arts game play style wrapped in a huge, evolving game world. Players begin their quest to uncover the secrets of immortality as their choices between good and evil shape their game play experience.

Author: pwe_dvorak

Contributors: therealjayve,Grunthorne,Jade_Dynasty,

Basic Esper Guide

Posted by pwe_dvorak Monday July 11 2011 at 8:54PM
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Have you always wished to grind EXP while away from the keyboard without having to Meditate?  Does the thought of setting up an Esper to you bring dread?  Read this basic guide on obtaining an Esper as well as setting one up to Invigorate (fight for you)!

How to Obtain an Esper
Obtaining an Esper is fairly straightforward.  You generally get your first Esper through completing the beginning "Mandatory" quests given by Tanis Ka in Sunstream City (humans) or Guli the Senior in the Divine Realm (Athans).
You can also obtain some of the more common Espers from Esper Mystic Shera in Sunstream City (humans) or Esper Mystic Wana in the Divine Realm (Athans).
Usually you'll start off with a Trigram Esper if you're a human, while Athans will start with a Colorful Gem Esper.  Ones that you can purchase after your starter Esper will be faction specific.
Using an Esper
When you first equip an Esper, you'll notice that a bar appears with a skill.  This is where you'll set the controls for your Esper when you decide to gain EXP while away from the keyboard.
The boxes labeled HP, SP, VG, and EN are where you'll place various remedies from which your Esper will use while Invigorating.
HP is where you'll place various remedies that replenish your Health.
SP is where you'll place remedies that replenish your Spirit.
VG is where you'll place remedies that replenish your Vigor (only for qualified high level players).
EN is where you'll place remedies that replenish your Esper Energy (required for your Esper to Invigorate).
The other boxes (1-9 and Item 1-3) are where you'll place various skills and items you wish to use while Invigorating.
You'll gain many of your first remedies through the Treasure Box in your inventory from when you first created your character.  You can purchase additional Health and Spirit remedies from Physician Swarga in Sunstream City (170, 70) near Esper Mystic Shera if you run out of the remedies given by the Treasure Box.
You can obtain free Esper Energy every 6 hours, or you can obtain Esper Energy through the Marketplace (Remedies - Energy).
Invigorate Settings (What To Attack?)
You can set which type of monsters you want your Esper to have you attack while you're AFK.  Click on the wrench icon on the bottom-right part of your Esper bar to access this menu.
Common: The various generic monsters that roam throughout the lands of Jade Dynasty.
Elite: More powerful monsters with purple portraits.
Boss: Very powerful monsters with gold portraits that you won't want to solo.
If you're in a spot with two types of monsters, but you only have a quest for one (Sleepless Quest for example), you can check "Attack quest monsters only" to ignore the monsters you won't need to fight!
Invigorate Area basically indicates how wide of a radius you want your Esper to look in when finding monsters to kill.
Let's discuss how to add even more options to your AFK grinding fun!
Invigorate Details (Modifying Skill Usage)
You can set how often your Esper will use a remedy you bind to it through the Auto-Recover Settings.  Choose at what percentage your Esper will use a remedy and the delay (in seconds).
Pick Up Settings lets you choose which items to loot (if you're farming specific goods).  If you decide to only loot specific items, check out the menus below.
From these menus, you can modify whether you wish to exclusively loot, avoid looting, or any combination of provisions and materials up to a certain level as well as refining and imbuing talismans.  These options allow you to maximize the limited space in your inventory!
For the slots numbered 1 through 9 and Item 1 through Item 3, you may place any combination of skills/items and choose how often they're used.  The numbers listed beside the slots indicate how often your Esper will have you use that skill or item in seconds.  Currently the default setting for all of the slots is 10 seconds each.  The lower the number when choosing which skills to place, the higher priority they'll have.
If you're ready to do some epic AFK grinding, make sure the sword icon on the left part of the Esper Bar is glowing--this indicates that your Esper has enough Esper Energy to begin Invigorating!
All you need to do is press that button, and your Esper will begin fighting whatever is around you.  Make sure you have your PvP settings checked, otherwise you may attack a player (on a PvP realm).
Stay tuned as we discuss some of the finer points of your Esper and the extra things it can do for you! writes:
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