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Hudson's Hideout

Ramblings of a MMO player and Miniature wargamer

Author: pvthudson01

WoW guild will throw Ony some bones. Hopefully not ours!

Posted by pvthudson01 Tuesday December 30 2008 at 10:19AM
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I logged in Monday night (now without football) to my new home on Rexxar to find a busy and active Aftermath guild and we were up to about 15 members online. This surprised me and at the same time made me happy in pants. We were rolling full steam ahead and everyone was busy helping one another get things done. I pitched in too, and off I went to help some lower levels run Blood Furnace (also an achievement my warrior had never gotten) and then we ripped through Hellfire Ramparts.


When people make posts like this it makes me VERY happy:

"I just wanted to thank everyone in the guild. I have really great fun with you guys and this is a great group of people. This guild makes me laugh and i just have an awesome time. I love being in this guild and you guys are great. A lot of people have gone out of their way to help me."

Aftermath is going to run Onyxia tonight at around 8pm server time. That is right. We are taking all our level 50+ people and hitting the ole dragon up. We actually have been farming Ony for the Tier 2 head pieces and some of our 60-61 level folk are wearing them. It is nice to see the old helms still in action. We want to get our druids the moose antlers as well. We actually 6 manned her the other day, but I died horribly in the deep breath, something that I never seemed to do back in the day. I also forgot about her tail swipe and in the ultimate noob move ended up being smacked in to the hatchery. Good times. I hadn’t been in so long I had almost forgotten all the little tricks to the raid.


The guild high levels have been going back and helping those in need, the bank tabs are full to the brim with tradeskilled items, and people are getting the gear they want to help them progress further into the 50+ range. Not overlooking the rerollers and new members we have been cruising them along at a steady clip and helping them out when they mention they might need it. Not being able to find groups at low levels is a big pain, and no one wants to struggle along at that stale old world content. However it can still be a blast when you get help and hang out in Ventrilo with guildies and go through these older instances. If you head over to our forums and just look at the screenshots posted yesterday you can see some older instances that I have not stepped foot in since 2005.


As our 80’s and high level 70’s backtracked to help those in need, I realized that I and my awesome Prot spec’d DPS were not needed so off I went to the old world…err the newer old world: Outlands.


Odd right? Finding myself there I got wrapped up in something I had never done with my human and that was the Isle of Quel'Danas. Since I had only tried these with my undead mage and found them tedious to say the least, I went in with my warrior and just took quest after quest. By the end of the night I had made over 56 gold, 4 bubs of XP, and cleared the achievement for 5 dailies finished. All in all I did 15 dailies last night, and even though they were only rewarding 4 gold a hit, I was still having a blast because for the most part the Isle was EMPTY. I even found enough mineral nodes to increase my mining to 402! Add to that I finished the “explore Hellfire Peninsula” and “explore Terrokar Forest” achievements and I had a pretty damn good night. Add to all this the two dailies I found in Howling Fjord, and I am well on my way to keeping busy for at least an hour each night and having fun while doing it. I was able to bomb boats, take portal readings, bomb people and even fly a plane and shoot down gargoyles. Good stuff!


Ok so reminder tonight guild members and guild members of the future: Onyxia “raid” at 8pm server and lets get that achievement!

Jakeadunk writes:

A very nice post too bad most people don't understand what the MMO stands for in the MMORPG world. I think most MMO's on the market can be fun if you can do it with people that enjoy the game their playing. Just sucks when the game itself turns bad or doesnt get supported very well ie: (swg). But a game like wow that has been going very strong and keeps getting stronger, caters in alot of ways to this blog that you have written. Any game could be fun if you can find those people that will enjoy it with you. WoW just has the benefit with it's tons of servers and the amount of people playing the game to find these people and enjoy it.


Tue Dec 30 2008 11:24AM Report
Darkened writes:

Pre grats to you and everyone involved, I wanted to apologise for my comments on the other pic, regarding DK.

I was in a horrible mood and let it flow over into here, its no excuse, but at least I am willing to say I was wrong.

Good luck with Ony, hope you all have fun.

Wed Dec 31 2008 12:41PM Report writes:
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