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Hudson's Hideout

Ramblings of a MMO player and Miniature wargamer

Author: pvthudson01

We did it! New guild Aftermath and my return to Alliance WoW play

Posted by pvthudson01 Tuesday December 23 2008 at 6:55AM
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Last night was a crazy night for the AFTERMATHIANS (?) and my World of Warcraft life

Firstly I reactivated my retired level 70 human prot warrior that is now on Rexxar. Yeah I know. I got to thinking and I really wasn’t happy with the way the game was going for me, and if I was going to indeed tank again why not use the same damn character I was tanking with back last year that was fully geared, factionized and trade skilled (are those words? FACTIONIZED!)?

THE GUILD <AFTERMATH> is now recruiting and we are LIVE. I cannot thank everyone enough for coming over and trying this new guild out with all of us. In one night we invited 19 people and had as many as 13 on at once. We have every broad stroke of player in the guild, from level 80's to level 12's, and last night all of our very mature, outgoing people worked together to get AFTERMATH up and running in about 2 ours

We have, as of today:

1) One bank tab full of nice gear for everyone, bags, and a generous donation of gold
2) Our website is up and running and we are in full gear with posting and discussion at:

3) We have our ranks adjusted, new recruits have posted apps from Rexxar, and we had a blast last night helping those that rerolled through Deadmines and some Westfall quests
4) A 15 man Ventrilo server
5) we currently have 3 officers and 2 veterans in the guild that can invite. If you are interested and want a good natured mature guild think about checking us out

Secondly I did a very nerdy thing, nerdier than this blog post probably. I actually activated my Blizzard Authenticator AND going one step further added it to my keychain. I think this makes two statements:

1) I am truly an addict

2) I think its says to the whole community that yes I play World of Warcraft sure but I do practice safe WoW, and I know that turns all the ladies on and makes me look really responsible.

My friend Hicks joined me over there too. Being alliance has a plus factor for him in that he can actually FIND things in the auction house (I floated him a little cash to get started. NOTHING major) and he can make a human that gives him faction bonus. Looking at WoW, if you don’t raid or have perma heroic groups there is only one way to get nice gear: faction or tradeskills. Humans having a faction bonus is the primary reason I always make one. It is a true casual players dream.

I think the main issue is I just could NOT do it all over again. Having my tradeskills at grand master and doing some of the things I have done with that character are just something I did not want to do again. For the love of GOD he has 362 mining and is a grand master cook. He also has a high fishing skill. I am revered with every alliance capital, I am revered with Aldor. Do you honestly think I have time to do that again? I also like to tank. I like warriors. I have to play what I like or I will simply not be happy.

This warrior is the same one that was tanking Kara and heroics when my old guild fell apart and I stopped playing. Please reference last October and November for more info thanks.

Currently at level 70 I am still running what was considered “good” back before the expansion. I am at 12,884 Hp unbuffed and:

Armor: 11826
Defense: 503
Dodge: 21.25%
Parry: 15.63%
Block: 18.78%
Resilience: 0. (who cares)
The ultimate goal for Hicks and I is this: he heals, I tank, we make our own groups.

Ok well I am out and have many things to do today. Take care all!

- Hudson

tryklon writes:

I fail to see where this has any interest to anyone but yourself

Tue Dec 23 2008 7:14AM Report
xbellx777 writes:

i have interest in this because im in the guild : D so great that we got the guild started

Tue Dec 23 2008 7:19AM Report
pvthudson01 writes:

Man this site has some grumpy readers. A BLOG for me is about adventures and things that happen in game, much like this gentleman posted

I fail to see the difference. If you do not want to read about my adventures then just skip it please

Tue Dec 23 2008 10:18AM Report
nkraew46 writes:

Your return to the Alliance? I'm sure so many people are interested in this... NOT.

Epic fail.

Tue Dec 23 2008 11:12AM Report
ianicus writes:

flame flame flame, its good to see your haveing fun, god knows I might reactivate my WoW account somday, if I do and I want to roll alliance, I might give you guys a shout.

the negativity and just plane jerks on really make it hard to come back on a daily basis.

Tue Dec 23 2008 12:39PM Report
KrystDaymen writes:

I'm not a wow player but gratz on all the hard work and all that you and your guild have achieved.  Doesn't matter what game you play, running a guild is hard.  Also, don't know where your renting your vent server from but on ugt I get mine for like 18 bucks a month and it holds 75 so you might want to check it out.

Happy Gaming.

Tue Dec 23 2008 2:15PM Report
ElRenmazuo writes:

Death to the Alliance.

Tue Dec 23 2008 10:52PM Report
Dreamion writes:

your an addict to wow, but you just reactivated? geez..

Wed Dec 24 2008 7:31AM Report
catsaad writes:

i just deactivated my account even after buying wrath of the lich king .the game sucks .all of your 2 years hard work to get epic items just dissappear in vapours .this is nothing but a cruel intention of wow to get more and more money from subscribers who are idiot enough to play it again and again .

Wed Dec 24 2008 9:39AM Report
Mrevery writes:

Hey. You know how to get free WoW gold?

No lie. Seriously. I'm actually trying right now. I would suggest using 10minutemail and FiZiX to do it. Check it out, know it's legit, and start earning poitns for WoW gold!

Fri Dec 26 2008 12:27AM Report writes:
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