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Hudson's Hideout

Ramblings of a MMO player and Miniature wargamer

Author: pvthudson01

Don’t ever let em tell you you CAN’T: Nexus at 67

Posted by pvthudson01 Wednesday December 3 2008 at 3:06AM
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Once again last night I hooked up with members of a guild other than the one I am in and ran all night with them. Oddly enough I am starting to get to know these people pretty well, and the funny thing is I am learning that they are a nice group to hang out with. I would like to give a shout out to Honor Guard guild on my server Drenden for grouping me the past two nights and letting me prove myself.

Tuesday night in WoW proved to be no less crazy than any of the nights I have had the past two weeks. Coming away from my play session I learned one thing after seeing Northrend for the first time last night:

You can have your Warhammer Online and your Vanguard or whatever. Nothing they have beats the polish, artwork, and the atmosphere of this new WoW expansion. I am now a true believer. If you are refusing to play it in the hopes of holding on for some miracle patch in your broken game or because you think WoW is the Anti-Christ don’t. Get your retired 70 in there and really check this expansion out. Heck get your level 60-68 in there and group up and take part in the tons of people in this game. If you are a cloth caster type this is a great time, as every group has tons of plater wearers that pass on everything. WoW is bustling right now and this is a great chance to gear up in 5 mans you may have missed out on earlier.


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ElendilasX writes:

Nice. But you really should post everything here. I really liked reading it, but this part which you copied here seems like WoW advertisement.

Wed Dec 03 2008 3:15AM Report
alakram writes:

Yay you like WoW, other players may like other thing no matter how good you see WoW.

Wed Dec 03 2008 4:01AM Report
cult7 writes:

I cant see anywhere the awesome and breathtaking u speak of.All i can see is blocky ,washed out  ,recycled and really really ugly gfx.Btw ur sucess shows how much easy mode this game has become.Have fun if u like it, I dont.

Thx for all the infos

Wed Dec 03 2008 5:44AM Report
Midaveg writes:

I like WoW and Warhammer Online but comparinf how polished WoW to Warhammer. Its like comparing how much a kid could earn to an adult.

WoW environment is breathtaking in its style but IMHO, Wahamemr have a much realistic environment.

Wed Dec 03 2008 7:41AM Report
Zayne3145 writes:

You're right about WoW. Once you accept it for what it is and stop wishing it was something it's not (which a lot of people do) you really see where it excels.

I'd take the environments and stylistic approach of WoW over the murky, dull and plastic/cardboard looking environments of some supposed 'next gen' titles any day.

Wed Dec 03 2008 9:09AM Report
dcostello writes:

 What about lvl 69s? left them out of the mix...

Wed Dec 03 2008 3:05PM Report
Relentless02 writes:

Hell I stopped playing when 60 was the max level lol.

Wed Dec 03 2008 3:59PM Report
daltanious writes:

For me absolute ace is Wow, pretty far second is Warhammer (however I love it, too and I'm sure will improve a lot in time) ... and all the rest does not makeup for Warhammer alone.

Fri Dec 05 2008 7:41AM Report
Fr0z1nDuDe writes:


I'm sorry but warhammer's graphics isn't anywhere CLOSE to being "realistic"

Realistic means real world and take a better look at  the real world because THAT is "realistic".

So in the end there is NO "realstic" games out there just legendary failed attempts at trying to make a "realistic" game...

except crysis... crysis is the most realistic game up to date...

Tue Dec 09 2008 1:56PM Report writes:
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