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Hudson's Hideout

Ramblings of a MMO player and Miniature wargamer

Author: pvthudson01

Blizzard makes an installer I actually watch...

Posted by pvthudson01 Thursday November 13 2008 at 10:59AM
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Originally posted on

Got my collector’s edition of Wrath of the Lich King this morning, I have one more coming from Amazon as well for, one for each of my main accounts. Sadly, my new orc shaman’s Refer a Friend account will be Wrath collector’s edition petless, but that is ok, he is getting fast levels and just needs to shut up.

The line in Fry’s was back to the movie department, everyone had Lich King in hand, some businessmen were buying 2-3 copies. This is just in Downer’s Grove Illinois. If this is happening all over, Blizzard is set to make a TON of money.

JoBildo asked me in email this morning, as I was standing in a long line of WoW nerds at EIGHT FREAKING AM, if I would be able to resist going into Northrend and seeing all their is to see. I can answer that with a resounding YES. You see, when Warhammer Online launched I took my time as well, and people outleveled me like mad. I took a day off today to enjoy things. After powerleveling my orcs to level 49 last night, I was ready to get off the PC and relax. What better way than to watch the DVD that comes with the Wrath CE?

Blizzard always makes a good DVD, the Burning Crusade DVD was almost 2 hours long and packed with interviews, clip scenes, trailers, Blizzcon discussion panels and more. The Lich King DVD, while smaller in time, packs a ton of info as well.

When I got home I busted open my huge CE box, took out my mouse pad, my soundtrack, my DVD, put aside my WoW TCG cards, and then installed the X-PAC.

I told JoBildo that the order I wanted to do things were as follows:

1) Rip soundtrack to my IPOD. I don’t care what anyone says, World of Warcraft has the best music in an MMO today. EQ2 is close, and I did buy that soundtrack as well. But on my IPOD I have WoW1, WoW2 and WoW3 now for over 2 hours of kick ass music from Azeroth

2) Unwrap and look at the art book, which has a sleeve this time around and is a noticeable step up from the Burning Crusade version. Artbook number two is going straight to EBAY.

3) Situate the mousepad, add the cards to my TCG drawer I never use anymore, and then pop the DVD into the player.

4) Take a shower

5) Bust out some beef jerky and watch the Lich King movie stuff.

Later this morning I will log in, but I am still pondering just which TWO accounts to upgrade.

Blizzard did a smart thing with the Lich King installer. This time around, they fill in the entire back story of Arthas and you can actually click through the story and read up on what you may have missed for the Lore handicapped. I had it minimized and when I came back to check it realized I had missed a huge story but then saw the click through arrows and realized I could backtrack. Pretty neat stuff. Once again a flawless install and technically sound, no issues so far. OFF WE GO!

By the way, Arthas is a jackass. I would love to slap him down one day, at level 80. Assuming I could find a good 25 man raiding guild and they would accept me, and maybe they could get me in during my raid ti—- ohhh….forget it.

Tekkaman writes:

If you want a soundtrack that destroys the rest of the world, look into Age of Conan's. The composer will most likely receive the reward he was nominated for because there is truly nothing that can compete with it in terms of strength, smoothness, calmness, and utter excitement.



Thu Nov 13 2008 11:31AM Report
N1ghtsta1ker writes:

 Even though i'm not really a fan of WoW, the installer looks nice =P.

And IMO, Aion's soundtrack blows any MMOs' out of the water.  I ordered the OST a couple weeks ago and I still listen to it repeatedly.

Thu Nov 13 2008 3:43PM Report
gan3f writes:

super mario hands down best sound track.

Thu Nov 13 2008 3:55PM Report
gageparker writes:

+1 super mario

Thu Nov 13 2008 4:15PM Report
hado writes:

SWG soundtrack is the most original and classic and even has music thats not from the films on jukeboxes.

WoW's and EQ2's are fantastic to... havent tried Aion but doesnt do much for me in the movie trailers.

AoC was decent when i beta'd but sounded computer generated and not an actual orchestra, either that or a very small orchestra, which i think they changed before release, the music sounded fatter and richer near the end of testing.

Thu Nov 13 2008 5:09PM Report
siftified writes:

EvE's soundtrack is awesome. It can't really be compared with fantasy based soundtracks however :D

Thu Nov 13 2008 5:56PM Report
Tekkaman writes:

hado, I'm talking about actual soundtracks, not the in-game music that can be manipulated by the performance of the game or washed out due to other sounds that are interrupting the true genius of the work behind the soundtracks :)

Thu Nov 13 2008 7:34PM Report
MyPreciousss writes:

Standing in line to buy a game, unwrapping your box, watching the install, selling stuff on ebay, enjoying the best soundtrack in the world (of course...), taking a shower, watching the intro.

Man, a cockroach would have a more exciting life, except that he wouldn't feel the urge to blog it.

Fri Nov 14 2008 2:07AM Report
raizenlol writes:

*cough* virgin

Fri Nov 14 2008 2:55AM Report
Neosai writes:

I am not a fan of WoW either.  However, I'd stare at that installer for longer than other MMORPG installers.

Mutiple accounts though, geez.

Fri Nov 14 2008 6:36AM Report
Reborn17 writes:

Its like wow is real and his life is the illusion. C'mon man, no game deserves that much of your time and effort.

Fri Nov 14 2008 7:35AM Report
Zayne3145 writes:

The brief catch-up with the lore was useful. Having never played WCIII all the way through or read the books, I'm always a little muddled with the history as it's so intricate now.

Fri Nov 14 2008 10:44AM Report
mxmissile writes:

+1 for nerd todo list

Fri Nov 14 2008 1:47PM Report
A.Blackloch writes:

 lol to the macho kids who surf on, read other peoples blogs and then say stupid shit like "nerd todo list" and "cockroach's more exciting life". You are so cool.

Fri Nov 14 2008 2:31PM Report
UncertaintyP writes:

The "WoW nerds" comment from you was hopefully sarcastic and a joke, since you sound like a huge one yourself. Even though it sounds like you're trying to pretend your better because you can resist freaking out and having to log in right away.

Fri Nov 14 2008 4:50PM Report writes:
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