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Hudson's Hideout

Ramblings of a MMO player and Miniature wargamer

Author: pvthudson01

Is it still rude to swig potions in PVP combat?

Posted by pvthudson01 Tuesday September 30 2008 at 4:12PM
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Hope not because in Warhammer Online I have an overabundance of potions in my bags. From armor potions to strength potions, there is NO shortage of the mystical brews in this game.


In World of Warcraft, it was not uncommon to be frowned upon if you "potted" or took a potion in combat to get your health back up. Many of your team mates would even make fun of you if they saw it. "LOLZ you couldn't beat that Mage withouth potting LOLOL!!11"

The enemy would post things on the forum like "Hey (insert name here) : I had you till your sissy ass potted!"


In World of Warcraft potions were expensive and really not to be treated like cheap cans of Aldi soda. At most I would usually carry around 4-7 healing pots for PVE and really only use them when desperate.


This is not the case in Warhammer Online however. Potions grow on trees, and many of them are all of different stats and varieties. In fact I usually take potions over PQ loot when offered the choice, or over other gear in quest rewards. You also get them in every Stage 1 Influence chapter you pass over.


So it is without care that I chug these things like mad when I am in RVR combat in the game. Lets face it. The PVE to Warhammer Online is not rocket science and it sure isn't hard. I can count on one hand, probably using three fingers, the amount of times I have actually died in PVE that DIDN'T involve some stage 3 PQ boss beating my ass down.


So I wonder now if the enemy players I face still follow the WoW etiquette and think that potting is for sissies. Well whatever they think, I love it when I go to full health and then crush my opponent in front of me. Think quick, use those potions. I don't really care if they get mad anymore, they are dead and I live.

Hey thanks for the realm points suckas!

Trollstar writes:

That was strictly a WOW phenomenon. I started playing MMORPG's with Lineage 1 and burning pots was mandatory and many fights were won by he who had the most/strongest pots.(a bit too much of course).

You are now starting to think like a PVP'er, there's no honor in combat, only winners and losers, and except in the case of pre-arranged dueling agreements, any way to win and walk away as fair as long as it doesn't violate the EULA.

You are standing, they are rezzing, that's all that matters in the end.


Tue Sep 30 2008 4:19PM Report
pileopoop writes:

For WoW potting is only frowned upon in Duels, in open pvp or bgs potting is fine.

Tue Sep 30 2008 4:24PM Report
nakuma writes:

i agree there is only winners and losers. all is fair in love and war :). if you got a pot or something that will give you an edge on the other player use it. even in wow i pot and idc if a person bitches at me about potting, Im alive they are dead. have a nice day , better luck next time lol.

Tue Sep 30 2008 6:51PM Report
Bama1267 writes:

 Meh , I used pvp pots like candy. And any good pvper in Wow has everything at his disposal to win at all costs. Only noobs gimp themselves. If its a duel ...thats a bit different.

Tue Sep 30 2008 11:09PM Report
Kilrain writes:

 You fight to win. period. Make fun of the guy who was too stupid to buy potions.

Wed Oct 01 2008 9:12PM Report
Kalafax writes:

I'm just gonna add that you shouldnt think like the people who posted already, thats a very assholish way to do PvP. Respect your fellow gamer, regardless of whether they are your enemy or not, you dont kill them and then mock them. If you wanna use potions during fights, fine, it doesnt really matter, but mocking someone you killed is just dispicable.

Wed Oct 01 2008 11:50PM Report writes:
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