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Hudson's Hideout

Ramblings of a MMO player and Miniature wargamer

Author: pvthudson01

12 Hours of Warhammer Online: Naysayers can be quiet now

Posted by pvthudson01 Monday September 15 2008 at 10:11AM
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This is repost from my blog at:

That's right. I played 12 hours straight yesterday. I logged off to get some caffeine around 7pm but other than that, I was constantly logged in.

Not one crash to desktop, however I did seem to detect that the longer I played the wonkier the client got. I had to reboot twice in those 12 hours to "kick start my system" because it seems the game has some odd memory leak. For example after about 6 hours I was not able to right click the loot bags I had won in PQ's anymore. Also at one point I was not able to move my character because every time I tried to press a keyboard movement key it would say "invalid target".

However, other than that, I played straight through the day and night with no hitches.

And what a glorious glorious day and night it was. Hands down the most fun in an MMO I have had since 2005. Why 2005? Because that is when World of Warcraft was at its zenith for me. A time when I formed a guild and had the most fun before it became the tedious, cut and paste faction grinding elitist game is it now. I say that with utmost confidence because Warhammer Online has destroyed the mold that WoW has set. Never in my time on online gaming have I been kept so busy or had so much to do in a newly launched game. Never in my online time of gaming have I spent almost the ENTIRE day with a guild I helped found and watch get off the ground and had it been so much fun and so successful and helpful on DAY ONE.

Casualties of WAR has raised the bar for guilds and what they can accomplish. Not only were we all hanging out in vent getting along, but we all grouped, cooperated, and traded loot and stories and had a blast while doing it.

Many thanks for JoBildo being there on TIME and helping form the guild. As usual my dumb ass miscalculated the time and I logged in 30 minutes late to start, but still managed to get all the names I wanted and the server we picked was fast enough to allow logins.

Chaos, not so lucky. However Chaos is the bandwagon side so I guess that they will have to deal until that settles down. I was not able to get ANY of the Chaos names I wanted on Volkmar, and at one point during the day I was thinking that the Chaos side of WAR should have relocated and simply picked a new server. In the old days in WoW, I made those decisions within 30 minutes but it was easier to communicate that choice to the 6-7 guild members I had than the 30+ that Genda has to deal with.

Order has picked Averheim. Chaos has picked Volkmar. Our guild info is here:

I can say without a doubt we are organized, skilled, and attentive. One of the best guilds I have been in on day one in forever.

I rolled a High Elf Swordmaster named Kelethas, and then a Shadowarrior alt named Nyrolas. I did get Hudson and Cuthbert names reserved for Warrior Priests, but something inside me had no wanting to play one. After 5 months of beta, I was sick of the Warrior Priest and my tastes had changed.

Kelethas was in and level 1 for about 45 minutes as I played around and talked to people on Ventrilo. Finally I settled down with my Dunkin Donuts coffee and started leveling. The leveling didn't take long and before I knew it I was PVP'ing with JoBildo and Arinos and Malth from Casualties of WAR at level 3 and getting Renown Ranks and XP while I did it.

My guess is that people that hate this game don't know what to do in it. How they can be bored or feel it is the same old same old is beyond me. What this tells me is that they are not social, not willing to take the time to explore every aspect of the game, or just lazy gamers. I spent 12 hours in this game yesterday and was not bored one minute. Ok maybe one, while I was running trying to find a certain quest NPC, but other than that my day was busy, my character was slowly gaining a personality and being fleshed out, and I was ACHIEVING things.

In one day I did the following, from levels 1-9. This is non stop gaming in guild groups or random PQ groups:

Capped my influence in Chapter One High Elf lands

Capped my influence in Chapter Two High Elf lands

Capped my influence in Chapter Three High Elf lands

Capped my influence in Chapter Three Empire lands

Invited numerous people to the guild, adjusted ranks and talked to some blogging friends.

Capped my renown rank at rank 8

Leveled 1-9 with my Swordmaster

Leveled 1-4 with my Shadowarrior, and capped his renown rank at rank 3

Took part in 4-5 PQ's all over the map, earning gear, money and influence

Unlocked various tome entries including killing 25 spiders, lizards and scorpions for bonus XP.

Unlocked various tome entries in RVR including killing certain players, BEING killed, and critical hit achievements

Explored, discovered and made new friends.

Went into a cave system to do a PQ involving spiders and other creepy things

Learned the ins and outs of tanking with a Swordmaster, but also went DPS when I had to

Upgraded ALL MY GEAR through PVP rewards, quest rewards, or influence rewards

Got all my pre order stuff that was available in the mailbox. More will come later when I get the boxed version.

Finally went to bed at 1am. And that was the first day.

How many of you out there that rip on this game even take the time to explore and learn how to play it properly? How many actually invest the time to learn how fleshed out a character can be compared to the stale vision that WoW is now? Very few, and that is why I take your opinions as a funny little side story to the best launch day I have had in 3 years.

So continue to mock WAR, do what you do because you fail to look beneath the hood of the game. I'll just be having fun with the 30 or so members of my guild and seeing all this game has to offer.

Excuse me....time to log in, I didn't take the day off for nothing!

originalegg writes: I like WAR, and may pick it up in a few days depending on what my members decide they want to do, but you seem to have one of those personalities that lead you to believe your opinion is the only one that matters.

The game is a clone in a lot of ways, but that isnt necessarily a bad thing and the game is quite fun.  But some people just dont have the time you obviously have to play a game, so we dont want to play the same old style of game again.  Yes WAR does a lot of things differently, but at the core its still the EQ1/WoW style of gameplay.


"What this tells me is that they are not social, not willing to take the time to explore every aspect of the game, or just lazy gamers.  I spent 12 hours in this game yesterday"

Hmmm so you like to make random generalizations....

You tell people that dont enjoy the game that they are unsocial...and then proceed to say how you played the game for 12 hours in one day......hmmmmmm.......see what im getting at here?

Again this is a very well developed and fun game, but it definitely has its flaws and some people have a legit reason to not enjoy the game.  Just because you or I enjoy the game very much, doesnt mean others are somehow wrong in speaking their mind about whats wrong with the game.  Its called objectivity and having opinions.

Mon Sep 15 2008 10:27AM Report
nileq writes:

hehe.. Just had to say my 2 cent.
World of Warcraft  has always been the tedious, cut and paste faction grinding elitist game is it now"

And also even though WAR most probably is a good game, with some new features. It most definatly does not break the mold, perhaps creates a few leaks in the mold here and there.

It sounds like WAR is "at its zenith for" you right now, and that might soon change into "the tedious, cut and paste faction grinding elitist game"


Mon Sep 15 2008 10:44AM Report
A1learjet writes:

Yes War is a great game and I awaite entry as a Pre Order(didnt get CE)  I as well found the game to run very smooth and the RvR to be better then excpected, As you mentioned theres large areas to explore for those not into RvR(although its highly addictive) and through exploring you can find  your crafting items, fame or new areas,

In all agree with most that this game is well done and has a great story arch to keep you going.

Mon Sep 15 2008 11:26AM Report
doomrah writes:

i agree with you.  i was very busy the first day of playing.  i would be running by and a PQ would pop up and would go do that, then continue with my other quests which are layed out nice and easy to do.

i'm not understaning the influence stuff yet, but i will.

Mon Sep 15 2008 12:01PM Report
Daelus writes:

You say you stopped playing WoW because, at least in part, because of tedious grinding, yet you had no problem capping influence for 4 different pq chapters?

Mon Sep 15 2008 12:24PM Report
lukaszkam writes:

WAR is... just another game to play, nothing bad, nothing cool. just a game

Mon Sep 15 2008 12:55PM Report
Torak writes:

12 hours....

You think you over did it just a bit? You will probably be one of the people hooting the game doesn't have enough content after a month ;)


Mon Sep 15 2008 1:38PM Report
streea writes:

Your choice of servers matches the two I and several friends picked ^^;; small world!

I was on for almost 11 hours, but 1 hour in there was spent on dinner and talking about things with the hubby that DIDN'T have anything to do with WAR...

Mon Sep 15 2008 1:42PM Report
Kaelas writes:

Honestly, some people will like the game. I got my money back from my pre-order. There's too many problems from a development standpoint.

1) PvE never gets as good of gear as PvP.

2) Order gets better PvE gear than Destruction

3) Server populations way too low, and servers have issues way too often.

4) Crafting system isn't just unintelligable, but when you rank up and can use only one stabilization item to make something. It still only counts one of the other items you put in.

5) Cultivation is done in your hand pretty much. Honestly I'd like to see ingrediants only made by certain races. Maybe even things like dark elves special requiring you to kill a creature, plant seed in body, do ritual. Something that would fit. Instead your hand is a fast sea of farm land.

6) The fortresses are nice. One player can solo defend aginst a warband all day. Wait, no that's a bad thing. Also you don't get better seige equipment. And there's no craftable better-than-purchased equipment. Heck, the equipment stinks except the oil pot.

7) RvR gets item drops from people, which is nice. However since its a PvE drop, it gets sold becuase its useless.

8) First quest to go into RvR senario is at level 2-3. Of course these people have no tutorial, or explanation of the senerio they are entering. Khaine's wrath for instance, newbies arn't told not to go charging a shrine after it says )x( has unleashed khaine's wrath. And noone ever listens to a fellow player, its the warhammer online motto.

9) 2d stencils all over the place. I thought this was a fully 3d game guys?

10) I bet you'll finaly think of player housing in an expansion. But since it didnt' start with the game, you'll have ot add new areas to accomidate it.

11) I went to act 2, still no trade area. Now supposedly there is one, i'm guessing int he main last act towns. But that also means that unless everyone goes talisman crafting, there's no trade before the end. Talk about elitist philosophy in a game huh?

12) Taking control of an area is nice, but when you dominate the area, no extra bonus, and everthing resets. At least give us money, an item, or a bonus modifier globally. Do a global tug of war via dominations maybe. Do something, don't just make all our hard work go to complete waste. As of last day of open beta, we were throwing some rvr matches just to keep ourselves near domination but not actually doing it.

13) There releasing with bugs like npcs that are near permanately to permanately unattackable that are part of PQ's, come on

14) what is the engine anyways, its like World of Warcraft and Dark Age of Camelot had a deformed baby becuase World of Warcraft (Mother) drank thru the pregnancy.

15) For such low quality graphics, it sure takes up ALLOT of ram, please optimize this.

16) Speaking of optimising, the netcode needs thrown out and completely reworked. You have a ping over 100, or ever spike over 100 and you have mobs that are dead still walking around that you can't do anything to. And if the mob respawns, your computer will not accept the new information.

17) I do play Warhammer sometimes. And boy are there allot of things that should be in that are missing.

18) The lands are a bit small around keeps, its easy to take out noobs defending a keeps. They won't know how to fire behind an object using a repeater, etc.

19) This game is more of a grind than World of Warcraft. Especially if you can never find someone to do some PQ that's off to the side.

20) PQ rewards from bags, suck. Yet again just pick the gold, or crafting items. The supposed good armors, etc from PQ's are always worse than Renown counterparts.

21) I agree with nileq. This game breaks no molds whatsoever. Its a cookiecutter game that should of been further developed with actually new features. Most features including tactic slot type things can be found in older games. Hell saga of Ryzom lets you really specialize your abilities, actually modifying exactly what they do. Show me another game that does that!

22) Buffing is horrible in this game. Noone stands around to get buffed, because the game mechanics don't allow you the time to do so. The tactics slot should be added onto to allow you "autocast" buffs. Anything in the autocast slot auto goes on any ally around you. And when they are outside your radius is goes down in time, charges when near you.  Speaking of allies getting buffs. Most buffs only affect your team, not allies. IF this game is supposed to be a full out war from creation on, why can't I buff my allies near me. I mean noone uses the open party system because its useless. You see maybe 7 groups, no warbands unless people beg for it. I don't see why we can't buff anyone on our side. Or actually make players be tactical about it and make it buff everyone within ar adius. So improper use can result in buffing the enemy.

Things I did like:

1) Tactic slot system

2) control of areas give bonuses (but they should have negatives for being on loosing side

3) the idea of keep warfare, but not its current implamentation.


Trust me, I have plenty more on the bad side, I can't think of anything else good to say about the game. I'm off to blow something up in some game. I'll roll a D20 and pick, see ya!

Mon Sep 15 2008 1:54PM Report
A1learjet writes:

^^^^  oddd post by the above  he joined before me but only nOW replies to anything  LOL 

Mon Sep 15 2008 2:08PM Report
Sanctus17 writes:

 Wow, 12 hours to play a game.  I'm lucky to string two hours together.  You should be happy that you have that much time to play and don't blame other folks for their opinion.  I think it is a decent game and fun to play, but not nearly as groundbreaking or revolutionary as the  hype made it out to be.  To compare it to other recent MMORPG releases, it is much better than AOC!   I still can't imagine sitting in front of my PC for 12 hours straight playing a game, especially considering I work in front of computers all day, every day.  Ii is a grindfest to end all grindfests, but fun nonetheless.  The gameplay decent, but the graphics look like @#%$^%&^!  I doubt I'll play this past the trial.

Mon Sep 15 2008 3:02PM Report
Daelus writes:

1) PvE never gets as good of gear as PvP.

2) Order gets better PvE gear than Destruction

3) Server populations way too low, and servers have issues way too often.

14) what is the engine anyways, its like World of Warcraft and Dark Age of Camelot had a deformed baby becuase World of Warcraft (Mother) drank thru the pregnancy.

15) For such low quality graphics, it sure takes up ALLOT of ram, please optimize this.

Thought I would retort...

1-2) How on earth you could know this without playing all 40 levels I will never know. They were tweaking gear and changing stats all the way up to launch, and probably still are as we speak.

3) Of course they are... it's in head start mode for the collector's edition. This means that they let in a very small number of people in early so they could beat the hordes out of the newbie zones. If you're refering to closed or open beta... well, course closed beta had a low population, and open beta was completely packed. So... in closing you're talking out of some orifice other than your mouth.

14-15) I don't know what you're talking about. The graphic were pretty darn decent, especially if you forced AA. If you don't like the style, then that's something to comment on, but that's opinion, not fact.


Most of your points seem to be hastily made conclusions with little basis in reality. And I say this as a person who found the game rather disapointing.

Mon Sep 15 2008 4:17PM Report
Tekkaman writes:

I think the biggest thing is that it isn't just WoW fanbois bashing the game, it's other people. The game derives many mechanics from games such as DAoC (obviously) and LoTRO. The feeling of grind is a little bad however it's because most people don't seem to realize that level 40 is the cap, not 50, 60, 70, or 80. That's why it took you a day of constant guild groups and questing to hit level 9.

With that being said, how long until you are 40? I haven't hit 40 but I can tell you that the RvR will keep many people playing just as it did with DAoC. However the game is not as grand as I had expected it to be. We'll see how large it really becomes and how their alternative RR system works.

Mon Sep 15 2008 5:34PM Report
fatpanda writes:

 how did you reserve the name Cuthbert when thats the name of an early NPC?

Mon Sep 15 2008 10:04PM Report
Tokken writes:

LOL your high!

Mon Sep 15 2008 10:09PM Report
astrah writes:

good luck with your guild whats the name?

Mon Sep 15 2008 10:42PM Report
Frostbite05 writes:

most of the negativity about this game comes from people bashing it just to put it down. Not pointing fingers because i know plenty of WoW players who enjoy war as well. The game has its flaws but it still continues to grow and mythic continues to address issues and fix them as fast as they can. Honestly you can't ask for more than that.

Tue Nov 11 2008 9:50AM Report writes:
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