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Hudson's Hideout

Ramblings of a MMO player and Miniature wargamer

Author: pvthudson01

500 years ago in Norrath...

Posted by pvthudson01 Friday May 22 2009 at 9:42AM
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...there was a guild called Titans. Well ok, how about the year 2000 as you and I would know it. That was my first foray into guild making, leadership and what it took to make things work. Titans went on for a good long time and eventually merged with Clan Beyond on the Povar server and started raiding and blah blah and then merged with Dark Legion in 2003 to hit the Planes of Power.

I still remember running out to buy Planes of Power when it launched. 4 copies, each with my Fiorna Vie collectors Figurine in it. I still have those 4 boxes to this day.

Lately, I have been having a good old time starting all over with a crew of people in EQ2, but I wondered what it would be like to hit up EQ1 again. I don't have my old account so I would be broke and destitute.

Many bloggers do it so I won't go into details here. However with the failure of many MMO's to recapture my glory day feelings I give up. I got a Station Pass and re-upped EQ2, EQ1 and even Vanguard whee I now have a level 3 Cleric. Whoopty DOO.

Oddly enough when my buddy and I went to make a Titans chapter in EQ1, all we had to do was select create a guild and BAM it was done. Two people. I remember in the old days how if you wanted to start a guild in EQ1 it was a HUGE deal. Many MMO's today would be better off for that.

First you had to have 10 people agree to make the guild in a chat room offline. Then you ALL had to login and be in the same area. Then you had to wait for a GM to show up and approve the guild and apply the tag. This process would have you on pins and needles because it took a lot of coordination.

And you know what? GUILDS STUCK TOGETHER BACK THEN. It is not like today where you can make a guild so you get bank slots and name it something stupid like "MOESGUILDHOWZ".

So yeah I went back to Norrath and I will just hang out there with a little Vanguard on the side when we want a change. I don't owe anyone anything. We aren't leading any guilds just providing a place for newcomers or returnees to hang out. If it turns into something then fine. If not then fine. Myself and the four others that play get, if we are lucky, 3 nights online.

If I am going to be cutting back on gaming time I am doing it in a MMO that I know, one that is hard core and still works, and one that has a lot of content.I simply cannot stand the rejects that are playing these post WoW MMO's anymore. I'm ducking for cover and running back to something that is 5 or even 10 years old. If I have to keep playing my MMO's with these idiots that do not understand the basic concepts of agro, tanking or healing for one more week I will simply become more jaded than I already am. At least in EQ1 I can hire mercs now that shut up and do their job. So yes I picked up Seeds of Destruction. Figured why the hell not. The only thing I regret is giving that much money to Sony but what can I do.

Povar, Antonia Bayle, Seradan. Those are the servers in the respective games. One of my accounts is from 2005 and I have so much stuff to claim I do not even know where to start. Back in 2004 I had sold my original 1999 EQ1 account. I admit that was pretty dumb but I have others to fall back on. Unfortunately everything since then is tied to the one account that in Everquest has NONE of my plat. So I am broke. Oh well thems the breaks.

We have 2 people in EQ1 and about 9+ in EQ2. The guild in EQ2 is level 5 already. You know where to message me if you want in ( But be warned: we don't play all the time and we are starting over to learn and experience the game. So no whining garbage about "WAHH I HAVE A LEVEL 80 on another server blah blah." So what? It is just levels. Do you want to PLAY and hang out, or stand around and brag?


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