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Hudson's Hideout

Ramblings of a MMO player and Miniature wargamer

Author: pvthudson01

10:52 in on WoW Radio's Blue PLZ! and a rant of my own

Posted by pvthudson01 Tuesday January 27 2009 at 10:42AM
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About 10 minutes and 52 seconds in Total Biscuit gives a shout out to my blog and discusses the brew ha ha kicked up by my post here which was one of the more engaging articles I have had up recently. There hasn’t been too much engaging information lately to talk about in WoW because frankly WoW isn’t THAT engaging to talk about. I’m ummm…questing. In some cases I am questing the same stuff over again on three different characters.

The rest of the guild Aftermath is chugging along at a decent clip, and despite a bizarre love triangle feud thing that happened there is not much drama to talk about. As for myself I had a bit of the “ZOMG I am falling behind the curve!” syndrome strike me last weekend, but thanks to the kind words of fellow guild members I think I may have to just accept the fact that I am no longer a hardcore player.

A friend of my brother’s is already bored with the game and totally decked out in tier 7.5 gear. With all the time that it took for this expansion to be announced and all the testing, I am still at odds with the raider in me and the casual player in me over the ease of this content. I won’t get into what has been said here and over on Total Biscuit’s show, but I just am awed that after 2 months this expansion can pretty much have a fork stuck in it for the vast majority of serious players. In LFG on my server it is not “LFG Utgarde or LFG Old Kingdom” anymore it is all “LFG HEROIC so and so and LFG HEROIC this and that”. EVERYONE I see is 80, or the alt of some level 80. No one is running the standard 5 mans anymore and if they are they are piss poorly played alts of some bored raider in a guild that has locked all the raid content for the week. Seriously, what is going on here?


Now more than ever WoW isn’t starting until the level cap. I realize that now and really I have been playing with blinders on the “old fashioned” MMO way. People don’t give a rat’s ass about your gear, spec or talent pre level 80. Your mission is to quest, shut up, and get 10 levels in as short a time as possible. People do not want to make friends, talk, socialize or get to know one another. They want 10 levels so they never have to see you again and so they can run heroics for easy purples. This seems to be the current trend in World of Warcraft. Heroics are THE 5 man and THE actual test of a player now. Starting in TBC Heroics seemed to be a gimmick for bored players that wanted to get raid type loot without the raid. You needed a key, you needed to be prepared, and it was WORK. Now heroics are a joke. People crush them, can do them whenever (minus the lockout) and get well enough geared to head right into…10 man PUGS. Personally by removing keys and the work needed to get into heroics I think Blizzard took the game backwards a step. You NEED these tasks in game to keep people playing and to keep them striving to make their characters better.

Apparently I stress too much, worry too much, and honestly make the game harder than it needs to be. Why worry about playing my class the best I can anymore? I should simply get to 80 with the lamest DPS spec I can wearing all greens and then have other players carry me to purple loot. Forget learning your class, forget properly equipping yourself, forget showing up for my first heroic in blues. Heck I can simply go and need roll everything and just be an ass right?

Thinking over the latest Blue PLZ! I have to agree that the dumbing down of the content is generating a player base that, outside of my guild, I really DO NOT want to socialize with. I was in a PUG last night with my rogue along with a 77 unguilded priest, a 74 warrior a 72 BOOMKIN and a 72 mage. The priest was unguilded and one of the rudest bastards I had encountered in weeks. He was smug, condescending, elitist and obviously the alt of some raider who thought that his excrement did not stink. Add to it that he was a healer and one of the few available for those low level instances and his head barely fit in in Utgarde. Naturally I antagonized this player when he started picking not only on me when I died due to a improper target on my end, but also ripping the druid. The smug players name was Jeangray (wow how original) so naturally I started calling him by the name of every X-Man I could remember EXCEPT his proper name. He was never Jeangray to me in chat, he was always Magneto or Wolverine or Gambit. I could tell it started to really piss him off because I was not bowing to his awesomeness, and it actually made my night to knock him down a few notches. This is exactly the type of player we do NOT want in Aftermath. Despite the PUG completing the instance I felt madder after I was done than when I went in. The guy just really rubbed me the wrong way.

This blog entry today seems really negative, and maybe it is the crowded status of Rexxar server Alliance, but I honestly do NOT like the majority of players I encounter in this game. I think that if it weren’t for the guild I would have considered not playing anymore except a couple of days a week. With the guild and their support though, and through taking our time, I do look forward to hitting 80 and learning the content with mature, easy going players.

Sargoth writes:

Is it dumbing down or have you played the game so much that anything they throw at you is common sense?  We are human, we do learn.  Doing anything over and over makes it seem easy. 

A guy rips on you, so you turn back with tooth and nail?  Tsk Tsk dude, try and create positive atmosphere and get the rest of your party to boot the dude. 

The best thing though?  Quit.  Leave.  Go somewhere else.  Play something else.  Let the beast that is WoW Die.  Move on.  Have hope.  Go outside.  It's not worth it.  You won't enjoy the endgame at 80.  Its different pixels of the same junk you did at 70.

Your smart enough to put together a decent post so I know you can do it.

Tue Jan 27 2009 8:45PM Report
Ziboo writes:

 Blizzard is delivering what it 'think's its playerbase wants - end game raiding content and the never ending race for the next epic gear.  That is what is ruining the game.  1-79 is considered unworthy and heaven forbid you don't do arenas - you must be a sad sack!!

I honestly don't give a flying-rats-ass what everyone else says MUST happen.  I've only stuck my lvl 70 on Northrend recently - heck I've got 2 years before another expansion and I won't be rushed to end game raiding ever again!  I'm thoroughly enjoying doing some obscure questlines in the classic content.  Exploring all the lowbie areas.  Blizzard made an interesting world (I tihnk all MMO's are) but unfortunately WoW suffers the same as Warhammer - what they envisioned and how players play is grossly different.  So Bliz is giving them more of the same as the endless badge runs/epic shoulder drop/grind arenas/ad naseum continues!

Everyone pays to play so play how you want!  I won't let someone make me feel bad about how I CHOOSE to play.  No one should.  It is a bloody game and should be fun!

But I will admit nothing is sweeter than cutting off the snotrags at the knees.  Life is way to short to play with lame-jerkoffs - so I won't!  I turn trade off - cuts 90% of the b.s. off right there and avoid lame pug groups.



Tue Jan 27 2009 10:38PM Report writes:
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