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Doll House

I will be blogging about games, animes, mangas, ideas and anything I could think using my creativity!

Author: princessdoll

A Tour inside CTRacer (Full Review)

Posted by princessdoll Tuesday October 13 2009 at 3:01AM
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As promise I will make a full review of this game. I will be you tour guide so that you can have an idea of this game!

NOTE: This is my full review of CTRacers. All comments and things that I use/said are mine alone.

CTRacer Online developed by Mobil Planet and was published by Gamenetworks, is one of the newest casual racing games ever for global market. CT Racer Online is an online racing game that will surely create a breed of racing fans among gamers of all ages. The game features an extensive list of unique racing cars which players can customize its appearance as well as modify its performance; colorful cars with different characteristics; and fun, challenging race tracks where players can master and compete with other drivers in every lap after lap.

This is also an f2p game so no payment requirement! The shops are composed of both in-game money called CTs and cash items. More CT items are offered than Cash items, and cash items are only for customization of car’s appearance and not the tune-ups itself so you can live without worrying of buying a cash item, still a fair play.

So yeah! I tried the game again, done some easy quest routes; the records are a bit realistic and breakable if you know about upgrades of cars and stuff. Talked to some players (they are all friendly) so nice environment, the sceneries/buildings are nice (it made me think to the point that I wish our country has those kinds of sceneries where it is clean and beautiful. The map is big so it’s really a free roaming around with your car. In the end I got addicted (again).


Here is my complete review:

-The cars at the advertisement are nice. At first I thought those are the cars you can have but unfortunately you will need cash items to design your cars and turned it to this;

                                                    Me drools.. *_*


Yep, the output is the same but the designs; well you need cash for those signs and color customization and other stuff for car appearance. Like I said you can still be the faster beast car without flashy car appearance if you don’t want to spend money.


-Of course your character is not a human being nor an elf but a car! You can’t see the person driving inside. (It was made that way for you to focus on the car itself) Your car is your character, the clothes are dumper and body kits of your car, the potions are the gas stations scattered around the map and the upgrades are the engines and tune ups you can do at your garage area.



-No story. I mean it! No story on this one. Well, because it’s a racing game and not a RPG type. You just login the game buy your 1st primary car then choose a map to roam around then off you go and run like a wind!


-The graphics is great! A bit improvement was made, now you can choose between low or medium graphics. The low one of course your car will look like a pixel type boxes a bit. The medium one the effects gotten smoother, so nice that you would want wipe the dirt at your car. (Just kidding)





-Nice background. It’s like you are really racing! The good thing is you can customize the mp3 inside the game so that you can add-on songs that you want to hear. It’s like an mp3 inside a real car. Either you want to hear default songs or your favorite songs stored inside your computer.












-It’s a free roaming area really. It’s like a real map in a MMO game where your character can move and you can see co-players roaming too. You can bump their cars to ask duel (it’s like intimidating your opponent I think) and the sceneries are nice! It really looks like a city at night with neon lights and the most amazing part are the buildings and structures. Most are based on Korea Map so their famous building, surroundings and structures can be seen there.


-Located at different sections inside the map. You can choose three quests there your choice. (a)Course records; where you must go to an specific location within a specific time, (b)Road Runner; where you must finish 5 destination points w/out hunters seeing you, (c)Road Hunter; where you hunt the road runners! (I really like to be the hunter; I enjoy busting road runners around!)

-It’s a bit complicated. You have to look for a guide and be used to it in order for you understand the things to do. The good thing is the keyboard button commands can be custom. Either you can race using your keyboard or using a joystick or a wheel.

-You know, like a car gang or so. Yep, you can make guilds there then lead your guild to victory. Own a territory or beat other guilds. You will earn fame points and honor too! The emblem of your guild will be seen like a sticker at your car. This reminds me of Initial D.


-Let’s start your engines and be ready to roam around the city! As you login the game, you will first see your garage area where you can choose between automatic or manual transmission, view details of your car, your car list and other personal information.

But first, you have to buy a car of course! You can’t roam around the city without a car so off you go at the car mall area to buy cars. There are lots to choose from with different designs, colors and stats. Yes! Cars have stats and you can improve the stats more by tuning, putting engines, turbo, breaks and other stuffs you need for your car. After you bought your new sweet primary car (Of course it’s just a beginner car for now) you can start roaming around the city!

Every time you login inside the map your car will be at any point locations. This is random so every time you login your car can be in a different place/location. At first if you’re a newbie this is a bit confusing, because you don’t know what to do inside the game, there are no pop out instructions as to what you will do or so. It is best to read guides at their site or forums first before login in the game.

After reading guides or asking players out there (because they are friendly) you can choose what to do, either do quest to earn CT (currency inside the game) to buy new car that is much faster, or get tune ups or engines. This time you need to grind a bit. Mileage is recorded and you will be rewarded every time you reach a specific mileage. The faster your car is the more record breaker you can do and you can ask duel race to co-players too. Regarding trading, all transactions can only be done at the lobby area not inside the map so better go there first for transfer money or other stuff.

Lots of activities are done in a specific time and date. It is advisable to join on these events to gain more CTs easily. Doing quest also helps by gaining TP (Tech points) which is important because some parts inside your car requires TP. The higher the parts can give to your car stats the higher the TP needed.

After that, you can just roam around again, play with the race tracks either downhill or uphill. All race tracks are based in Japan’s mountain passes. Really, it reminds me of Initial D due to the mountain passes they choose. Myogi is a popular beginner mountain track to practice and unlocking the other passes needs required points to do so.


-My first comment is I got lost first because after I login inside the game there are no tutorial as to what to do next. I would really appreciate an instructor NPC or so inside the game to make it a bit newbie friendly because most players don’t visit forums. They just Download the game, register and off you go playing it! But because the GMs are nice and players are accommodating that made my racing experience change a bit. They guided a newbie like me 1st in anything inside the game making it a good community. So yeah if you’re a type of player who can try racing games I would recommend this to you. If you’re a racing gamer fanatic then try this game!

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