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Doll House

I will be blogging about games, animes, mangas, ideas and anything I could think using my creativity!

Author: princessdoll

Why girls love cute mmorpg

Posted by princessdoll Tuesday September 29 2009 at 9:23PM
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Since my college days I've seen online games come and go. Believe me or not I've been a player since 2nd year of college (so you can guess now what my age is?xD) up until now. Though I am not active at forums and blogs that time, I am more on "playing the game" and "looking for guides" than blogging what I do everyday. So yeah I just started blogging this year for two reasons, firstly I love mmo games it keeps me entertaining and away in reality for a while that I want to share this to some people out there to meet new friends and second to contact my friends who are in different countries but love to play online games. Well, global online games are the only games I played due to the fact that I can reach my friends out there (different countries I mean)

Based on my years in MMORPG industry, most of the poeple I talked to in-game or chatted girls have penchant for cute MMORPGs.

First, how do we define “cute”? There really is no accepted “industry standard”. For me, as long as it’s chibi or SD (Super Deformed, in the Japanese-anime style), that’s cute. Ragnarok, Rose, FlyFF fall into this category. Meanwhile, the full anatomically-correct games such as Perfect World or RF would fall into the other end of the spectrum.

Why Girls love Cute MMORPGs

PC Spec - We all know that not all have great pc specs specially with girls who don't know much about computers. Even on both internet cafes or home, only few girls know how pc works or what is needed to make the pc functional and running. Because of this they ended up having only the basic need of a computer which leads to normal specs. Cute games don't eat too much banwidth on pc making it a friendly user to most computers even if it's not that upgraded or older versions. This simplicity wins popularity to girls and the good part is they can ask friends to come along and play with them.


Cute is Cute - Do I have to explain this?? As long as it's a chibi and the character resembles to anime or so they are cute!!! I love cute characters specially with expressions making them cuter. No exceptions, even if the the story line is lame it's easy to get distracted on those adorable characters making you to try the game before you could even say; "This is a lame game and I just realize that just now!"




 The girls are there - Admit it, guys. It's easier to find a girl playing a cute MMORPG than a hard-core game or FPS right? You can even collect girls in-game either inviting them to party or guild. It can even lead to romance making it a "worth-playing" game.

Gameplay - Cute MMO gameplay is not complicated. This means that it will be easier for anyone to teach even a non-gamer to play the game. The fact that the "cuteness" distracts a lot to be patient in studying the gameplay, the community that is strong and alive itself is also a plus. And because it's accessible to everyone this leads to good a community and a lot of gamers to play the game. Either you're a hard-core, average or non-gamer. As long as everyone is talkative and friendly it gives pleasure in playing the game. Heck, you can even teach your sister or mom to play the game.

Pop culture - Cute MMO's have transcended more than the game. Because they are cute in the eyes of people a lot of videos, cosplays, fan art or even flash games which the game as the base can be easily distributed or share to everyone. This can lead to merchandise (both official and unofficial) that were made for game(s). It's the truth that cute items are really "in-demand" to buyers even if they don't know what they just bought.




Although a lot of gamers are graduating to the more “hard-core” games. I still think there is a HUGE demand and market for cute MMOs. If analyzing the trends will be the basis, I’d predict that new cute MMOs with innovative features with regards to gameplay and community functions will sell well. A game that would drive all the current and new users into one big community where user-generated content will be crucial to keep it all alive and “sticky”.

This is just my comment, you can make your own comment too~

ray12k writes:

I have tried one of these MMO'S and to be honest some or fun then hardcore games...

Wed Sep 30 2009 2:19PM Report
Aemi writes:

I resent some of your comments. I'm a girl and yes I play mostly cute anime style MMORPG's but "girls who don't know much about computers."

There are lots of boys who know nothing about computers too.

I happen to be a computer pro and I'm female, I love upgrading and buying parts for my PC and I follow the latest tech news. While I understand not everyone is like me, everyone isn't just girls it's boys and girls.

"Cute MMO gameplay is not complicated." That is NOT true. Ragnarok Online one of the references from the pictures you added, is one of the most complicated MMO's out there. It takes alot of time to learn how to play RO. WoW is a simple MMO.

Emil Chronicle Online which was just released also makes you think, and study on how to properly create your character.

Some of this article is ok, and true but don't insult our gender.

Wed Sep 30 2009 11:54PM Report
princessdoll writes:

I didn't say all girls don't know computers but just some..^^ thanks for the comments!!^^

Thu Oct 01 2009 2:48AM Report
princessdoll writes:

And I didn't insult our gender for crying out loud..>.> what is insulting to these?? sorry but ragnarok for me is an easy to understand game. ^^ like I said it is just my comment I didn't insulted my own kind..

And this is not noted for ALL GIRLS I put words like "few" and "some" but not "all girls" thank you!

Thu Oct 01 2009 2:51AM Report
felinemagic writes:

I guess that I like both styles about equally.   The only gripe that I have with "cute" MMORPGs is that most characters look alike.   If there is a lot of character customization to make everyone look different, I don't mind playing them.

Fri Oct 02 2009 11:25AM Report
LordDemi writes:

umm... I am actualy a Guy lol 19yrs old but still I love playing those anime based MMORPGS but still I play an fast paced action games and I can tell that there are MORE girls playing action games that guys, but they simple are shy to reveal themselves and thats all... so everybody thinks that they are guys... and I love those anime based games simply cuz theyR cute and simple... I mean u can just have fun and relax by playing those games not thinking how to kill that boss or that.... and have nothing fun arround... BUT more importantly that in those anime based mmorpg's is AWESOME community not some freaks which can be found in practicaly every crimsony Mmo, so see that anime based mmo's play realy good people(anyway not always) but in Those BIG blood MMO's are actualy almost only As***es...........And one more important thing why I love those anime games and their cutiness cuz I am very Romantic.  Personaly Im playing now Luna and Rumble fighter. If some girl wants to meet me at luna welcome Im DevilRain-warrior lvl13(not for long anyway) :D

Wed May 12 2010 5:30AM Report
LordDemi writes:

princessdoll writes:

And I didn't insult our gender for crying out loud..>.> what is insulting to these?? sorry but ragnarok for me is an easy to understand game. ^^ like I said it is just my comment I didn't insulted my own kind..

And this is not noted for ALL GIRLS I put words like "few" and "some" but not "all girls" thank you!


Umm ill add if u dont mind... As I have seen mosly nomal and nice girls play these type of games, and those who prefer some Berzerking games I think are not girls but some freaky Killing machines(NO OFFENCE) so this is my way of seeing things. PEACE girls I am not Sh***g on you, but just showing the facts that girls who play those anime based MMo's are actualy romantic and nice(and Very cute)and guys like them, but those who play some FPS action or any crimson games become agresive and with ugly soul, and naturaly guys dont like them(exept some) and thats all I wanted to say



lol O.O again book page Oo

Wed May 12 2010 5:40AM Report
pudd1es writes:

Hey the girl who posted the girls are there and game play what picture is that its so cute!!!!! and yess when i look for a game its most definetly a cute anime game buts thats becuase you guy games are boring :l

Sat Jun 26 2010 3:09PM Report
y311 writes:

i understand wat u guys means, but wat about the guys like me who likes girls who act evil in the outside but are really cute and cuddly in the inside.... like skeleton bunnys

Sat Jul 17 2010 11:54PM Report writes:
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