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EverQuest II: Recycling Server & Merges

There is a huge problem at the moment for new players in EverQuest II. It's very difficult to entice new players to play a game that is years old. It's the collective of having to deal with an unfriendly economy, lack of low level groups, and the twinks.

Author: SkillCosby

EverQuest II: Recylcing Server

Posted by SkillCosby Friday March 6 2009 at 1:52PM
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It's clear that in order for a game to survive, it has to maintain a decent population. This is something that has been on the slow decline in EverQuest II. There is just nothing, other than a nostalgic moment, that appeals to new players.

EverQuest II still has its original set of launched servers. However, very few of them are able to sport a quality community. Even on its two most populated servers, Nagafen & Antonia Bayle, you will find it very difficult to find a low level group. While it might get better in the latest tier, the quest to 80 will surely be a solo job (for new players). Not only will the new player experience the troubles of the solo realm, but he or she will also experience the hard economy, pvp twinks, and the void of being alone.

In order to fix the current situation, we need to get these servers merged. I curerntly feel as if they are purposely delaying, as they are generating a tidy sum due to the price that players pay for the character transfer service. We need to get these servers merged asap in order to maintain the current population.

Lets say the way have just merged all of 20ish servers into 5 or 6. We now have plenty of free space to work with. It's time now that we implement the Recycling Server.

The Recycling Server is much like Diablo II's Ladder Server, where new players are able to experience the game as if it had just launched. In terms of EverQuest II, the Recycling Server would reset at the beginning of every new Expansion Set. However, your characters will not be deleted; they will be transferred to one of the main servers. You will then be able to create another character on the Recycled Server.

The above must be done in order for EverQuest II to sustain and grow:

1) The servers need to be merged in order to sustain the current population.

2) The Recycling Server will entice new & casual players to join:

  • It allows new players to experience the game as if it had just released.
  • The economy will be fresh; thus, new players will be able to compete with all the buying & selling.
  • New players will be able to find groups in the lower tiers. It will greatly help with leveling.
  • It's a great chance to experience / re-experience the fun of low level PvP (Commonlands, Antonica, Thundering Steppes).
  • New players will not have to deal with the following: tough economy, ganking twinks, and the lack of other lowbies to group with.
  • It's a fantastic way to get future players amped on the release of a new expansion. It will surely do well in the marketing realm.

With all types of merges, we will have our problems with player names etc. However, this is all something that can easily be worked with. The main goal is to increase and sustain the population. If we continue to ignore this situation, EverQuest II will continue to plummet.



depain writes:

I'd buy the game again if they did something like this. The best time in any game is when it first launches.

Fri Mar 06 2009 2:20PM Report
Sargoth writes:

But in most exspansions, all the content is in the later levels so why start over?  And with every exspansion, you have to redo the content again which in my opinion, would suck. 

Look, leveled games are a thing of the past.  Your problem is the exact reason.  Besides, EQ2 is an old dirty whore trying to milk all the money she can till it's 6 feet under time.  Just let her go with dignity.

Fri Mar 06 2009 2:33PM Report
fcwedd writes:

Sargoth, this isn't just about veteran players; it's about future players. A future player wouldn't be able to do anything in an expansion anyway. New players know this when a game releases an expansion. This Recycling Server is to increase the appeal of new players. It does more good than harm.

Fri Mar 06 2009 2:39PM Report
TenchiMuyo writes:

I enjoyed EQII when I played it. I stopped playing it, because there were a lot of bugs, and the expansion packs were just too damn expensive over the speed they were releasing them. I couldn't keep up with them.

Fri Mar 06 2009 2:50PM Report
Sargoth writes:

New players trickle in anyways.  If there were new servers, your recycle server, they would be barren.  Why start on a server that's going to move your character later?  Most new players are going to log in and see what EQ2 is all about and want to move to the 'next gen' mmo's I bet. 

I get the feeling that you want to recreate that feeling you had when you first started when everyone was playing and you went through the content all at the same time.  I did that in WoW.  I loved it.  I tried a while later and made a new char and joined the new server and it just wasn't there. 

Like I said, let the game die with dignity. 

Fri Mar 06 2009 3:58PM Report
Benezetta writes:

I'd agree with this post more if it didn't contain blatant exaggeration.  I play on Antonia Bayle.  I have some baby alts, lvl 10 and 22.  I can log in anytime and find groups with relative ease just by asking in /level chat or asking folks I see hunting in the same area.

Solo to lvl 80?  Heck, I don't solo for more than ten or fifteen minutes while trying to find a group on my little non-healer alts.  I find I get much better results by taking the reins in my own hands and asking instead of waiting for other lowbies to invite.

And who would want to start on a server and then be transferred to some random server when an expansion is released?  Not me, I'd want to stay with the friends I had hopefully made.

You'd still have to deal with ganking twinks - many of us could start out with no resources and have our new chars twinked out pretty well by lvl 10 simply because we know what/how to make money.

I've heard that the pvp servers have very low pops.  That's probably true, I know I left one almost three years ago.  And it wasn't low population that drove me away, it was Sony's refusal to deal with blatant hacks and cheats that ruined that server for me.  

But whatever happens I hope they don't let more people transfer to Antonia Bayle.  AB has a strong population; heck, its so high that its a lagfest at times.

Sat Mar 07 2009 1:22AM Report
usco writes:

I have been playing MMORPGs for a very long time. It started with M59. I played EQ1 for over 5 years, EQ2 for about 2 years, Vanguard 6 months, AoC 6 months... just to name a few. Sorry, no WoW.

Now I play EVE when time (and my wife) permits... :-)

I really like EVE because of its single universe. This is also the advantage of "systems" like Second Life, even if SL is more hype than populated, right now. IMHO games with many different instances of the game world (aka shards, servers) are outdated. The next generation of MMORPGs has to think about how they can give the user one big world and how to solve problems with different play styles (PvE and PvP for example).

Sat Mar 07 2009 1:30AM Report
grayknyght writes:

I'm actually surprised that people are thinking this way about EQ2. I recently started back up after a long absence and found it easy to find a group at any level. The population is not overflowing by any means, but I found activity in most places I went.

Server merges would definitely make populations better, but I didn't find it necessary on my server. The one exception is trying to sell lower level crafted gear.

Sun Mar 08 2009 1:37PM Report writes:
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