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The Eternal Newbie

A blog by the eternal newbie. Player of all, master of none.

Author: pieaholicx

Games, Current Characters, and Beyond

Posted by pieaholicx Tuesday November 20 2007 at 9:38PM
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So I've started my quest to get to high level content with two games in mind. Both of which do contain a person or two that I'm friend's with who can help me when need be.


Back to Vana'diel

First game that I've gone back to for the long run is Final Fantasy XI. I've decided to try something new this time. My previous characters have mostly been Red Mages, with an occasional Warrior or Monk. I found that with Red Mage there's the benefit of magic, but way too much down time recovering MP. With a Warrior or Monk I've always plowed through a stronger monster pretty well, but I'd have a lot of down time recovering HP.

This time I decided to go with a Thief, Mithra. Windurst naturally. I got in, equipped my weapon (and Windustrian Ring, when did that happen?), my first 50 gil, and went out to the grind. I was amazed by the ability of this class. While not striking as hard as a Warrior or Monk, it still hit pretty hard. I also was amazed at how little damage I actually received, and how quickly my TP built up. I was able to string a half dozen monsters almost every time I went out hunting.

After playing a bit, my friend came by and power leveled me for a bit, but I probably would have gotten to level 5 even without them, in about the same time.

Status: Aritelenial, Mithra, Level 5 Thief, Sylph


In the World...of Warcraft

Okay, so the guys I play D&D with brought me back into this game. This time I joined their Realm, and was forced to play Alliance (I'm sorry my Blood Elf brothers, I have betrayed you...). I've decided to try out a few characters before I pick one to stick with. So far I've just started a Night Elf Rogue, just to really try out the Rogue class. So far I've found it to be pretty enjoyable, though even for a newbie Rogue I could see some of the other new Rogues have no idea how to play the class. I saw quite a few just run into battle, not using any skills or stealth. Maybe I'm confused here, but isn't the Rogue class based around staying hidden until you strike to deal massive damage? Oh well, I think I was playing well, and that's all that really matters. Just got outside the starting area, so I'll see how that goes. Maybe I'll try another class or two before I pick one.

Status: Fidchell, Level 5 Night Elf Rogue, Shadowmoon

Spirer writes:

The problem with using stealth at low level is:

- It's very slow (50% move) and you have to go behind the mob

- You need to train backstab first

- daggers/stealth builds have less DPS and take more dmg

The best to level a rogue in WoW is to go combat and get swords or maces. Most people want to level ASAP, so...

The damage boost you gain from moving behind the mob and ambushing or whatever, is lost by taking more time to move into position and by the fact that dagges aren't good for solo. So most people just get sword or maces and run around killing. In the end this makes for quicker leveling.

Wed Nov 21 2007 7:06AM Report
grimfall writes:

If you want to solo a WoW rogue, I would recommed going with maces and maximize stunning.  Use stealth, in general, only to sap a monster at the start of a fight.. 

A good way to train backstabbing, though, is maximizing your gouge skill, gouge, spin around them, backstab.  It's also exteremly useful against casters.  With two maces and gouge you should never get blasted.

 As Spirer said, for the most part just run right in there maces flyining if you're taking on single easy to kill mobs. 

Thu Nov 22 2007 2:59AM Report
Kenny3000 writes:

rouges in wow are extreamly easy to level i have 3 70s diferent speced, but im currious about FF becasue some of my friends want me to join although its not excacly expensive i dont want to waiste my cash untill i have an Unbias opinion (oh and yes i know thats a paradox) RE: as unbias as possible.

Wed Nov 28 2007 8:42AM Report writes:
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