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Is That So?

Here's where I, Penelopae, blog about all things gaming. From text-based MUDs to the latest graphic adventures, I'm open to playing all games equally and without bias. Why don't you join me?

Author: penelopae


Posted by penelopae Sunday June 17 2012 at 7:06AM
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No, I’m not talking about picking off members of enemy organizations; and I’m not talking about quietly plotting against people on the home team in acts of revenge, attempts to propel yourself up the ladder to success, or whatever. I’m talking about killing off the person who matters the most regardless if you’re into F2P, Video Games, MMORPGs, MMOs, or MUDs – and that person is YOU!
A Few Games that Offer Permadeath
Origins of Malu – Permadeath takes on a new meaning in this Indie sandbox. Their PvP system allows dueling to the death – which results in PERMADEATH! That’s badass…just as long as you’re the one coming out on top. I’d rather not risk putting all those hours into a character only to have it get wiped out at the hands of another player. (Well, unless it was an LOLalt created for that purpose. Then it could be fun.)
Diablo II and Diablo III – both versions offer a mode that’s fairly hardcore and gives characters a way to risk permadeath. Even then, it’s not a true permadeath as players can still access their in-game gold auction house funds. They don’t want people to put real-life cash into a character and then kill it off. The MUDs I play do the same – once you spend real cash on the game for one of your characters, you’re not allowed to kill off that character. However, the rest of them can bite it, through a decision the player makes OR by just not logging in, resulting in being purged.
World of WarcraftDELETE is the quickest and easiest way to permadeath here. However, I’ve heard rumors that in some cases Blizzard will overturn it. This also happened in a game I play called Achaea. Even though 2 people in the past real-life year have “SAID GOODBYE FOREVER OMG!!!” the admins brought them back. Awkward much? I’m sure they had good reasons, and I heard years ago that you can come back this way, but it is bad RP form, IMHO.
Why Do People Do Their Alter Egos In?
Reasons why people choose to permadeath include:
  • They feel their stats suck and want to reroll as a new character.
  • They want the game to feel as realistic as possible for their character.
  • They are just ready to stop playing the game altogether.
In the MUDs I play, there’s an option called “suicide” that lets you delete your character forever – just so long as you’ve never paid real-world cash for in-game products, like credits (a form of currency) or enjoyed the many perks of an Elite membership. Personally, my main character is still going strong after nearly 7 years of gameplay, but I’ve had many an alt (I like to call them my Penelopaes.) who did themselves in – usually via dramatic, heart-wrenching scenes that are mostly fun for me.
So what are your reasons for permadeath in a game? Are there any games I didn’t mention that you feel have awesome (or lacking) permadeath abilities? I’d love to read all your comments!
Ergload writes:

I have a hardcore Barbarian in D3 that I only played once. I really wanted to play it more but I'm too busy levelling my non-hardcore character. But I love the idea of hardcore mode because the mobs are 25% easier and the achievements for killing bosses in inferno difficulty hardcore mode are insane e-peen points.

A hardcore mode feature in Achaea would be awesome but absolutely impossible unless your characters shared some kind of stash (gold, herbs, credits) and that would make Achaea a whole different MUD. I wish I could do it though, I'd love to just make a bunch of characters that were instantly tri-trans but die permanently.


Sun Jun 17 2012 7:28PM Report writes:
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