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Is That So?

Here's where I, Penelopae, blog about all things gaming. From text-based MUDs to the latest graphic adventures, I'm open to playing all games equally and without bias. Why don't you join me?

Author: penelopae

Mother of Dragons I’m not….

Posted by penelopae Tuesday June 5 2012 at 2:39PM
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If you play the F2P game Rusty Hearts then you know that it’s currently the Month of the Dragon. And if you play, then you know that you can get a rare costume consisting of 3 pieces of coveted Dragon Armor. And even better – a Mini-Bone Dragon that’s loyal to your character. That’s what I’m talking about!
Back in high school I had a love affair with fantasy, collecting anything with a unicorn, wizard, or dragon. I was the only girl in my neighborhood’s tabletop D&D group. (Yes, my polyhedral dice were marbleized pink and white thank you very much.) During college most of my collection was handed down to younger family members, donated to charitable thrift stores, or destroyed by mildew when my parents’ basement flooded. I never expected my interest to extend offline beyond the occasional renfaire, but then Game of Thrones happened. Here are my current top three favorite dragons of all time.
Daenerys Targaryen, Mother of Dragons
When she’s given three petrified dragon eggs as a wedding gift, Daenerys Targaryen begins caring for them. She cleans the grime from the stone-like orbs and their true color emerges, and keeps them in a chest surrounded by shrine-like candles that flicker day and night. After an unsuccessful attempt to hatch the eggs, she places them on her husband’s funeral pyre, lights the structure, and walks inside. Despite the fact that her husband’s tribe believes she perished in the flames, the next morning she emerges with three baby dragons. In the season 2 finale, one of the little critters blasts a fiery breath towards one of Daenerys’ enemies, which burned the man to death. If you haven’t watched the series or read the books on which the series is based, then I highly recommend you do. It is fairly badass.
Anyone who’s read The Hobbit knows about Smaug! The primary antagonist in the Tolkien tale and covered with scales and makeshift armour, his only weak spot was a small bare patch on his left breast. Later in the story, Bard the Bowman fires a Black Arrow which aims true, killing the beast. And the moral of this story is? Don’t underestimate the Bard! I’m pretty excited about the upcoming two-part epic movie, not only because Peter Jackson is directing but because Luke Evans is playing the role of Bard who, in a sad twist of irony, isn’t really a bard at all. (In case you don’t know who that is; he was also Apollo in Clash of the Titans and Zeus in the film Immortals.)
Spyro the Dragon
I don’t know anyone who didn’t know a time that Spyro was their favorite dragon. He’s brave, stubborn, and just cocky enough to still play the role of friendly hero. With Spyro, curiosity wins out over cautiousness every single time which appeals to the rough and tumble kid in everyone. Mischief? Oh, he’d have to slow down a little to just find mischief. Spyro takes mischief to a whole other level of fun, charging enemies with his horns and of course breathing fire in their direction. If you haven’t played, don’t expect to take Sypro flying to new heights while shooting a continuous stream of flame. He’s just a wee laddie of a dragon! He tends to glide rather than fly, and his fire is more like little bursts of flame. As the game progresses you can teach Spyro more complicated tricks like how to shield with his wings, how to double jump or dive headfirst, and yes, how to breathe a continuous stream of fire. Just writing this blurb makes me want to hook up my old PS2 and take the little dragon on a little adventure to fight off Gnasty Gnorc.
I have way more than just three favorite dragon characters. Here are a few of the others. Some aren’t even real dragons!
  • The tattoo that is worn by Lisbeth, main character in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is just sheer awesome.
  • Canth, who is the brown dragon ridden by F’nor in the Dragonriders of Pern, the fantasy series written by Anne McCaffrey. He’s also the largest of all the dragons.
  • Ruth, who has her own story in The White Dragon a book in the above mentioned series by the same author and is the smallest of the dragons in Pern.
  • Moody Dragon, found in the infamous Moody River. It’s in the RPG called Blue Dragon, in case you’ve never heard of this one.
  • Maleficent, the evil fairy godmother from the Disney animated film Sleeping Beauty who proclaims that she is the “Mistress of All Evil”. She turns herself into a dragon towards the end of the movie. It’s so cool.
  • Ashaxei, who is the white dragon of Han-Tolneth in the text RPG Achaea which is one of my favorite MUDs, comes to visit characters who reach level 99. My character is nowhere near close but someday…someday I will get there!
What are your favorite dragon characters? I’d love to hear about them, whether they’re listed here or are something else entirely. Thanks for reading!
Rohn writes:

While I'd probably still go with Smaug for top honors, one of my favorite movie dragons of all time is Vermithrax Pejorative, from the 1981 Paramount/Disney movie, Dragonslayer.

Definitely a viscious and cunning beast, and one of the better villians in a fantasy movie.

Tue Jun 05 2012 7:45PM Report writes:
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