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WOW :Winning isn't everything

Posted by nickwu Monday July 14 2008 at 9:14PM
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I love most of the battlegrounds. Oddly enough, even as Horde, Alterac Valley is my favorite. Warsong Gulch is the exception. Maybe because of it's small team size, it seems really difficult to get organized and the games drag out. Now I don't necessarily need honor from WSG, but I do need marks for some of my gear. Should I just go in with the intention of getting a single mark, offer no resistance to the opposing team, and collect my singular mark. That's not my style. I'm in it to win it like Yzerman.

Aparently not every feels the same as I do. Pigskin of Medivh is unimpressed with mark farming. Even if it's a premade losing team, there are still often folks who get pugged into their groups who can't do much alone when they lack the support of their team. She's hoping for a response from Blizzard.

Throughout the thread Pupster made arguments for why people should be allowed to play the game however they want. If that includes mark farming, let them farm. Most of the other responders disagreed with her, claiming that such behavior is a violation of the spirit of the game. This makes mark farming against the terms of use. It does no good to report players afk, as they can enter battle. They're not really there for honor anyway.

I experienced it for the first time in Arathi Basin last week. The first thing I noticed was a group of mounted players doing laps around the battleground, but offering no resistance. Someone called out "inc farm," but they rode right by. The procession popped through the lumber mill, but kept going. Once I knew LM was secure I headed to the stables, where I saw a number of players with no gear either making nominal dashes toward the stables flag or dancing in their start zone.

Even as the 'benefactor" of three easy marks, it ruffled my feathers some. I agree with Samis of Windrunner, I just don't see the point of working for PvP gear if you don't actually enjoy the PvP.

I've never heard of Blizzard taking action against losing premades. Some of the posters have said that it's happened. We talked about this a bit on the WoW Insider show. It doesn't seem all that different from honor farming afk, which Blizzard has attempted to stop.

Should Blizzard do something about intentional losses?

Panzernacht writes:


After all isnt all the pvp thing  about  getting in there and fighting cause you like to see fighting other people ,if you could get better gear like the pvp gear through instances ..say an added difficulty level to instances and world dungeons  then that would eliminate that.

Mon Jul 14 2008 9:59PM Report
Magter writes:

WoW is mainly a PvE game...I know, I played it and many have but what it lacks is PvP. AoC didn't really replace WoW...even the PvP from it.  Why Blizzard IMO is not taking action on the afkers is because it focuses on the PvE content and Arena.

Will they fix this problem. If enough people complain about it then chances are Blizzard will fix it.

So far I don't blame those people even though I hate when people dont even try...and AV was and still is the most fun out of the four battlegrounds in WoW and will stay so unless the new WotLK battleground will be better. It's only a matter of time.

Mon Jul 14 2008 11:32PM Report
Hrothmund writes:

Ban this viral marketer, please.

Tue Jul 15 2008 12:49AM Report
Rob_dc84 writes:

wow in end game is raids and farming and pvp is gotten so lame to me cuz everyone has to have a fit about the balances in pvp so i dont even play wow anymore due to this crap.

Tue Jul 15 2008 5:05AM Report writes:
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